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  1. He’ll suddenly have a job at southeastern Nevada State a and m that’s been the one he wanted for a long time
  2. Especially a dozen candy bars.
  3. Man. I knew Ryan was in trouble when he back pedaled. Couldn’t see originally what he was looking for but dam, what do you do when nobody is even vertical? Lol. I guess you pray.
  4. That wasn’t his only job. If his assignment was done, he’s supposed to work back toward the QB.
  5. Everybody that has some hard feelings for this play are the pretty much the guys blaming Sark for everything. Julio on the ground, Sanu looks like he’s being held, Lolo on the ground, Coleman on the ground. Jesus it’s no wonder he looks stupid right now. Ryan pulled Lolo over after they broke the huddle. I think he was the original target yet where is he? If he keeps his feet and so does Julio, that play has a chance to work. I don’t love the play call but there COULD have been a play there for 6.
  6. You may prove to be right. I’m not arrogant enough to say I KNOW Sark/the offense will improve/Mesh better next year. I just think it’s throwing the baby out with the bath water to implement another new offensive scheme in ‘18. That DEFINITELY would be putting next season into a hiatus as the players learn the new system and the new coordinator learns the players. If anything, I have faith that Ryan and Quinn will work with Sark on making the appropriate changes in the offseason, and for Julio, Sanu, Hooper, Freeman, Coleman to be better versions of themselves next year.
  7. If the offense doesn’t see substantial improvement over 2018, then I’ll agree, Sark needs to go. This year was really, really flukey with all the drops, unlucky INTs, defense couldn’t force a TO and have it stand until late in the season (though they seem much improved). My main stance is you gotta give continuity a chance to work rather than scrap the offense AGAIN and go back to the drawing board.
  8. We ran all over New England so I’m not sure it was lack of faith in the guards or just Shanny bein Shanny that caused him to continue to pass. That being said, if the guard play may/may not have been a very big drop off, then what’s the excuse for such a drop in production? It’s overall execution. Thats not saying Sark can’t improve, he most definitely can. A LOT. But this group of players severely underperformed this season on offense as well and it isn’t on the OC to perfect the fundamentals of supposedly “elite” level talent.
  9. I’m not sure I’m seeing exactly why deFelippo was a better option than Sark last year unless were just going with “he’s called plays in the NFL before”. Wentz was a good rookie, not great. He was having a good season this year until going down but it has to be recognized that he is playing behind one of the top 3-4 o lines in the league and has plenty of offensive talent at his disposal as well. It’s also not that wise to judge a QB through only 2 seasons as he could just as easily regress to the mean in ‘18. Check Jameis Winston and others. All that and it could be said that Doug Pederson and his system are as responsible for Wentzs production as deFelippo
  10. The drop off in guard play is greatly exaggerated on these boards. Chester was a more experienced version of Wes Schweitzer and wasn’t much better. Levitre is an above average G
  11. I noticed that Mark Bradley didn’t even attempt to suggest upgrades over Sark and definitely over DQ. Anybody got one for DQ? Anybody have one for Sark that is a. available, b. reasonable?
  12. The defenses stats are terribly skewed vs last year because of an overall “not good” turnover margin. They didn’t force many and the offense gave up too many.
  13. Bro. I LUV DQ. I know he has faults, but imo, he’s the bomb.
  14. I think Lolo was the secondary option but he got caught up at the LoS and knocked down. Matt specifically pulled him over before the snap as well. It would have been a pretty good high/low option to have them both flowing that way.