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  1. Sounds like marital issues more than anything. Coach has said that he lives in Louisiana, not Texas. His wife and kids live in Texas and he'll only go there during the offseason when he can, which is still rare.
  2. So two games? Roman isn't the best coverage safety, I have no problem admitting that. But he isn't asked to be one very often, he's more of a traditional SS who plays in the box to help the run, and he's one of the best at it.
  3. Yall don't really believe Moore is better than Harper do yall? Let me guess, yall came to this conclusion after one game? Roman Harper is one of the best SS's in the NFL. One game doesn't change that.
  4. I think Reggie Bush has really improved since he came into the league, and you can see that when watching him. He can take any kind of carry, catch any type of pass, he can literally do it all. But the injuries just hurt him so much. People talk about how Sean Payton under uses him, and I think that is because he doesn't trust he can stay healthy. I truly believe Reggie COULD be a 1,000 yard back, but he won't ever be because of his health. You can't give him the necessary carries to get to that 1,000 number because he wouldn't ever last that long.
  5. I thought the question was going to be how does it feel to win the Superbowl.
  6. You still have to improve the secondary. I'm sorry, but if you sign a corner to $57M he should be glued to the teams #1 reciever each and every play. Robinson played what is widely known at the side that the #2 corner on the team plays on. That says alot, IMO.
  7. With all the trash you have been talking you got just as much explaining as they do, lmao. Good one wfw.
  8. Bush will be back in New Orleans. Sean Payton loves using him as a decoy in his offense and loves having a back that can double as a reciever. Bush knows he isn't going to get 11.8 million next season, that will be cut down. The guy that I'd more than worry about losing is Pierre Thomas, agents can be very hardheaded and I wouldn't be shocked to see his agent want the same money that he wanted the Saints to give Pierre last season, after coming off a season when Thomas only played a few games.
  9. In no way was I trying to bad talk Matt Ryan, I was trying to give credit to your OC. Like I said, I applaud Mularky for not adopting the pass pass pass offense and keeping a offense that a young QB can be successful in. The "dumbing down" the offense statement is completely off mark also. Matt Ryan is a good QB, but he is still a young QB. It wouldn't be fair to ask him to run a complex offense like Peyton Manning does.
  10. Hello all, I sat around and thought about the Falcons and more importantly Mike Mularky, Matt Ryan, Turner, White, etc. I wanted to see if yall agreed with me on this. Coming out of college, the one knock on Matt Ryan was that he sometimes threw too many interceptions and his decision making wasn't the best. He was drafted third overall by the Falcons, insert Mike Mularky. When I read TATF every so often, I see alot of people are hard on the OC. Lets be real, he can make some bad choices from time to time, but that's any coach, including Sean Payton. Unlike some who hound Mularky, I want to applaud him. He took a young QB who was known for throwing interceptions and made him a very very good quarterback. But how? My take? He simplified the offense for Matt Ryan. But the key is, it still works. This is pure genious, imo. He hasn't fallen into the new brand of NFL football, which is throw throw throw, and two of those will be 20 yards downfield. He keeps it simple, and leads Matt Ryan and the entire Falcons offense down the road.
  11. I do not like it simply because it is not tested. If your going to make a change, why not test it during the regular season? You wait until everything is on the line? Makes no sense to me.
  12. Correct, the only way Philly plays Atlanta is if they both reach the NFCCG.
  13. Having a list of worst SB teams is dumb, having a list of worst playoff teams is more understandable though.
  14. It was more to do with who had the better season. Ivory had 716 yards, 5.2 yards per carry, and 5 scores. Steward had 770 yards, 4.3 yards per carry, and 2 scores. I'd no doubt take Stewart over Ivory, but I think for atleast this season Ivory was better. Though I guess I contradicted myself with Drew Brees, but oh well.
  15. I've enjoyed looking at these on other forums so hopefully others will join me and make their own. Here's mine: QB: Drew Brees- Arguably, Ryan and Freeman had better seasons but I would still take Drew before those two. Matt Ryan Josh Freeman RB: Michael Turner LeGarrette Blount Chris Ivory FB: Ovie Mughelli WR: Roddy White Marques Colston Mike Williams TE: Tony Gonzalez Kellen Winslow Jimmy Graham LT: Jordan Gross Jermon Bushrod LG: Carl Nicks Justin Blalock C: Todd McClure Ryan Kalil RG: Jahri Evans Harvey Dahl RT: Jon Stinchomb Tyson Clabo
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