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  1. Braves minor league leaders wRC+ (min 50 AB): AAA Gwinnett: 1. Abraham Almonte 218 2. Travis Demeritte 185 3. Orlando Arcia 146 4. Johan Camargo 144 5. Ryan Casteel 127 6. Drew Waters 118 7. Jason Kipnis 107 8. Phil Ervin 90 9. Ryan Goins 88 10. Jonathan Lucroy 86 AA Mississippi: 1. Shea Langeliers 151 2. Justin Dean 129 3. Drew Lugbauer 125 4. Riley Unroe 91 5. Jalen Miller 90 6. Greyson Jenista 86 7. Jacob Pearson 86 8. Wendell Rijo 74 9. Trey Harris 73 10. CJ Alexander 61 A+ Rome: 1. Michael Harris II 126 2. Jesse Franklin V 117 3. K
  2. K26dp

    Braves vs Cards

    Thanks Charlie. We needed this.
  3. This week's Farm Report. No podcast this week.
  4. K26dp

    Trade Rumors

    Plot twist: it may be Drew Smyly.
  5. K26dp

    Trade Rumors

    Like David Cone, Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, and CC Sabathia?
  6. Freddy Tarnok was activated and will get his first start of the season tonight for Rome.
  7. I dunno, seems pretty good lately. Newk wasn't great last night and Greene didn't look ready (I think he was rushed), but Minter, Smith, Matzek, Jackson, Martin all look pretty great. Even Santana came up big last night in a position he shouldn't have been used.
  8. This week's Farm Report and podcast.
  9. Pretty much this. He actually discussed it with Fangraphs.
  10. Yeah, Shewmake is working through a swing change. There's nothing to be gained by dropping him, other than displacing Beau Philip who is starting to show progress.
  11. I'm a little cooler on Ball maybe than most, though there's a lot to like. He's got an excellent approach exhibits patience and a willingness to go with pitches. He's insanely strong too, and will probably have a high BABiP just based on exit velo, even though he's very slow. I'm concerned he can lapse into passivity sometimes. He has some work to do on pitch recognition. Also, he's probably going to be unplayable at any position, so the bat will have to carry him. He'll be a big leaguer, just a little concerned about his overall impact.
  12. Pretty sure the idea is that having a guy who gets on base consistently ahead of Acuna's spot in the order is a good thing.
  13. Yes, ideally Waters would polish off his development in Gwinnett this year and be the left fielder in 2022, assuming he's not traded or something. Hopefully the new CBA will fix service time screwage. What happens with Ozuna shouldn't have any bearing on Michael Harris. If he shows he's ready in 2022, he'll come up, if not he won't. It's bad organizations that rush prospects. But I'm assuming a mid-season promotion to AA for Harris this year, then a full season in AAA in 2022. Could he come up in 2022, maybe at the end of the year? Certainly. But late 2022/early 2023 is pretty much the s
  14. Yeah, we talk about that in the podcast. Mississippi has a gaping hole in left field waiting to be filled.
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