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  1. That's info I'd like to know too. Don't watch much college football outside of GA sports, and I don't think the draft books and magazines are out yet. Are there a lot of quality DT's in this draft?
  2. Been fan of Garland since he put Wilson on his butt in the end zone for a safety during our SB run.
  3. Still too early. Would suck if he didn't get a ring, but he is certainly one of the best Falcons in the history of this franchise.
  4. Flacco's not even a top 10 QB despite having a ring. WIlson's alright but he's not taking a team to the SB on his own, plus he's taken quite a few beatings with that crappy oline these past couple years. Rodgers is in a different league all together when fully healthy. Most QB's in the league don't compare as far as physical talent goes. Ryan does his job really well, just upgrade that Oline and give him a big bruising RB to take the pressure off.
  5. Didn't go over my head, I just don't think he's a solution and wouldn't impact the team outside of average depth. We had guys like Bartu and Worrilow that were here for depth and to fill in holes, but that's all they did. Worrilow especially had heart and knew his postion, but we still had a huge need even with him there. Durant and Schofield have experience and filled roster spots, but all they did was fill in the spot. They didn't make us better. Grossman filled a spot, he didn't make us better etc. It should be about golden apples. If all your doing is 'filling in' a position and not 'getting better' at said position, I see no point in Klug. He's a solid dude, but that's it. We need more. We need superstars. We need potential worldbeaters. Guys that can tip the balance in our favor. If you can't get a sure fire choice in FA I take my chances in the draft. According to your logic, if DQ and TD pass up on Klug that makes them ' incredibly shortsighted & borderline clueless', but I have faith in there decision making and what's the best direction for the team. If they sign Klug, fine. If they don't, they aren't desperate, and feel they can move forward without him.
  6. Dang. Really liked Clay.
  7. Or maybe he's not what DQ and TD are looking for and may not sign him? If they decide to take a chance on this dude, I'll root for him but we've had plenty of hard working team guys that weren't long term solutions nor had exactly what we needed. And that list. Durant, Grossman, Moeki, Schofield just to name a few were alright for what? A year into their respective season with us before we let them go? Goldson was hurt during the SB if I'm not mistaken, Weatherspoon stayed hurt for a minute all the years he was with us, and Crawford, Reynolds, and Wren-Wilson were okay but that's it. Real helpful. Lance freakin Moore didn't do squat for us. Like I said, some of you will pick anything that falls out of the FA tree and think it's a golden apple.
  8. Guess the Pants are gonna try to fix the offensive woes in the draft. We NEED a stronger Oline and more depth on defense. Honestly think we're gonna need more than just some shiny piece from FA.
  9. No one can predict if a draft is a 'grand slam' because we won't really know what the rooks are like till about 3 years later in the league. As far as the Richardson signing, it's ONE year. Good for them, but I won't lose a lot of sleep over him. Besides wasn't he a cancer in the locker room?
  10. LOL! Some of ya'll are willing to shell out money for anything just to say we did 'something' in FA. Glad DQ and TD aren't this desperate.
  11. So long story short, we're acually not in as bad a shape cap wise as arm chair GMs and some doom and gloomers say we are? Shocking. Good post btw.
  12. THIS
  13. Didn't say it wasn't awful. Doesn't change the fact that the franchise is petty garbage.
  14. Aints are trash. They'll never win another championship again unless another natural disaster hits that city and the NFL feels sorry for them. Hope both mold face and crybaby vicodon boy get the boot, so I can see that team get flushed like the poop they are.
  15. It's just the nature of Ga sports right now. Falcons and Bulldogs should have been champions, but neither could hold on. Nobody is going to believe in us till we actually do it. I don't believe we're that far off though. Heck we went back to the playoffs after the SB lost. How often has that happened? IMO the biggest thing this offseason is to keep that D loaded, get some bigger more athletic Oline, a big, fast, bruising RB (or two), and more solid offensive scheme. Gonna take it one game at a time, but I like our chances.