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  1. That was a thought that popped in my head as well. Society has no use for individuals like that.
  2. Wtf kind of person kills an adorable toy breed of dog? It would be like stomping on a newborn kitten or newborn puppy.. wtf does that kind of crap?
  3. You can buy gametime with gold now. Not a bad money saver. I play every now and then with my family.
  4. not a bad list, if you don't take it too seriously. It is like with every other list ever made.......insignificant. Would it somehow have more meaning if Ryan was listed somewhere on the list?
  5. When did you start posting on here, Spoon?
  6. Of her being coked out of her mind and drunk? Of the 911 call from Hardy that clearly had her in the background screaming her head off, and seemingly threatening him? Of her running away from the cops when they showed up at Hardy's place because she was afraid of being arrested for being on coke and wrecking his place, and trying to injure him with the heel of her shoe that she was using as a weapon? How she tried calling him like 13 times the next morning, but he ignored her calls? NC Law..............All it takes is a woman with any kind of bruise claiming a man abused her and the man is ruled guilty. Nothing else matters.. The man then has to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he didn't physically abuse her, which, if it was just the two of them in the room, is almost impossible to do. It's the white knights out there that believe women can not lie, that gets innocent guys sent to prison.
  7. I'm over Hardy.. he will not be a Panther, and is not a Panther. I also know how NC is. I know almost every male is guilty until proven innocent here. That's not an exaggeration on my part. Knowing this, I'm not going to cast doom and despair on Hardy until his jury trial is over. I would hold the same belief no matter who it was.
  8. For real though, Matthews is solid with some good potential. Hopefully a tackle with potential falls in the draft, but it's highly doubtful. Solid LTs are hard to come by.
  9. human empathy is something unique and different for each individual. I, personally, don't believe in only caring about something because the media tells me I should. Most did not care about the Hardy situation, until after the Ray Rice tape came out , and the national media blew it up and told people what they should and shouldn't be outraged about. You know what I mean, though? The Hardy thing happened months prior......not a peep.
  10. Not just for you. Win for the Panthers' also. You know how much he enjoys hitting Ryan? He's going to enjoy hitting Cam even more. Our LT makes yalls look like a freakin' HOFer.
  11. No...but getting facts wrong, doesn't further your point either my friend. Being on the commish list doesn't mean he is closer to being perma banned. They still do increasing suspensions...and when a player is too many times....they are perma banned. The only way he is closer to being perma banned than the average NFL player, is if the jury finds him guilty and the NFL suspends him. If they find him innocent.......then he's as close to being perma banned as any other player in the NFL.
  12. Not a suspension. Still got paid Definitely doesn't count toward being perma banned.
  13. For real though. No offense my division brothers, but even if the Falcons were interested I don't see Hardy going to Atlanta. He.........really dislikes you guys. From a thread on the huddle a few days ago. -
  14. hasn't even been suspended a "first time" yet. Jury finding him innocent = no suspension.
  15. Once the jury finds him innocent.... some team is going to get an all-pro talent that thrives on making the life of opposing qbs, a living ****. ...and not have to worry about the league suspending him. Since a suspension will only happen in the very unlikely event the jury finds him guilty.