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  1. I understand that Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell are looking for jobs. They both have great arm strength. On the other hand, that Joe Montana guy...what a bum. He had no arm strength at all. Whatever happened to him anyway?
  2. I'm sorry to hear that for you, but Viagra might be able to help you. Now can we get back to the topic of Matt Ryan's arm?
  3. Getting back to the original topic, I would be stunned if the Seahawks gave the gumbos any trouble at all. I believe the Seahawks may have been the worst looking team the Falcons played all season long. They didn't appear to have any weapons on either side of the ball.
  4. I agree with everything you said...except one. The Falcons were the Number 1 seed in 1980.
  5. It just proves that you have more teeth than brain cells. Of course, since you are an inbred, swamp rat, cajun who fantasizes about performing oral favors for the entire Saints organization, you probably only have three or four teeth to begin with, and a couple of those probably stick out the side of your malformed, mutant head. No one will blame you. If any normal person looked like you, they would be a drunken mess too. Don't worry though, your mother still loves you, every night probably.
  6. Are you such an idiot that you don't know the difference between a movie and reality? Oh wait, let me go back and re-read your posts. Yes, you are that dumb.
  7. Then why don't you stop trolling, crawl back down to your swamp where you sleep in the same bed with your mother/sister and father/brother you drunken Cajun moron. The only thing someone of your caliber can educate us about is what it's like to have a conjoined twin sticking out the side of your head from all those generations of inbreeding, you puss dripping sack of double smoked butt jerky.
  8. Due to concern for his safety, Brent Grimes teammates thought it best to catch him on the way down after another of his low earth orbit interceptions.
  9. I normally don't say things like this, or wish harm on anyone, but if the Falcons play the Eagles in the NFCG in Atlanta, I want JA55 to shut the vick fans up quickly...by putting Vick on a stretcher. Maybe since he didn't fight hard enough he'll have them electrocute or strangle him in the locker room like he did to those dogs.
  10. If you want to see something get blown up, just watch what the Falcons do to the panties this weekend.
  11. I was looking at the voting by position chart and noticed that Michael Oher is leading the AFC OT race. I found myself wondering how much of that was because of the movie. Abe thoroughly abused him.
  12. A few years ago I saw Merril Hoge talking about a time when he tried to block Reggie White and White hit him so hard that he lost control of his bowels. He said that he went to the equipment manager after the game to admit his shame and the guy told him not to worry that it happened all the time. Apparently when a 280 pound guy in armor hits you at 20 miles per hour it can do all sorts of stuff to your body. I don't hesitate to say that losing control of bowel function is probably one of the most preferable results of such a hit. I'm not saying that is what is on Matt's rear in that pictur
  13. Matt is awesome...but 4000 yards and 30 Touchdowns...in two games against the panties? Don't you think that's pushing it? I don't see him getting more than 3000 and 20 touchdowns in those two games, but I could be wrong.
  14. All I can say is that I hope that my ******** local Fox affiliate (Greenville SC) has enough intelligence to show the 9-2 Falcons against the 7-4 Bucs instead of the 1-10 panties vs. the who the **** cares.
  15. Everyone drops balls from time to time, even the greatest Tight End to ever play, and drops always seem to be drive stoppers, whether its Gonzo or Douglas or whoever. Probably the person most frustrated by these drops is Gonzo.
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