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  1. Been seeing a lot more people boosting up the Panthers to win the division too lately. General consensus is that it will be between those two again kinda of like last year. And while not too many people are talking about Tampa, I don't trust those tricky Bucs.
  2. That's nice and all, but I hate early rankings. Still more anxious about the offense than the defense, especially since we won't see actually gameplanning until week 1. Hope Sark and the O can get it together this year while the D can continue to improve this season.
  3. I also believe bringing in Pioli made a bigger impact than most realize.
  4. LOL Good luck with that KC. Hope Quinn doesn't do it.
  5. I really hope we can at least keep Campbell.
  6. I mean, Quinn probably did save Bowles job for a few more weeks. If the Jets came out and stunk he probably would have been fired by Saturday. Plus the NY Times is now saying that the Jets and Giants are now playoff contenders if I heard Good Morning Football right. lol
  7. Nothing except a SB win this season would bring me more joy than to smack those smug bagheads in the mouth both times this year.
  8. +10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 to both of these.
  9. I agree that you want to see more RZ effectiveness from the starters, just don't get the starting players hurt in a freakin preseason game.
  10. Another reason you can tell Quinn doesn't care about points in the preseason, we could have kicked a FG in the 3rd Q when we were 4th and 2 near the goal line, but instead tried to convert the 4th down. These games are just glorified scrimmages. Quinn just wants to evaluate his rooks and backups.
  11. I agree with some of this, but in all honesty it doesn't help that Foye, a 6th Rd pick, and Celestain a udfa, is looking better in their first game than Riley. The game just hasn't seem to have slowed down for him yet. If Quinn believes in Duke than I can wait and see if he does develop. If Duke still doesn't get it, than next man up.
  12. We hardly ever do well in the first preseason game and it takes a while to knock the rust off. I'll start worrying in week 4 if we're still stagnant on offense. As far as Duke is concerned, both Olukun and Celestain looked really good and if Duke can't make it, looks like we roll with them hopefully. However that was the FIRST preseason game, so RIley has a couple more shots to see if he can impress.