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  1. I was literally looking at that like “who the h is that”
  2. Should I know who the guy in the gif is?
  3. I liked the QB keeper on the goal line. Feels like we NEVER do that. Every time is not the time but you need that on film. Also think it gives the o line confidence to be able to impose their will for a TD.
  4. No idea but I do know his eyes are about to pop out of his head while saying it. But for real? Tomlin has lost control there.
  5. Bring him home TD?
  6. Matty Ice is on fire today
  7. Standard scoring is basically 1 point for every ten yards gained and 6 points for a TD. Negative points for fumbles lost.
  8. Time for Coleman to earn that next contract
  9. You guys remember how after ‘15 DQ clearly didn’t understand how important division games were? Good times.
  10. Not only that, but the first possession was going awesome until we got to the 2. It’s not like nothing went right. There’s just not much margin for error playing a team like Philly
  11. No doubt. He was butt cheeks in Philly. The reasons why can be debated but it’s never as simple as we want it to be. “Normal” Ryan wins that game going away. He was bad and I agree he will get better.
  12. Kurt is also a pretty big Ryan supporter so maybe that’s his way of absolving Ryan of a little criticism.
  13. I think a legit concern about Schraeder is warranted. His level of play has dipped significantly over the last two years. Gelling with a new guard two years in a row could be part of it.
  14. I’m intrigued by Senat. Homey had a pretty good debut vs a stout eagles o line. DQ may have struck gold in the middle rounds again.