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  1. Matt Ryan. I was firmly in the Glenn Dorsey camp. Thought Ryan would be average.
  2. I don’t know about that my friend. Been some pretty rough days in this place since ‘07
  3. Time will tell if it was worth it... Les Snead and co better hope so because it will likely be their butts if it doesn’t.
  4. Exactly. I like Stafford though so I hope they are good enough to at least make the playoffs and win a game.
  5. To me, this trade looks like it was orchestrated above Snead as a “win now” move. They JUST gave Goff a big contract. The Rams are all over the board in terms of not seemingly having a consensus on which direction the team should go.
  6. Yes. He is better. He’s also 7 years older. My main point is the Rams are obviously pushing all their chips in and basically have a limited plan for the future. Outside of Donald and Ramsey, I don’t know if they have a guy they could trade for a first rounder, which is not the end all be all, but it will definitely impede their progress in the coming years.
  7. That makes sense. It’s definitely still a win now move for the Rams.
  8. Goff is an average starting NFL qb. Stafford is a pretty good starting NFL qb. Rams mortgaged their future for a 34 year old qb. I don’t believe I am misrepresenting either player. I feel the Rams made a desperate move but they are obviously trying to win now so we’ll see if it works out
  9. I just don’t get this on the rams part. Stafford is good, but I don’t think he is so much of an upgrade over Goff that he warrants all of those picks as well. That is a do or die move.
  10. So.... they’re fast and physical 🤐
  11. If Terry Fontenot trades Matt Ryan for a second round pick, he should be driven to the state line. Mods please deliver
  12. I just expect to see improvement in year one. Close out games with a lead/big lead. More energy out of the run game and pass rush. Develop the young guys. That’s it.
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