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  1. Here's better view
  2. Like heck they don't
  3. It ALWAYS matters what the defense is doing. If the defense does it's job, we win with 36 points. No team should have to score 40 points to win a close game. That's upsurd and it means the defense isn't doing the job it's supposed to do. Money is irrelevant because guys like Jimmmy G, and Cousins make bank and they're not near as good as others though they're some of the highest paid QB's in the league. Judging one person based on their bank account when it's a team sport is a dishonest outlook to say the least. QB is the most important position in football, but it doesn't excuse any of the other players for not doing the job they're also paid to do. Our offense scored 36 points with no ints and more than 50% of the passes complete. The defense didn't earn a dime today.
  4. Aaron Rodgers is an elite QB and the Packers haven't been good at all. They usually don't even get far even when they do make the playoffs. Brees is an elite QB, but that didn't help him when they had the 32nd worst defense in the league and didn't help them when they go one and done in the playoffs. They won one SB because they both had pretty good D's at the time. There's only so much Matt can do, but putting it all on his shoulders just because he makes a lot of money is ridiculous. Our D had them on 4th down TWICE and couldn't stop them. They also had the game in their hands and blew it even more so than the O. They also make way more money than anybody on this board so if your gonna hold Matt accountable, the rest of the team deserves an equal share of the blame right down to the coaches.
  5. Ridley and Takk are great. Sark is doing well. I can't wait to see who we'll get with one of the top 3 draft picks next year.
  6. I get what you're trying to say, but my point is it shouldn't have had to come to that. Tru int's that ball and we win. The D stops them on 4th down we win. The offense put nearly 40 points on the board. It shouldn't take that much to win the game. Especially against the Aints and Bengals. Defense let us down on two 4th down drives and that is far more egregious than a missed TD when you already had enough points to win the game.
  7. Seeing if young players develop is fine and all, but the defense isn't improving and that's the major problem with this team. We put up 36 points. 36 points in 2016 would have blown any team out. Matt and the offense is not the problem. A defense that you can't count on to at least stop them on 4th down is embarassing. And it happened twice today.
  8. Good grief. You guys blame Matt if that makes you feel better, but when your D gives up like 500 yards of offense and lets the other team score 40 points, it won't matter what play our QB makes because there's still the overwhelming chance that we'll still lose because our D is a wet paper bag.
  9. If the D sucks and doesn't make plays it doesn't matter how far ahead we are. Penalities and missed opportunities happen on both sides and it still doesn't change the fact that we could have stopped then on 4th down TWICE and still won the game but blew it.
  10. If you're not good enough to make the playoffs then what are we even watching these games for? Even if we barely beat the Aints and Bengals w're still woefully unprepared for any kind of playoff run, which again what's the point if we get blown the F out by a top D?
  11. Being a fan for 20 years doesn't mean you know jack about football. I've been a fan for over 20 myself and even I know you can't win **** without a good D. You're argument is ******* stupid because you act like Matt was the only one with the game winning play when it shouldn't have even come to that if we actually played D. Crying about how much money someone makes has nothing to do with how the rest of team plays because they're all rich too.
  12. There D sucks less than ours. It doesn't give us an excuse.
  13. If your defense isn't stopping anyone what makes you think we can make the playoffs on just offense? What happens when we face a top 10 defense huh? You're basically saying the D has an excuse because they suck, but Matt HAS to be perfect every f**** play. Take about hyprocrisy.
  14. ******* this place man! Find a way to blame Matt for everytime we lose even when he's near perfect!
  15. We stop them on 4th down and you don't need another TD. Any team that has to drop a 40 burger every game to try to win isn't going anywhere in the post season. Defense wins games and championships. The Bengals are not that good.