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  1. Ah the beautiful state of Ga. The only place where watching sports can put a person in the hospital
  2. There was so much holding going on by ND not being called. It was nuts.
  3. Dogs win
  4. Hokey smock batman!!!
  5. Even if they rush him back after 6 weeks, I don't think Brees will be 100% yet. Older you get, the longer it takes to completely heal. I should know Quinn is just gonna focus on Indy for now, and I'm hoping for another great performance by the D, less INT's from MR, and hopefully get the run game really going.
  6. Another reason to believe MR will get right as the season goes on. Talking heads can say what they want, Falcons are going to win the division whether Brees plays or not.
  7. Defense plays well again and we lower the INT count, and we can win. Need to get the run gaming firing on all cylinders too.
  8. This made me happier than maybe it should have. I'm just happy Vic played well when it counted.
  9. Yeah. I don't wish injury on anyone, but it is what it is. Unfortunately Bridgewater has given this team fits in the past for whatever reason, so even if Brees misses our games (unlikely) it's still not an automatic win.
  10. Absolutely. Got a ways to go with the offense, but the issues are fixable.
  11. Didn't they get blown up by the Rams?
  12. Wins a win. Fix the INT's and it's not even close.
  13. Stocker is a TE. He's a receiving target like Hooper and he was moving in the direction that Matt was throwing but cut short. If this wasn't the case matt would have never thrown the ball the way he did.
  14. Like I said, there was sloppy play to go around, but it's too soon to through in the towel IMO.
  15. Yeah. I hate preseason, but they might just have to play a little more during it to get better in-sync when Game 1 starts.
  16. Cooks no joke, but they also had dang good field position several times during the game especially after the Freeman fumble and the Neal PI. We'll clean it up
  17. Officiating has a lot to do with keeping the Vikings O alive and keeping our D on the field. Gage gets that H2H call or Neal doesn't get flagged for the hit and the game can potentially changed. There was also MASSIVE holding by the Vikings O-line that was never called. Turnovers happen to everyone and I'm not saying we shouldn't execute better, but we lost this game mainly because of sloppy play. The talent is still there, and the O-line still needs time to gel as a complete unit. These are fixable problems and it's WAY too early to jump ship.
  18. I'm confident we'll bounce back. D actually played decently and some of the penalties were 'questionable' to say the least. Offense could have easily had 2 more scores without the fumble and the TE giving up on his route. We can get it together.
  19. This game wouldn't have gotten out of hand if it weren't for fumbles, missed assignments and terrible officiating. Free doesn't drop the ball, and Stocker doesn't quit on his route and we could have had 2 scores right there. These things can be fixed. It's not the end of the world.
  20. You must not have been watching for very long because last year alone was full of crappy games like this. Mistakes, bad protection, wrong routes. There is no team minus the Pats that don't have several bad games throughout the season. The Eagles and any other team can lay an egg at any point. Judging our season by the 1st Game isn't feasible in football.
  21. Guess you forgot how bad we looked game 1 in 2016. One game is not the end of the season
  22. This place is melting down after week 1. If we won the next 10 games, they'd still be unhappy.
  23. Still going for 2????? Why?
  24. LOL NOW we get calls