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  1. It will come down to who has the best spring I think, but the Braves decision-makers seem very "up" on Fried right now.
  2. Fried in the ATL rotation. It's not what I would do, but what I think the Braves would do right now. Carle and Winkler still have options.
  3. The Braves have signed 28YO RHP Jonathan Aro to a minor league contract. Aro spent last season with AAA El Paso in the San Diego organization. He had brief stints in the majors in 2015 and 2016 with Boston and Seattle respectively.
  4. Right now I have the bullpen as RH Vizcaino, O'Day, Jackson, Toussaint and LH Minter, Biddle, Venters, and Freeman. GWI rotation: Soroka, Gohara, Wright, Wilson, Allard. Bullpen: RH Sobotka, Webb, Parsons, Carle, Winkler, Harrison and LH Dayton and Clouse. Weigel in the MIS rotation to ease him back, along with Anderson, Muller, Walker, and Davidson.
  5. Don't forget Fried and Gohara as well. Right now I think Fried may be the favorite.
  6. Less than $10M a year is a bargain. He's from New York City, looks like he took a little bit of a hometown discount. Also, if they can stay healthy the Yankees are putting together possibly the greatest top-to-bottom bullpen of all time. Chapman Betances Britton Ottavino Green Hahnle And as of right now, Sonny Gray as a swingman.
  7. Foltynewicz gets the PitchingNinja treatment.
  8. I started a new series on Braves system depth. Here is the first piece, on first base.
  9. Machado's agent is quite forcibly pushing back against this report. Other reporters are also chiming in that the White Sox offer is higher than the $175M.
  10. The Braves have released minor league lefty Chase Johnson-Mullins. The enormous and well-liked Mullins has been bothered by injuries pretty much his entire pro career.
  11. All of the reported interested teams in Realmuto -- Braves, Mets, Phillies, Nationals, Astros, Brewers, Dodgers, Rays, Yankees, Padres, Reds -- have their catching situations in place for 2019 without him. Not saying one of these teams couldn't still add him, but the Marlins have officially now overplayed their hands. Completely.
  12. Winkler gets $1.61M. It's passed deadline, still waiting to hear if Gausman and Freeman came in under the wire.
  13. Mookie Betts and the Red Sox settle at a $20M figure, avoiding arbitration. That sets a record for players with less than 5 years service time.
  14. Why would any freak out about getting a good 4th OF for under $3M?
  15. Culberson gets $1.395M.
  16. I put exactly 0.25 joules of energy into that line-up.
  17. Probably not, unless they were overwhelmed.
  18. They could just get rid of the draft and let everyone be a free agent. I'd be fine with that.
  19. Right, they were entertaining trades to clear payroll. They accomplished that by trading Encarnacion and signing Carrasco to a below-market deal.
  20. Yeah, almost no way they will be able to sign Harper now, but their team looks a lot more balanced. Eaton RF Turner SS Rendon 3B Soto LF Zimmerman/Adams 1B Gomes/Suzuki C Dozier 2B Robles CF Scherzer Strasburg Corbin Sanchez Ross Doolittle Barraclough Rosenthal
  21. They can with a player's permission. For example, Allard allowed the Braves to review the medicals regarding the stress fracture in his back that he suffered his senior year of high school. If a team *does* see medicals however, the minimum required amount offer for the slot is 60% if drafted I believe.
  22. Still one of the highlights of the 2017 season.
  23. The Scouting Director not only manages the scouting department, but also conducts the draft and signs the players. If in fact Bridges was responsible for making sure Stewart got an offer that would minimally qualify the Braves for a comp pick if Stewart didn't sign and he failed to do so, that would be a fire-able offense, no matter his other skills. And for the record, I loved Bridges drafts, and I loved his scouting. He will be missed. But there were a number of embarrassing miscues around draft picks during Bridges's watch.
  24. Yeah, I doubt Pollock would take it.