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  1. Why did we go for 2 there lol
  2. I don’t give a **** . Anything is better than Shrader . like Quinn said besides center and LT . Scrap the whole crap and we did
  3. Love it about time we invest some high picks on lineman . Besides Matthews . **** crybaby’s
  4. Bunch of crybaby’s on the other thread . Sheesh we signed 2 veteran guards what more do you want ?????
  5. Lmao Uck the Aints!!!!!!!!! Lmao
  6. Only gonna Get more expensive pay him
  7. He held that play lucky it didn’t get called
  8. SHould have went for it on 4th down earlier ...
  9. Nice bro , hey man we love this team that’s why we all here !
  10. Italian ice lmao , isn’t that called gelato that fancy ice cream
  11. Lol don’t remember ! How ya been man . I haven’t been on as much . Crazy working and kids but I try when I can
  12. It’s hilarious when he gets toasted and the receiver drops the ball and then he acts like he had something to do with it by waving his hands incomplete when he was clearly beat . Dude you stink , always hated his game and he holds like no other I have ever seen . Smh!!!!!!
  13. Maybe if we score 50 we might have a chance . now the offense is good and the D stinks
  14. I agree what was some chicken little ish there . Come on a minute and 30 and 2 time-outs and you don’t even try ... playing scared