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  1. That was a thought that popped in my head as well. Society has no use for individuals like that.
  2. Wtf kind of person kills an adorable toy breed of dog? It would be like stomping on a newborn kitten or newborn puppy.. wtf does that kind of crap?
  3. You can buy gametime with gold now. Not a bad money saver. I play every now and then with my family.
  4. not a bad list, if you don't take it too seriously. It is like with every other list ever made.......insignificant. Would it somehow have more meaning if Ryan was listed somewhere on the list?
  5. Jags with the speedy pick. Heck yeah
  6. Those unsure b@stads, Bucs and Titans , took way too long to pick their guy. If this pace continues, it may be 11pm EST before just the Saints get to pick
  7. Bucs not too confident in Jameis? It's why it took them so long to pick? Were they hoping to get a good trade offer, so they could get rid of the #1 overall pick?
  8. Early congrats on drafting a qb, Bucs.
  9. and the Bucs use the #1 overall pick on a pass rusher.
  10. This draft....... I'm just kicking back and enjoying it. no predictions for the Panthers.. no "fingers crossed" or "I hope we get so n so". As long as the pick is BPA...then I'll be happy and do my extensive research after the fact if it's a player that I'm not familiar with.
  11. Dez is a better overall WR. Cowboys had it right when they put him on a short leash a few years ago, to keep him from getting in anymore trouble. Browns could've learned something from the Cowboys.
  12. When did you start posting on here, Spoon?
  13. Pure class = Falcons.