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  1. It's all talk until gameday. We'll see what he's got then. Bucs haven't swept us since '15 and I don't expect that to change no matter who they picked up. Out of curiosity, has he said anything at all to the Aints and Pants? Seems like he's overly focused on smack talking just us
  2. LOL. Yeah it does in hindsight. It was just that I really wanted a DT or DE and when guys like Brown and Kinlaw were gone it just made my attitude worse at the time. Then we pick up Davidson and that just helped calmed my nerves for the rest of the daft. Like I said, I didn't hate the guy, but when I went back and looked up on Terrell and how he looked in college, I did an immediate 180 on the guy. VERY good pick IMO and I believe he could be a super star in the NFL. One thing I didn't get about Davidson is that, looking up his games at Auburn, his pressures, TFL, and sacks ar
  3. Absolutely right and I fell in that category. I was more upset about not getting Dline help in the 1st than at the kid himself and next day we got Davidson so I was good. I felt so much better that I went back and watched vids like this one on AJ and came away rather impressed. Even the LSU game were he didn't play particularly well for the most part was kinda overblown when you look at his whole body of work in college. I love this pick now
  4. 100% agree on Kotter. There is nothing exciting about his game. I almost miss Sark.
  5. Still wonder how he dropped to the 2nd round? I went back and look at some Auburn games, and to me there is no doubt that while Derrick Brown is a beast, Davidson is right there with Brown. Only difference I think I saw was Brown is a bit stronger, while Davidson is a bit more athletic. IMO
  6. Guess it kinda makes sense, with Bridgewater gone? IDK No way we get Clowny though.
  7. https://www.dailycal.org/2020/04/22/jaylinn-hawkins-has-potential-to-be-nfl-draft-steal/
  8. Another CB. Great. Can't put pressure on the QB or stop the run so the answer is ANOTHER CB.
  9. This. I'd worry more about the Bucs if Bellichick were their coach. NFC isn't the AFC and the Bucs aren't the Pats. I think we split the 2 games with them.
  10. Still beat'em one out of two with our below average D.
  11. Wake me up when Arians coaches like Bellichick and then I'll worry
  12. Been wanting to see if Quinn's praise for Cominsky is warrented or not. Always thought Olukun played solid at least
  13. Give me a championship and I'll like almost any uniform they wear
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