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  1. That's the only thing that worries me. Matt goes down, we're screwed. I agree with you on the talent of this team, but we need Ryan to get us there. I expect the opposition to take more shots on him this season as well. Gotta protect him.
  2. That's always been my thought as well. He's only signed with us for a year, and if he really does ball out he'll want some dough. Maybe too much. Another reason to hope Hageman gets it done.
  3. Yep. It's just a matter of him putting it together.
  4. Agree on Gab. I expect Poe to be as good as advertised, but we still don't know for certain. IF Hageman really comes on, and I mean REALLY comes on, our DT situation will have become a lot more interesting.
  5. If he gets overpaid, that's on TD. That said, I want to believe Free wouldn't do that to the team/ Brotherhood.
  6. What makes this so great is how hard everyone is working. Guys like Campbell had an up and down season last year, but their working, trying to prove they are no fluke! Birds gonna try to come with a vengeance!
  7. Man if these boys come out the gate beating ***, this could be a fun season.
  8. He'll be signed either way so I wouldn't worry.
  9. Really liked the break down, especially the topic on covering and spying on mobile QBs. That 'bad sack' in the Eagles game, I think was more to Beasley being a more technique type player than a power/bullrushing type. I believe that Beasley has even stated that the reason he bulked up a little in the offseason was to give him a little more strength without losing too much speed. I also think that is one of the many reasons we drafted Takk, who is the polar opposite of Vic in nearly every way. Looking at some of Takk's film in UCLA, he is definitely more power and less technique. What I'm hoping is that Vic will get better playing opposite Takk and learning somethings from him, and Takk gets better feeding form Vic. Though if Poe, Grady, Hags and Shelby do their jobs, both Ends should feast.
  10. Major bust alert: ESPN projects rookie RB Brian Hill gets cut 14 Converted quarterback B.J. Daniels lands as the third running back spot. Does Hill join William Middleton as a 5th round pick that doesn’t even make it to game one? by Matthew Chambers@FalcoholicMatt Jul 22, 2017, 11:59am EDT TWEET SHARE PIN REC Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports It is early, but it was surprising to see plugged-in beat writer Vaughn McClure of ESPN push 5th round pick Brian Hill off the roster. We expected the Falcons to look for an eventual replacement for one part of of the Devonta Freeman/Tevin Coleman combo, but not with a player with only a few pro snaps coming close to 28 years old. Per Vaughn: Freeman and Coleman, with a combined 4,527 yards from scrimmage and 39 touchdowns over the past two seasons, form arguably the best 1-2 running back combo in the league. Daniels, a college quarterback, has played quarterback, running back and receiver in the NFL and also has return ability, so he's the wild card to surpass Terron Ward as the No. 3. Rookie draft pick Brian Hill struggled in minicamp but has potential. This definitely feels way too early, but at least suggests that Hill has failed to impress the team. The Falcons would almost certainly try stashing Hill onto the practice squad, but that would put him at risk of being signed away by another team. We all remember William Middleton, and not for anything he ever did for the team. Maybe Hill will play three lackluster seasons for the Jacksonville Jaguars, too. Keep an eye on Hill through camp, as his roster spot is far less certain than expected. LOL. So there is literally no evidence he'll be cut
  11. Was just gonna post this. However I think Quinn and TD will probably go into FA to fix the O-line needs with veterans. I kinda expect us to look for another Safety or WR(crazy right?) in 2018.
  12. I'm really excited for this defense and I really like Duke, but isn't it too early to compare this defense to the one in '77? The GRITZ BLITZ was no joke.
  13. I'm curious how Carolina will handle deals going forward. Gettleman may have been considered 'cheap', but he helped bring in players like Tillman, and Jared Allen when they made their SB run and didn't overpay anyone. That's kinda what the Pats do, bring in good players, build a decent roster, have money left over. TD is a good with the cap with the added bonus of not having to worry about a lot of new contracts for a couple years, because most of our stars are either just entering the league, or haven't been in it for long. Also helps that Quinn can pick quality players in the draft and FA that contribute almost immediately.
  14. No. I don't want the money I'll win smelling like Bourbon Street.
  15. If Grady and Beasley continue to improve, they aren't going anywhere.