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  1. If you wanted change on the offense you're getting it, just not the change you wanted. So i guess any question about whether or not we'll be over the 85 player limit has been answered. Might have to switch to the brown liquor tonight if the good news keeps coming,
  2. Nauta just declared for the draft. Will there be a move to sign a TE out of HS or a grad transfer?
  3. Dawgs over Redbirds 80 - 68. Hammonds with 31 and Claxton with 22. Team shoots 80% from the FT line.
  5. You aren't going to win many games shooting 35.5% from the field, letting the other team shoot >50% from the 3-point line, and being out rebounded by 10. Just a bad effort, but hey, at least Fox keeps us off the NCAA radar. That should be good for another 5 years of mediocre bball, right?
  6. Sad news out of Monroe.
  7. Would UGA take a flyer on him considering the rumor as to why he was dismissed from FSU?