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  1. Then he better mentor his *** into calling a better defensive game plan. We seem to be dumbing down the defense to help the backups but it has been counterproductive.
  2. Forget Matt Ryan, will the falcons win a Super Bowl before our children’s children are lamenting the woes of falcons fandom?
  3. Kamara would run wild if he was playing. He’s not going to hop in the field and be Debo from last year. It’ll take him a few games to round back into shape physically and mentally. Long methodical drives to protect the defense is one of the reasons why the offense looks terrible. They’re trying to play power offense with a finesse o line and run game. They need to try to outscore the saints imo.
  4. Alford was just a hold over until we found his replacement anyway. He is not DQs prototypical CB.
  5. DQ has fired one of his hires before... he’ll do it again he sees it necessary.
  6. Nah Fam. Loved Hoop since we drafted him. TE is a very difficult position to adjust to in the league.
  7. Hey! He’s got TD in three straight games too!
  8. Absolutely. As in most things, the answers are nuanced. Quinn has at least this season and probably all of ‘19 unless something catastrophic happens. Blank just isn’t the type of man who makes rash decisions NOR does he accept failure but so long. In the end continuity at HC is the best solution IMO. Just have to get better.
  9. There’s plenty of folks wanting to fire DQ. Plenty.
  10. I’m not sad we don’t have that idiot on our sideline. His behavior is embarrassing and I’d rather not have him represent my favorite team. **** of a football mind but some things are more important than winning.
  11. I take no pride or humiliation in the success or failure of other men in what amounts to entertainment. That said, making the Super Bowl and having a record setting offense is very difficult to do and some of you guys underestimate that difficulty as well as the impact of missing multiple key contributors.
  12. I admire the **** out of Brees. IMO, he’s the GOAT. Payton is pro d bag. He is the anti Brees when it comes to class and professionalism. That said, I really don’t care that they ran it up on the eagles.
  13. Soooooo true. Very emotional time right now. Hey, everybody’s feelings are hurt right now because we all thought we would be better than we are... it just goes to show just how difficult it is to be good in the NFL year in year out.
  14. We’re just going to have to agree to disagree. I see problems in fundamental football across the league for a multitude of reasons but chiefly the league prefers athletes over football players, you can’t practice the fundamentals of tackling and blocking effectively anymore, due to CBA restrictions, and college simply doesn’t prepare guys for the NFL as well as it once did, particularly on the offensive line. It is highlighted because we have A BUNCH of backups playing. Our defense hasn’t ascended to the next level because they have been fairly inexperienced as a group and now they’re injured.
  15. Except Jake Matthews May be having his best season as a pro.