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  1. You’re right. Just think that if you have a Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Matt Ryan (or Von Miller or Aaron donald etc) on your roster it shouldn’t make you sacrifice other draftees that are also good players. Maybe there should be a nuance about drafted players counting “x”% of their contract vs the cap and free agents count fully. I don’t know the answer, I just think teams with true franchise players should be able to pay them accordingly without sacrificing throughout the rest of the roster.
  2. That’s true. Think it needs to be re examined though. Teams should not be hamstrung because they draft a franchise QB and have to pay him. I think the salary cap should consist of the bottom 52 players rather than the top 50.
  3. OBJ, I believe, is wanting north of $20 mil/year. I think he wants to be paid like a QB.
  4. The league would say “competitive balance” but it’s really to limit how much the owners have to spend
  5. I don’t mean to sound naive, but does ANYBODY really think Julio will sit out games? Vaughn’s in it for the clicks
  6. If TO effects Julio and his choices, then it ain’t TO to begin with, it’s Julio not being his own man... and I don’t pictures Julio being that type of guy. I think this is a lot more straight forward than anybody telling Julio he deserves more.... he’s 29 years old and is looking at a decreased pay rate if he waits 3 more years to renegotiate. This looks, to me, like his agent trying to get while the gettin’s good.
  7. I used to like Mike Bell but now he seems to have morphed into the “that guy” persona from the radio. Total asshat
  8. You heard this before? Lol
  9. To your point. Matt Ryan will NEVER make less than $30mil/year again unless he WANTS to. That’s his going rate now until he retires
  10. Don’t want them to make that much money? Quit watching sports, quit buying jerseys, hats, cards, etc, quit going to games, quit visiting message boards and websites. WE are the reason professional athletes are well compensated for their unique and God Given talents. That’s not a grudge I’m willing to hold as long as I wear my falcons gear and watch every single second of every game.
  11. People gotta learn to get that “not me” garbage out of their heads. A little introspection and self realization will give all of us those answers and if it “ain’t me” it is normally noticed and goes unsaid. People are afraid to look at themselves on the inside and ask the hard questions. Maybe they don’t know how or they’re afraid of the answers.
  12. If Free and Coleman have 1000 yards receiving combined, that would be an awesome year. Don’t think it’s even in the realm of possibility individually. Looking at history, David Johnson, Leveon Bell and Alvin Kamara are the most likely