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  2. Good. Put Julio on him and watch Miko exploded into dust!
  3. I love how he plays with his instinct. That play that he made during the panthers game was freakin awesome. I hope we resign him and see more from him next year
  4. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything Its basically celebrity goes on reddit, and users on reddit can ask them anything about their life and work
  5. Got the title from an article from Fox here's the link of the article http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/atlanta-falcons-st-louis-rams-julio-jones-2015-nfl-season-010416
  6. As a group, Rams WRs posted 137 catches for 1,635 yards, 8 TDs. Atlanta's Julio Jones finished with 136 catches for 1,871 yards, 8 TDs. — Nick Wagoner (@nwagoner) https://twitter.com/nwagoner/status/683839790752481280 I still think the 2011 trade is all worth it. We will need him to be healthy again for next year campaign.
  7. I feel like this has nothing to do with how the organization is being run. Blank was also running this organization from 2008-2012 when we were winning and nobody complaint back then. Nobody was complaining in the first 6 weeks of the season. Everybody was calling Blank a genius for hiring Quinn. All the sudden, teams start figuring out what do Falcons offense good at and not good at. Our coaching staff (yes Shanahan, I'm looking at you) failed to make the adjustments, and we end up losing games. Now everyone questioning Blank for how he run his organization.
  8. I would definitely love McCoy. He's almost a dream come true if SD decides to let him go, and I'm praying they will. But no love for Joe Philbin tho? He had the Packers offense ranked top 10 in scoring every single year that he's there (07-11). He also the OC when Aaron Rodgers look like God in 2010 and 2011. Philbin's only knock is that every year that he has been GB's OC the running game production has gone down. Could that be bc why run when AR is making all those incredible throws? I would love to see for him to work with MR and have him look half as good as AR in those years.
  9. I think the Shanahan experiment is over now. Here's the top 3 candidate I would love to see as our OC for next year: Mike McCoy (If the Chargers decide to fire him) Joe Philbin Ken Wishenhunt Thoughts on these 3 OC?
  10. Or that our screen game is working. Matt throwing 250 yards and another 150 yards comes from screen passes to Coleman & Freeman
  11. So everyone is complaining about his 2 ints ... But no one is talking about the last drive when Matt Ryan went for 6/7 for 66 Yards, plus an 8 yards run, plus a 4th-2 conversion, plus a completion for 13 yards for a TD that was taken back by a BS call by the refs. Yeah, Keep focus on the 2 ints...
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