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  1. It's two because the Braves would have the advantage in tiebreakers. But I'm for winning 3 anyway.
  2. Cole Hamels has been placed on the 10-day IL with a sore shoulder. He is not expected to be available for the playoffs. Bryse Wilson has been recalled.
  3. I don't see it. DOB tweeted that his last start at the ATS was a disaster. Plus they would have to make a 40-man roster move to make it happen. That said, it will be less than 10 days since Wilson, Touki, or JDLC were sent down, so I don't think it will be either of them. We may finally see Tucker Davidson.
  4. Kid reminds be a lot of Billy Wagner.
  5. K26dp

    Braves @ Mets

    Sixth is a good spot to put a player with speed, because the #5 spot is the most common spot in the order to be a 3rd out. Albies or Swanson would be the best options for #6 hitters.
  6. POSTSEASON 9/30 - Fried 10/1 - Anderson 10/2 - Hamels (if needed) NLDS 10/6 - Fried 10/7 - Anderson 10/8 - Hamels 10/9 - Wright? Ynoa? (if needed) 10/10 - Fried (short rest, if needed) Obviously the best thing to do would be to win in the minimum amount of games.
  7. He threw strikes, stuff looked OK, and he didn't hurt himself. Successful first spring training start.
  8. The only reason he didn't commit to the NL DH is because the players will want it. All three of these things are garbage, but expanded playoffs before expanding to 32 teams is particularly dumb. Why even have a 162 game regular season?
  9. Get To Know a Call-Up: Jasseel De La Cruz
  10. Jake Arrieta removed himself from the game tonight. The Phillies are coming apart at the seams.
  11. Kind of wish De La Cruz was getting the start today.
  12. Huascar Ynoa has been named the starter for tomorrow.
  13. Yeah... signing Pablo Sandoval doesn't address that.
  14. Jon Heyman reporting the Braves have signed Pablo Sandoval to a minor league deal.
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