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  1. I just heard about this for the first time this morning. Very very unsettling.
  2. 28-3 late in the third is everybody’s fault except the FO. Peace out.
  3. Then there’s nothing to discuss with you as you’ve already formed a pathetic, perspective less opinion that you view as fact. Sorry but that’s what it boils down to. The FO can’t Wipe the players’ butts, chew their food or play the games for them.
  4. I like how you ignore that TD has put together multiple rosters with multiple head coaches and philosophies capable of winning a super bowl. Also, bringing up overpaying our own guys? Let me guess, you’re one of the dudes pontificating about how we should have signed top tier FA the minute it opened. Carry on bro. We have nothing to discuss
  5. We played in and should have won an NFCCG 3 years before DQ was our head coach with a roster that TD built (even before the assistant GMs). Because you don’t like some of the decisions he has made or how the chips have fallen with some of the talent we’ve pursued doesn’t make him an inept or even average GM.
  6. Wouldn’t that be the first time ever the same position was taken with the first three picks? The G Men need the picks so a trade down makes sense, but I could see the taking Barkley if Cleveland passes on him first. The browns are sitting pretty because they could either go Barkley and still be guaranteed one of the top 4 QBs or they could pick the QB they like the most but risk losing the Barkley sweepstakes. This is why I love the draft.
  7. I was thinking about that... somebody else was probably trying to get it... or the colts were bluffing it. Either way the colts did an awesome job
  8. Wonder what news is about to come down on that... doesn’t make a lot of sense for them. Even if he isn’t a scheme fit, he has trade value.
  9. If the correlation between coaching staffs and talent acquisition isn’t obvious here, I don’t know that it ever would be.
  10. Exactly what I was going to say... unless Nelson drops to 26, there’s virtually no way they draft a G in the first two rounds. I see DT basically all the way... that’s the only explanation for why they let Poe go to a division rival for a marginal pay raise
  11. Begs the question of why do this now? Why not wait until draft day and see who is picked? Kind of stupid by the Jets. They may wind up picking the same guy at 3 as they would at 6
  12. Man, this is exactly the thing the colts needed. They’re so talent deficient in so many areas. They just hit a walk off grand slam in draft capital.
  13. So Seattle is unbalanced the opposite way (I wonder if these numbers are counted before or after Bennett and Sherman left). Either way, Seattle is a pretty good example of what happens when you never invest in offense. I’d say these percentages are pretty all over the spectrum with a team like NE being probably the closest to 50/50 there is. Where do you see this at?
  14. I’d imagine teams with franchise QBs are all pretty heavily weighted toward the offense, especially if the guy is the $20 mil + type. Honestly, I think part of the problem is the rules involving the salary cap. IMO, the salary cap should consist of the bottom 52 salaries on the roster instead of the top 50. It penalizes teams who have franchise type players when the time comes to pay them.
  15. No doubt bro. He’s a monster. Dominant guys like him are not easy to find. They’re hard to draft because they’re few and far between and other teams don’t let them go often. That’s why I would wholeheartedly support signing Suh. I know he’s a sunnuva on the field but you don’t get shots at known dominant players very often.