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  1. Why you getting so upset over it, dude? YOu know I gotta have my obligatory Carrie mention everyday. :P Don't get so freaking bent-out-of-shape over it.
  2. True. Like I said, she's no Carrie. But the two of them are the future of the industry.
  3. DAYUM! She's a fellow Pennsylvanian, so that's xtra pints w/me. But she's still not Carrie. Both in looks and natural God-given talent.
  4. Her album is due out sometime in the fall. It'll be her 3rd. Here's the cover: She looks gorgeous, as always. W/an even more gorgeous voice. And those eyes! :wub:
  5. Apperently he's not Catholic. I am. BUt it shouldn't matter anyway. God gave us a brain/free will for a reason; to explore this world and open our horizons. YOu shouldn't let other people or churches think for you. And I say this as a practicing Catholic and proud Christian. He seems like the type that lets other people think for him.
  6. They all wear at least a little bit of makeup these days.
  7. :P J/k. Love ya, man. If I had to choose beween her and Carrie, it'd be Carrie hands-down.
  8. It almost looks like she's naturally pale. Which might well be the case. But I tend to agree w/you. She's a bute, no doubt. And her and Carrie are the future of Country music(atleast from the female side) But she ain't Carrie.
  9. I knew she was tall but I didn't know she was an even 6 ft. Tall drink of water. Discuss.......... Oh, and **** YEAH!
  10. I'm a Christian(Catholic) just like you , but you should really open your mind instead of letting other people think for you. The Lord gave us minds for a reason. OUCH!
  11. You're wrong Priest. After last night, Vasquez has 67K's and 13 BB's in 53.1 IP, that averages out to 1.25 K's per inning and a nearly 5 1/4 K to BB ratio. So he actually doesn't walk a lot of people, Priest.
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