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  1. I've seen a lot of mocks where Julio goes to the Rams, which makes sense, since they don't have any WRs haha
  2. Good find! It would be nice to see us trade down and get Smith, and a pass rusher that would be a good draft.
  3. I say its sticking with the Falcons through thick and thin. Makes it more enjoyable coming from a 4-12 season to a 13-3 season 3 years later.
  4. I wish they would make his... and Lofton... and DeCoud... and Snelling... and Moore... and basically the whole team
  5. Agreed... I watch the Falcons win, and don't worry about the stupid ESPN guys they have their lame opinions.
  6. Jets will make it as the 5th seed, but lose to Pitt or Bmore again!
  7. Really they didn't beat the Bears "that" bad. They scored 5 more points and gave up 3 less points, so really thats close to being even... :unsure:
  8. Agree! I get so sick of Fat Albert, I mean he gets paid big, and whine and complains... Not right IMO.
  9. As long as he doesn't do UGG Boot commercials then he can do whatever he wants with his hair!
  10. I didn't select any... Just followed my favorite college player here and been a fan since. (Jamal Anderson)
  11. Utah! My whole life sadly... Became a fan in the late 90's because of Jamal Anderson (Went to Utah University)followed him to the Falcons, and just been a fan ever since. First game was last year agains the 49ers! Planning on moving to Atlanta when I'm done with school!
  12. Dude I was thinking the same thing... Torture baseball by winning everygame by 1 run sometimes 2 runs and great pitching... Falcons can somewhat be considered the same because they have had some heart pounding wins in the final seconds!
  13. haha I laughed at this! Thats not Keanu Reeves... Its Matty Ice!!
  14. Oh I knew it! My dad was sitting there saying "Now how do you know Matt can drive down the field?" I said he only needs 11 seconds and he has 50 to do something great!
  15. For real? Aints are an average team... they lose to teams like the Browns and the Cards, who by the way we beat 41-7... so judging by that score, and how the the Boys threw on you all day, Matty Ice will have a field day. And I can't wait to see Bush drop nearly every pass thrown his way, and fumble it on kickoffs and punts hahahaha
  16. Now I know everyone wanted the Boys to win... but IMO I think it might have been a good thing that the Aints won. When the Falcons destroy them on MNF it will show how we are an elite team because we beat an "elite" team!
  17. 125 attempts or so... I just added his last 3 game totals... If I knew when he threw his interception against the Bengals then I would have an exact answer
  18. Yup... I live in Utah, land of the Raiders and Broncos fans... yuck! Been a fan my whole life, and have some old shirts with the old logo on it to prove it! :P
  19. Agree he is a quality player, and is growing into a playmaker/probowl player
  20. Now I know it was last season, but we did beat the Jets in freezing cold temperatures on the road... I think that was a decent win on the road..
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