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  1. Yep. Jerry has been praising Julio as one of the best he's ever seen for a while.
  2. Except the stats proves AB's not overall better. He just has more TDs. That's it. Also:
  3. Nice. Would like to see a write up on McGary too. I remember being really impressed with him in the second half of the season
  4. Jerry Rice, one of the greatest of all times, himself says Julio is #1. Without hesitation I might add.
  5. 1A vs 1B. Difference is one's still playing at a high level and the other isn't playing at all. If that continues, Julio might pass him TD's as well.
  6. Still 'meh' on Gurly, but hope he can prove me wrong and help get this run game going. Still need a better OL above all else. Since we got Fowler and Gurly from the Rams, wonder if they're willing to give us Donald too?
  7. @Ezekiel 25:17 You know what I mean
  8. We always got the Younghoe to handle the balls. If needed.
  9. Yeah. Between this and the pollen it's been wild. Not to mention it's still flu season. Either way sounds like he's doing good.
  10. Just as long as he doesn't turn into another Ray Edwards and can actually help this D.
  11. Great. As if the games weren't heart attack inducing enough already. Now even more people will be on heart medication after every Sunday. FUN indeed
  12. Same reason they can't come to grips that the same ish they're crying about in that game, is the same thing that happened when the NFL helped them get their trophy.
  13. Some of you have no chill at all
  14. Dude's gonna be 60 before the Aints let him go lol
  15. Not only that, but Brady has been in the same system for 20 years. Can an old dog learn a new trick?