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  1. From what I could find on the net it seems like Bratkowski will help fuse more of the spread offense into our scheme. I don't think he's the replacement for MM though. Here's an article talking about what he brings to the table (as a OC though). Spread the news TAMPA, Fla. _ The Bengals officially became more of a spread offense Wednesday when they hired Steelers receivers coach Bob Bratkowski as offensive coordinator to rescue the NFL's lowest-rated pass offense. Bratkowski, 45, a Dennis Erickson, three-receiver disciple, returns to a post he had for four years under Erickson in Seattle durin
  2. I've written this before and I'll write it again... We do run man coverage, just not like you think. Our base coverage is a pattern reading cover 4 zone. By pattern reading I mean our corners, linebackers, and safeties match up man to man depending on their keys. It's a simple defense once you get the reads and checks down.
  3. Do you know why teams use screen passes? It's usually for teams who already pass alot. It's a change up. The cousin to the screen pass is the draw play. The draw is for teams that run more than pass. Most importantly, you need agile linemen to execute screens. We don't really have athletes as linemen. So we appropriately don't call screen passes. Make sense?
  4. Everything the OP highlighted I've been saying the entire time since we hired MM! We would be taking a step backward IMO if we lose this guy! I wish more of our fan base saw what I see in the guy. I'm not a homer or a hugger. I just give credit where credit is due. I'm a firm believer in the bottom line and in overall production. Most on here want some flashy offense with no substance. MM brings a consistent offense that gets results!
  5. Nice! I could only think of Durant myself. I remember awhile back that I wanted Ingram but I think he's with the Giants now. I absolutely wouldn't want any of those guys. Our back ups back ups are better than them all beside maybe Ingram. Ingram could come in to challenge for an OLB spot. He could start. So, there goes my theory about ex Jags!
  6. ^^This^^ I didn't want to quote the post above but I do agree with the overall assessment. It's hard to say who we will go after in the draft since free agency hasn't played out yet. Once we know who stays and who goes, I think our offseason will shape up quite nicely. With that said, I think it's important to reiterate that we will only make one key free agency pick up and draft for need. IMO our needs are in the front 7 on defense and front 5 on offense. That has been our MO since TD has been here. Let's look at offense... LT: We have Baker and Svitek. We could draft a 2nd-3rd rounder to pu
  7. Well, the better team won on that day....emphasis on that day. Parity in this league has made every game winnable or losable.
  8. After going through the various stages of grief I've come to grips with our season. We lost our first game to the Steelers and our last to the Packers. While disappointed I'm ok with losing to the both of the eventual Super Bowl participants. Most importantly, the Aints went out before us! If we can't have it then they can't either! GO FALCONS!
  9. Totally understand your reasons Supes! Every year these boards are so predictable. If I could invest in ATL message board stock (if there was such a thing)I'd be rich! Hope to see you back here...same bat time, same bat channel. Rise Up!
  10. I've only been screaming this literally into the computer screen for the last 3 years since Smitty and Company have arrived in FB! This article hits everything on the head exactly! Folks keep crying about the offense and the defense but fail to realize we are built a certain way for a reason. This article most definitely put into words (more articulately) what I've been saying all along. We're built to get the lead and keep the lead. That is our MO. Most folks don't like the way we are built but I must ask you...until the last 3 seasons how has every other scheme worked out? Let's look at a fe
  11. Look guys, I know we are all disappointed in what happened at the end of the season. With that said, I would like to point out a few observations of my own. 1)There seems to be a perception that we never blitz or we aren't aggressive enough on defense. I believe our defensive scheme is aggressive enough. We run a zone blitz scheme. The same as a **** LeBeau zone blitz scheme in Pittsburgh. The only difference is the front is a 4-3. That's why we see John and Kroy dropping back in coverage. The reason a team runs zone blitz is that they want pressure but at the same time want to play it conserv
  12. Ok guys, I'm no longer gonna diss ESPN for lack of coverage of our Falcons. Monday Night Countdown has been singing our praises all day! They said something very profound...the Falcons are 12-2 but "shhhhh, they don't want you to know about it." I will no longer seek approval from the talking heads. It would just irritate me when nobodies would dismiss our team like we're a bunch of scrubs. SO, with that out of the way..... LET'S GO FALCONS!!! RISE UP!!!
  13. JPW is a bama boy. He's not to be taken lightly! This game is gonna be off the chain. I was at the Sept 26th game in N.O. That game was epic! I really wish I was at this game. We must defend our house! Any day we win and the bag heads lose is alright by me. This game is payback for that MNF game when the Superdome reopened!
  14. See, I totally agree with you about the respect thing. I tend to not really let that bother me, but as you stated...it's the utterly blatant attempt to discredit every thing we do. We all know what kinda team we have. But if you were a casual observer, you'd think we were the Panties! It's quite obvious to me that we share the best record in the NFL with the Pats. It's like they are waiting to say I told you so or something. It just rubs me the wrong way being ignored like that. ESPN is like the hot chick you're trying to get with but is oblivious to your entire existence. Yeah...that's the b
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