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  1. Of course Elway thinks that... he had a defense that was historic last season....went out and got Talib and Ware... So basically..... it's either a franchise qb or a historic defense. Historic defense normally always wins, but it's a lot harder to build a historically great defense, opposed to getting a franchise qb.
  2. I take it that the Panthers' Qb consumes a lot of your minds.
  3. Eli has two SB MVPs.....and averages more TDs/yards a year than Big Ben. You don't see anyone blindly hyping him up as a top 3 Qb. lol
  4. Doesn't Cam hold the Falcons franchise record for most passing yards allowed in the 1st quarter? Wasn't it like 250 or something?
  5. Big Ben has averaged 23 TDs and 3600 total yards a year.. ... why is he constantly hyped up as a top 3 qb?
  6. 38-0 two weeks prior is why that second match-up was a trap game. When a team is 13-0 or 14-0 going against a team they just crushed 38-0 two weeks earlier... there is bound to be some overconfidence and not really taking their opponent too seriously. The Panthers just seemed like they severely underestimated the Falcons, and it didn't help that Ginn went down on the first play of the game, Stewart missed the game and Cam was not practicing that week, due to spending all his time in an Atlanta hospital, waiting for his baby to be born. The Falcons took advantage o
  7. Fluke or not......he is one of only three active QBs in the nfl with a league MVP award.
  8. Sounds about right. Top 15 Qb.. Top 15 secondary. Top 18 WR corp, Julio being probably the best WR in the NFL is what brings the other WRs up from 30th, to 18th. Top 20 RB unit. The Falcons do have potential, They have quite a few young players whose development over the next two or three years, can make or break the Falcons. So while some of you may feel the list is harsh, It's fair, until the Falcons prove otherwise. Same thing with the Saints.
  9. The rivalry sure is feeling like it did back in the old days.. Both the Saints and Falcons competing to not finish last in the division, while watching the same team win the division year after year after year.
  10. Julio is better than Brown. Brown has a much, much better qb situation. Guys like Julio, AJ Green, (Before his suspensions) Josh Gordon, Hopkins are special WRs. These WRs deal with "eh" qb situations year after year, but they still produce.
  11. He wants to only go to a contender. Basically he is waiting around to see if the Pats, Panthers, Seahawks, Packers or Steelers want to sign him, imo. He may be in for a long wait. I doubt any of those teams are willing to put up with his attitude. He was complaining last season when his team was 5-0. That can't be too appealing to a lot of teams, even if he agrees to sign for the vet min.
  12. Since someone brought Kaep up. Kaep got the short end of the stick in San Fran. He was extremely efficient until the internal drama started affecting the team. It wasn't just him that was affected, it seemed like that entire team was just standing in a corner, waiting for their mommy and daddy to stop fighting. Still can't believe the higher ups on that team let petty feuds destroy what was considered by many as the most talented team in the NFL.
  13. You don't get why people are bragging about the reigning MVP?
  14. Ryan had a good rookie season. Turner had an absolutely AMAZING season. 1700 rushing yards and 18 TD. I would laugh in the face of anyone that tried to convince me that Ryan had a better season in '08 than
  15. '08 Turner had 1700 rushing yards and 18 TDs. '08 Ryan had 3,440 yards and 17 total TDs. Something seems seriously off if the Falcons '08 pass game is considered better/ranked higher than the Falcons '08 run game. '08 Turner was the man.
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