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  1. That's been going on for almost 10 years. Won't be anything new. I'm hoping they'll whine enough that the refs and the NFL will get sick of them and those calls start going against them a lot more often.
  2. I'm not gonna put a lot of hope into that, but if it happened, there's no fanbase more deserving than the Aints.
  3. And there it is ladies and gentlemen. Aints are nothing but a bunch of wanna be tough guys when things go their way in the Super Dump, but turn into whiny little botches that can't take what's dished out. It's what makes the Rams win so ironic and sweet!
  4. All true, but we don't ban others for even the smallest hint of trolling, smack talk. I don't know if any MB or forum that does what the Taints MB does. They actually don't allow hardly any negative opinion from anyone on that board. Soft skin bunch of witches.
  5. Kotter has got better toys to work with compared to last time he was here. IMO, the Bucs had enough fire power to be a legit threat the past few years, but Winston was not the right QB for that offense.
  6. 14th huh? Ugh. Thanks. Haven't been keeping completely up to date this season cause of all the injuries. Oh well. Could be picking lower.
  7. Seattle in 2016 when Julio was mugged at the end The SB that same year when Sanu was thrown down among other things that happened. Still should have won though EVERY game we play in NO. Ever. The playoff game in Philly in 2017. And some of those are just in the past few years. Talk to some of these older dogs that have been fans for over 40 years. Bet they can tell you some stories.