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  1. Chris Simms talks a lot of **** for somebody who was never very good. Pretty decent breakdown of most of the game... disagree that the o line is terrible or that Free is done. Too early for that kind of talk. I was surprised with the language in that video though. That kind of stuff is too accessible to kids under the banner of sports to be talking that way.
  2. He’ll, I could’ve caught that one i remember him how. Training camp hero I feel like
  3. Totally blanking on Drew Davis...
  4. Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh mutha ******!!!!!
  5. **** it. Most falcons thing ever
  6. Jake Matthews Hates CBs!!!
  7. Wouldn’t be the falcons without a heart attack included
  8. Not sure if Ryan is keeping us in the game or the eagles in the game??
  9. Not getting any from me
  10. Love the built in excuses of injuries for the media sweethearts
  11. JuLiO DoN’t CaTcH ToUcHdOwNs!!!
  12. How the F are you letting Josh mccown do this to you?? Dam!
  13. Rise up *************!!!
  14. Who the f is this guy and what did he do with Desmond Trufant?