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  1. It’s not the people in charge. They’ve already told everybody to not be out unless absolutely necessary. People in masses are dumb.
  2. The falcons are the biggest threat to the falcons.
  3. Thanks bro
  4. Did you read the article? Gurley’s stats/metrics basically show that he is a power runner now with limited evasiveness. Probably due to the knee.
  5. Dude. I was floored by his receiving metrics from last year. I remembered him as being a good pass catcher so hopefully ‘19 was the exception to his career
  6. Thanks bro
  7. I don’t know that I would say he sucks... but he does have a hard time staying on the field (not that Gurley is exempt from that) and he’s not a special talent. If you sign Gurley you have to know you’re taking a gamble on his knee holding up 2-3 years along with his desire to play while hurt.
  8. I would take a moderately priced Gurley over Ito Smith... either way that guy is only a piece to the puzzle.
  9. I like the thought behind it. Would be nice if it actually played out the way you have it.
  10. I’m just asking but don’t you think both trade downs could possibly include additional later picks such as 4th or 5th rounders. I feel like teams also pay a premium for moving up in or into the 1st round.
  11. Homeboy is drinkin that new sprite ginger. It’s legit
  12. Thanks bros
  13. Wouldn’t that be nice...
  14. I agree. I just don’t think that’s the sizzle this regime goes for. I think he would be a great second round pick (and maybe first round pick) I just don’t think he’s the type of guy they value in the first round.