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  1. The important thing is that it was great all those Will "Very" Little fans in the stands got their money's worth from watching him umpire.
  2. The important thing is that it was great all those Gerry Davis fans in the stands got their money's worth from watching him umpire.
  3. John Coppolella? One the one criticism you can't lob his way is "scared to make a move". I suspect budget considerations are more prominent than usual right now. After all, the Braves now are carrying $14M in bad contract money from Colon, EOF, Bonerface, Recker. Unlike the bad money taken on for a purpose, those have been self-inflicted wounds.
  4. It's not bad that the demotion doesn't seem a punitive measure rather than a developmental measure.
  5. Sending him down on a high note isn't the worst idea.
  6. We should be talking to the Rays about Phillips, Suzuki, Sam Freeman, JJ... anyone not nailed down. Gillaspie is a great return for Dan Jennings.
  7. That was a fun win. Nice to stop that little 3-game slide.
  8. It looks tacky and gross.
  9. There was less striking out and less walking in the 80s. There were also less runs being scored.
  10. Seriously, Chase Field is trash.
  11. Walking more and striking out less is great, especially when you can regularly make hard contact like Freeman does. Again, there's a reason Freeman is an elite hitter. It's not as easy as telling everyone "hey, hit more like Freddie Freeman". There's been 288 player seasons of 150 strikeouts or more. Only 54 of them have OPS+ less than 100. Average number of homers is 30, average OPS+ is 119.
  12. Try to sell Phillips, Adams, Suzuki, and any bullpen guys that draw interest. Maybe Dickey too. Listen on Teheran, see if a desperate team will overpay once Gray is off the market. Be opportunistic with Markakis if an injury opens a door somewhere. Take a look at Lucas Sims, Ozzie Albies, Dustin Peterson, and maybe Kade Scivicque in August and September and determine if any can be counted on to contribute Opening Day 2018.
  13. There's only been 51 player seasons in all of major league history that had over 180 strikeouts. The average production of those hitters is .251/.347/.487 with 34 HR and 121 OPS+. Only 9 of those 51 seasons did the hitter have an OPS+ under 100. The oldest season on the list was Bobby Bonds in 1969. He hit .259/.351/.473 with 32 HR, 90 RBI, 45 SB and a 131 OPS+ despite striking out 187 times.
  14. Good K on Peralta. Had words for the ump on the way off the field.