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  1. That's great ! Glad he could make it
  2. Yes ma'am! Will your husband be attending is he ok now ?
  3. Thanks brotha!
  4. We had Fatt Matts last night so good ! Not sure about today . Do you know what's going on pre game outside today ?
  5. In town for the game ! Can't even sleep lol! It's gonna be craaaaaaaazy
  6. We made it to super bowl . I have no doubt anymore at all
  7. I didn't know what to with the bread at first lol . Mac and cheese was da bomb !
  8. Game day!!!! I'm hoping they have some pre game things going on. Does anyone know for sure what time it may start or actual things going on? thanks for everyone's help with some previous posts. . Me and my son got in last night and headed over to Fat Matts . Best ribs I've ever had easily ! Rise up! Let's go Falcons!
  9. I got a parking pass for 9 bucks online , it's 0.6 miles from stadium
  10. Outrageous for the past few months , this week they dropped a lot
  11. lol she's cool , responds back to me and other fans all the time
  12. Thanks everyone good looking out . Will check out some of these spots !
  13. Thanks everyone good looking out . Will check out some of these spots !