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  1. Schultz said it in the article but I keep thinking a lot of stuff Arthur says and how operates reminds me of Billy B. Let’s hope that translates to the field.
  2. I ain’t gonna lie, I’m sad about this… BUT team first. I’ll never switch jerseys
  3. I think you’re right. You can’t present as the “team first” guy then blow that up like it seems is happening. Don’t know how much truth is mixed in all of this so it’s hard to say what’s really happened.
  4. Gurley has value as a goal line back if nothing else. His nose for the end zone is still good and he’s not easy to bring down. Can also catch so there’s versatility. He’s not a bell cow anymore but such is life.
  5. Pitts is a great addition to the offense altogether but with another athletic guy like Hurst opposite him, they can really exploit the seams and the red zone.
  6. I guess if you take Pitts, you’re hoping that Pees will be the biggest factor in improving the defense. Not saying you can’t get an immediate contributor in round 2 or 3 but the odds are not great, especially for a pass rusher... also begs the question of when will you address RB. I like picking up Mike Davis but I don’t see him as the lone answer there, especially long term.
  7. Why isn’t there a generational pass rusher in this draft... ****
  8. Thanks Bros. Hope you all had a great day also!
  9. I don’t know about that my friend. Been some pretty rough days in this place since ‘07
  10. Time will tell if it was worth it... Les Snead and co better hope so because it will likely be their butts if it doesn’t.
  11. Exactly. I like Stafford though so I hope they are good enough to at least make the playoffs and win a game.
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