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  1. It was clarified that "public events" were events literally put on or sponsored by the city. It wouldn't effect sporting events. Of course, that could change.
  2. Last season they didn't win a game until April 1, you just have to have faith.
  3. Gattis is a proud cheater. Glad we got Folty.
  4. The 5/10 round draft is a naked power and money grab by the owners. Scouts are already coming public that they have enough information to have a full or near-full draft. It's clear that the owners just want to pinch pennies and use the crisis to set up their plan for minor league contraction. And the MLBPA as usual is willing to bargain it away all of it in order to get their $170M insurance policy.
  5. Try going to a minor league doubleheader, and see if you want each game to go another two innings.
  6. It's not about the players, it's about the fans. Well, it's also about the players if the plan is for weekly or bi-weekly scheduled doubleheaders.
  7. With talk of scheduled doubleheaders for the upcoming abbreviated season, I hope MLB will adopt my favorite minor league adaptation: 7-inning games for doubleheaders.
  8. Touki was optioned. Making the Squad is updated, now with COVID-19 related changes.
  9. The Tigers just announced that LHP Joey Wentz just underwent successful Tommy John surgery. Wentz of course is a former 1st-round pick by Atlanta in 2016. He was traded in July along with OF Travis Demeritte for RHP Shane Greene.
  10. After a just-concluded conference call with owners, Rob Manfred told reporters “We are not going to start on April 9".
  11. It will be interesting to see if they push the draft back. Of course, MLB has been wanting to do that anyway.
  12. While all the craziness has been going on the last two days, the Braves did make a couple of roster moves. RHP Patrick Weigel and C Alex Jackson were optioned to the minors. Making the Squad page has been updated, maybe for the last time in awhile.
  13. Yep.
  14. He'll start at high-A Florida. He'll move up as fast as his bat allows.
  15. LHP Tucker Davidson, LHP Philip Pfeifer, C William Contreras and OF Cristian Pache were optioned. Pache hit a home run against Baltimore yesterday.