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  1. Just need more time to get acquainted with Matt, and then there will be no double covering JJ if the opposing D coordinator is smart.
  2. May dad and I have been saying that since 2017. I feel Quinn tried moving him to part-time positions to coverup the weakness in other areas of the defense. Keep at DE only, make him gain a few pounds, and continue to work on his technique. I think he'll bounce back.
  3. And he did this with a swinging door of an offensive line.
  4. Aside from working on his tech, I feel like he could still be a decent DE if Quinn would allow him to gain a little more weight.
  5. Out of curiosity, what would have been the difference if it were closed? There was no bad weather that day and the Pats play in an open stadium in NE.
  6. Geez. Blank ain't playin.
  7. This sucks.....
  8. It'd be ironic if he goes to the Aints where they get almost no flags for any kind of PI lol
  9. That's because most of your parades involve stale beer, neck beads and bare boobs
  10. Bucs too. I still remember when they won theirs, and you'd think they were 5 time champs listening to Buc fans.
  11. Knew you couldn't stay away
  12. I don't think Ingram would want to come here. The hate between the 2 teams is real.
  13. I'm still hoping we can keep Teco
  14. This dude is an Aint fan
  15. And it just won't stop
  16. Kept one of our most hated rivals out of our city for the SB. Aints and Pat fans in our city at the same time would have been the worse.
  17. And missed the FG to add insult to injury
  18. I'll toast to that
  19. On the biggest stage in football no less.
  20. Here we go with the "Everyone doubted the Pats" BS.
  21. Doesn't look like they had to do much to get in Geoff's head.
  22. I don't think we care enough to get salty. Pats winning the SB is almost expected at this point. It's just tiring to see.
  23. You hear that Dimi?
  24. Yep. Geoff can't read a blitz to save his life. Looks like deer facing headlights.