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  1. First Jefferson's I tasted was a store pick with a finish that tasted like a wet cigarette. Completely turned me off the brand for a while. I picked up one of the wheated Ocean voyages, and it's a keeper. Ridiculous price point for what it is, but a decent special occasion gift for a casual drinker.
  2. It disappears quickly off the shelves when it is delivered here. One member of the Atlanta allocated bourbon group posted at 3:45 on Friday that the local store had some bottles. At 4:30 all were gone. Missed it by 15 minutes.
  3. Good news! RR 13 is starting to show up in GA. Bad news! Shelf time is measured in minutes. Has anyone tried the New Riff Malted Rye? This one is starting to garner some buzz online.
  4. Garlic throws mine off by a lot, and if it's ample garlic like some Italian food my palate takes a day or two to return to baseline. Cumin has a similar effect but lasts a few hours at most.
  5. The wax dipping experience doesn't appear on any Maker's tour descriptions, possibly a Covid casualty. One of the options at Bardstown Bourbon Co is barrel thieving. Heaven Hill hooked me with the "bottle your own."
  6. Heaven Hill's Bourbon Experience expansion is now open. Looks like another trip to bourbon country is in order. https://www.wdrb.com/news/wdrb-video/heaven-hills-19-million-expansion-lets-visitors-personalize-bourbon-experience/video_6569e86b-b3d9-5193-8397-b4734bb227fd.html
  7. I'm in middle TN on business now and checked into some local stores. The prediction is toward the end of the month here for RR13.
  8. For the RR fans. Just starting to show up in stores. https://rarebird101.com/2021/05/03/press-release-russells-reserve-13-year-old-bourbon/
  9. Saturday's choice Old Forester Single Barrel Barrel Strength Old Forester Distillery NAS 126.7 proof MSRP $69.97 for 750 mL(BoozApp). I paid a little over $70 for a store pick at Westside Bottle Shop in Athens. On the nose Neat. Dark amber color. Brown sugar, cinnamon, and allspice. The proof is evident on the nose. Tasting notes Tasted neat. Rich with bold baking spices. I'm not tasting the typical banana note that I usually get with Old Forester, but this could be due to the store pick. Medium finish is on the dry side. The flavor is there and then is replaced by dry sweetness. Not overly complex. The addition of three drops of water brings out more sweetness and cinnamon. It drinks easier than the proof. Value The price is in line with Four Roses Barrel Proof and Elijah Craig Barrel Proof and less than what stores are charging for Stagg Jr. If you want a switch from the sweeter barrel proof offerings I would recommended at MSRP.
  10. Friday's drink of choice Russell's Reserve Single Barrell Wild Turkey Distillery NAS 110 proof MSRP $56.40 for 750 mL(BoozApp). I paid a little over $60. On the nose Neat. Medium-dark amber color from the #4 char. Cinnamon, honey, and orange citrus. Ethanol is there but not overpowering which is as expected for the proof. Tasting notes Tasted neat. First pours out of the bottle are cinnamon red hots, honey and citrus in the middle, more cinnamon, a little toasted coconut, and then a nice Kentucky hug. Long finish. Two weeks later I revisited this bottle and the flavors are cinnamon with the honey and citrus. The toasted flavors in the middle are more prominent on the second pour. Long finish is still there. Value The Four Roses SiB that I have is 100 proof and just over $44 with a sweeter profile even with the high rye mashbill. Old Forester SiB 90 proof comes in ~$45 with more of a baking spice profile. While I like both of those expressions neither has the complexity of RR SiB. I like this one a lot. MSRP is a good price.
  11. Hollywood adaptations of Elmore Leonard are spotty. They managed to get the tone right with Justified, and five out of its six seasons I'll sit through any day. Interesting that Elmer T was unobtainium even back in 2015, so I can't blame that on Boyd Crowder like I do with John Wick and Blanton's.
  12. Justified and bourbon from 2015. Now I want those 2015 prices that are mentioned. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2015/03/03/how-bourbon-explains-everything-there-is-to-know-about-justified/
  13. Should have recorded more than one album.
  14. Eagle Rare is a better value at its MSRP ~$35.00. HH BiB MSRP is $39.99, but it's closer to $50 or above when i see it in stores which makes it almost the same price as Heaven Hill's own McKenna 10 BiB, the better bourbon of the two.
  15. The Heaven Hill lineup for the Connoisseur Tasting was in the photo. Old Fitz 16Y was my favorite in the bunch which was bad for the wallet. I had to go back a couple of days later and scored the Old Fitz 16Y, EC Toasted, and an EC18. The BT tasting was well worth the trip as they put on a great presentation. I was hoping they would have EH Taylor in the gift shop that day as it's my favorite regular offering from them that I have tried but no luck. Eagle Rare was the clear winner in that bunch. At the end of the tasting the guide had us pour some Bourbon Cream into Freddie's root beer for the adult root beer float. It's addictively sweet. I stayed in Bardstown which made it easy to drive to just about all the distilleries within an hour. Four Roses had the OESK Barrel Proof when I was there and plenty of the SiB. Wild Turkey tours sell out quickly, too. There was one tasting spot available when I was looking....at 10AM! The facilities at Castle & Key and Woodford are why I wanted to stop there. For a relatively new operation Bardstown Bourbon Co. has a great setup. Glad the doctors caught your friend's condition in time. Here's hoping his treatment goes well.
  16. I spent a few days last week doing tastings and tours at various distilleries, so I'll give my observations for anyone who is considering it. Book your tours and tastings early, especially for Buffalo Trace as those sell out a month in advance. Tour/tasting group size is being limited to six due to Covid. Some distilleries have canceled tours due to expansion as they try to keep up with demand. Other expansion is ongoing to increase visitor center capacity. Heaven Hill has a restaurant and rooftop bar being added. The two Louisville distilleries I most wanted to tour, Michter's and Old Forester, were not offering tours. Michter's has closed their facility at Fort Nelson. Old Forester is having guided tastings as is the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. Staff at all locations were very professional and courteous, and I definitely recommend checking out Heaven Hill, Limestone Branch, Bardstown Bourbon Co., and Buffalo Trace. I didn't make it to Wild Turkey, Woodford, or Castle and Key, so those are on the list for a future trip. My tasting lineups from Heaven Hill and Buffalo Trace are in the photos. Go early to Heaven Hill if you want to purchase any of their unique offerings in the gift shop.
  17. Arrested with the devil's lettuce. Charges expected to be reduced.
  18. Friday night's choice was a store pick of Eagle Rare followed on Saturday by a store pick of Buffalo Trace. Same distillery, mash bill #1. Night and day difference in complexity for a $10-15 price difference between the two.
  19. That would not be surprising about the green label HH 6-year. GA was one of the first states to get the 7-year, and I snagged the first one I found. I did a quick search for the 6 year online. CaskCartel has it for $299.99. 😄
  20. Short and sweet review Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond Heaven Hill Distillery 7 years old 100 proof MSRP $39.99 for 750 mL(BoozApp) On the nose Poured into Glencairn. Medium amber color. Vanilla and caramel with some honey. Light ethanol. Tasting notes Tasted neat. At 100 proof it's warmth gives way to a rich mouthfeel with caramel sweetness, vanilla and some nice oak and rye spiciness. Well balanced, but not complex. Finish is medium to medium long. I get some honey roasted peanuts and cinnamon in the finish. Value This expression takes the place of the Kentucky only release which was a 6 year BiB. An additional year of aging and a bottle redesign gets you a staggered rollout to the rest of the country plus a price increase in excess of 100%. I've never tried the 6 year, but it had quite a following in the online bourbon community due to it being a sub-$20 quality BiB offering. The consensus among the bourbon YouTube channels I follow is a preference for the 6 year. How much of that is nostalgia for the price of the 6 year is unknown. The price of comparable bottles is known and this is where the 7 year raises some eyebrows. For example you have Eagle Rare - a 10 year, 90 proof offering from Buffalo Trace (not BiB) that can be found at $39.99 when available. Heaven Hill's own Elijah Craig (also not BiB) is a mix of 8 and 12 year old bourbons at 94 proof and can be found close to $30. The price range that I've found the 7 year BiB in NE GA is $39.99-$72.99(!). That said I've been reaching for this one a lot as the temperature dipped. If you can find it $40 -$45 it's a buy.
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