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  1. She’s a cutie. Bet she has daddy wrapped
  2. I didn’t picture you as bearded.
  3. A healthy Gurley is a 1b to Julio. I agree with Grady at 2... not sure Debo is better than Ryan. I think that’s very close. Alex Mack is also really close at this stage. 2-3 years ago he would be a clear 2-3 overall. So I got 1. Jet 2. Gurley (pending physical) 3. Grady 4. Ryan 5. Debo 6. Mack 7. 18 8. Jake 9. Neal (healthy Neal) 10. Fowler or Lindstrom (yeah, I said it)
  4. Clearly the Falcons FO thinks A.J. Terrell is a better corner prospect that the guys drafted immediately after him. I mean good lord, these guys act like their player ratings are Infallible gospel.
  5. It won’t happen but I hope Denver takes Chaisson and we get to trade back. We could really use that other 2nd rounder back
  6. Must have been another team beating on Shannys door time pick Wirfs?
  7. That could also be us and/or Washington not trying to tip the hand. not saying it’s going to happen but nothing will shock me tomorrow outside of trading up to draft Burrow
  8. I like the uniforms top to bottom. That matte helmet is really cool I think. I love the combinations. Only thing I’m somewhat iffy on is the red pants with white jersey. Other than that, I really like the uniforms. I think the new home primary black/black is very nice. Love it. I like that red/black fade too.
  9. Yeah... pretty sure I’m never going to watch that game again. I know it “shouldn’t” but it stings too much.
  10. Idk bro. Maybe you were visiting one time.
  11. Maybe. Not sure it was feasible if that’s what they wanted though.
  12. I’m not disappointed that we wound up with a much younger and more well rounded Pass Rusher. Especially if Fowler develops further
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