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  1. Tru has already been extended https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/04/08/atlanta-falcons-desmond-trufant-contract-extension
  2. Some of this too
  3. Give him a lil of this:
  4. That would probably get us 15 now.
  5. I hope he owns the cowboys until the end of time because as long as he does, they won’t amount to much and no body is more obnoxious than Dallas cowboy fans when they’re kinda good.
  6. Why would you hear that at a bible college? Asking seriously
  7. Mainly people who stand to lose millions-billions of dollars from the loss of revenue related to fossil fuels.
  8. Well, you know that’s not true, if you believe.
  9. I had this older gentleman that worked for me for several years in the early 2000’s (he’s probably about 85 now) that worked for and retired from Chrysler for a long time in Delaware. We started talking about hybrid vehicles when they first started going mainstream and he said that Chrysler had a fully electric vehicle in the 50’s-60’s that they had at his location. He said one day he went to work and it was gone and they never saw it again. Makes me wonder just how much corporate greed has impacted history and the future.
  10. Dead on. Hurt me too because I’ve been saying that boy will be a HoFer since ‘08.
  11. Plenty of us have been saying this already... Ryan has been a stud as usual. Receivers need to Rise Up
  12. The point, to me, was Zeke wouldn’t have been that big of a swing. Their o line pretty much got dominated. They had marginal success running but they had to abandon it, like you said. Morris isn’t a scrub.
  13. He’s had 4 sacks in 7 games plus a FF. That’s on par for 9.5-10 sacks in 16 games. I’d say he’s doing pretty good, especially considering his expanding role at LB.