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  1. Didn't the steelers have a hard time scoring TDs in the playoffs last year?
  2. Me either. But that's not really what the documentary is about. It is slanted but also is food for thought.
  3. There is a brand new documentary on Netflix that is about the "decline" of the freedom of press but the Hogan trial v Gawker is a central topic and this is addressed directly. The documentary is good as well. "Nobody Speak"
  4. Been saying this same thing for the last 8-9 weeks. I think we're going to have plenty of sore butt cheeks around here if Ryan isn't voted into the top 2 much less top 5... And Im with you, I don't think he makes top 5. Still a **** of an honor to be voted top 10 player in the league though.
  5. Yes. Just as true as saying "lib'ruls luv Killin the chillrens in the woom"
  6. 'Grats to Beas
  7. Your e-friend is right, imo. Matthew 7:15... America IS the wolf in sheep's clothing. False teaching and all.
  8. ">By the way, it's not even clear to me that American Christians are Christians. We're capitalist hedonistic war-loving statists who also have random beliefs about Jesus. That's our religion. Compare that to Islam." Wow. That's about as accurate as you could get when it comes to religion and America. We are only Christian in pretense.
  9. Think good teams focusing on him might have allowed Grady to step up?
  10. Division games are a toss up but I see no reason to lose to Dallas at home or GB in the first game in Benz stadium. Run and hit will be on full display vs the Pack
  11. That's why there's a question mark in the subject. Obviously it's not a foregone conclusion. Just something to discuss
  12. This article cites a tweet from Alex Marvez. Would be great for young Takk http://www.12up.com/posts/5083410-report-falcons-close-to-re-signing-pro-bowl-lineman?a_aid=40396
  13. It should be noted that Ebron and Reed played 14 and 12 games respectively. I think it will also be greatly beneficial for him to have an entire offseason to work with Ryan et al. Remember his offseason was cut short due to being still in school well into June last year.
  14. OBJ isn't in the same stratosphere as far as toughness goes but he's every bit as scary of an assignment as Smith. OBJ just won't break your eye socket
  15. Well, Marshall was Julio before Julio was Julio. Is he as good? No. But he is (was) the same type of physical freak that Julio is, he just had plenty of baggage AND Jay Cutler for most of his career. If Eli can wipe the mouth breather look off his face, and they can find some sort of run game, the Giants will be tough to deal with on offense. Shepherd is pretty good too and he's still growing.