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  1. So just to put things into perspective, just because Coach Smith failed to bring the SB to our team he should be trash by fans every single time his name brought up? Now I'm in no way saying it was not Coach Smith's fault that we didn't achieved the goals that was expected. He deserves as much blame as TD for the last 2 seasons. His mistakes were shown on the field, and for that he got the axe came down for his job. However I got nothing but respect for Coach Smith. He coached this team to his best ability. He brought the respect back to this team. This franchise is in a much better state after he left then when he first accept the job. But folks around here will act like in his 7 years, coach Smith didn't do jack but leave this team in a disarray.
  2. I tell you what's a new low, this board. Bashing Mike Smith every chance y'all got. Yes he failed to take us to the Superbowl and failed to get us back on track after the 2012 season, but y'all done forgot all the good things he had done for us in his first 5 years.Given the crappy roster he had, Smith gave us 5 straight winning seasons that this franchise had never seen. Without Mike Smith half of this board wouldn't be here cheering for the Falcons. We would still be wishing for a decent head coach that would for once give us stability. Mike Smith given stability and raised the expectations for the Falcons and all of y'all treat him like he's hot garbage man! Give the man some respect!
  3. well, Today I Learned... Nobody bring a family together like Beirmann. Dude brought everybody and their grandma here just by resigning with the team.
  4. How the f*$K did we go from trading for Micheal Bennett to resigning Beirmann?
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