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  1. I love it when an division rival just comes out and admits that they are going to be stupid. I've always assumed that they'll get either Harper or Machado or both. I really hope they trade away their young core for aging vets.
  2. Sure, he has that potential. Almost all catchers develop offensively slower than other position players. But even if not, he's a good defensive catcher with pop.
  3. Jeff Mathis signed a two-year deal with Texas. Probably not on many people's Braves catching wants list, but he is off the board.
  4. Yelich, Baez, Arenado, and Freeman were the only NL candidates to appear on all 30 ballots.
  5. He's like Mike Zunino, only younger and cheaper.
  6. That's ~$24M per team.
  7. And here's #30-21. 30. Trey Riley, RHP 29. Ray-Patrick Didder, SS 28. Riley Delgado, SS 27. Thomas Burrows, LHP 26. Corbin Clouse, LHP 25. Jefery Ramos, OF 24. Izzy Wilson, OF 23. A.J. Graffanino, SS 22. Ricardo Sanchez, LHP 21. Alex Jackson, C
  8. Scherzer lost it down the stretch. Cool to see Folty get a little love there.
  9. Jacob deGrom and Blake Snell are the Cy Young Award winners.
  10. Nice to see Baltimore get smarter.
  11. Oh, I'm well aware. Lack or results don't correlate with lack of effort. Go troll somewhere else.
  12. Weird, seemed like Philadelphia and Washington really wanted to win.
  13. Outfielder Connor Lien has re-upped with the Braves on a minor league deal. Lien hit .198/.289/.343 last season with Mississippi, but is a top 5 defensive outfielder in the system.
  14. Soroka and Gohara could have something to say about it,