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  1. Whole season has been funky since we played the Bears
  2. I still think we can make the playoffs if we clean up the mistakes. Execution has been the biggest problem and we need to play better. That being said, these past 4 weeks have had some of the worse officiating I've seen against the Falcons. Our Dline was mugged all day week 1 and no calls. Week 2 was a little better. Week 3 Takk was mugged the entire time and wasn't called. Trufant has 2 PI's that were absolute bullcrap. Week 4? HA! Refs literally gave the Bills 10 points and never called the Bills dline offsides once, and they were doing it a lot.
  3. Freakin heck man! We're walking wounded!
  4. When did that happen?????
  5. Not at all. Hoping we can get this fixed during the bye, or it'll be a miracle to just make the playoffs.
  6. I will say that we DID NOT play well at all, and that didn't help matters.
  7. Officials are like the police. When they do their job and enforce the rules correctly, everything's fine. When they want to screw you over, there's little you can do about.
  8. While this is true, I can stand losing a little better because of our own incompetence. At least I know it can be fixed. I HATE being cheated. I hate obvious cheating even more. It means we never had a chance to begin with because it was already decided.
  9. This statement is not an exaggeration.
  10. Also add the grabbing of Gabs jersey at the end.
  11. Agree. At some point you have to wonder if this is fixed at some level.
  12. They should stuck with Moore since the beginning of the season IMO. Cutler has been a disaster.
  13. Kamara could be an issue though.
  14. Good Grief. I hope we play the Bills MUCH better than the Phins played the Aints today.