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  1. dude...! Saw you online...u gotta check out "The Huddle". It's a sports bar in Midvale, UT. There's a few of us Falcon's fans there for every game. Check it out. It's got flat screen TVs all around the bar. It's one helluva setup! :)

    1. Razrtalons


      Hey yo look me up I'm in springville

  2. Yo bro...are u ready for some Falcons football??!!!!?!?!?! Heh

  3. Not much how bout you dude?

  4. B double E R U N beer run!!!

  5. Whats up man sorry I just got your post... my computer just got fixed haven't had a whole lot of time to check out stuff... Good to see another fan from Utah!

  6. Hey what's up, man? I figured I'd see if there were any other Falcons fans here in Utah and ur profile popped up. Are u excited about the upcoming season? ATL will go 12-4... :)