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  1. Lol thanks for cheering me up guys !
  2. Sadly I hope that isn’t our only chance at a ring in the Ryan era
  3. Dude I’m depressed but that’s hilarious
  4. Ok Matt the D did it’s job , it’s your time
  5. We can’t even stop them running , D is playing 10 yards off it’s pathetic
  6. One of my sons Bdays
  7. Rise the F Up!!!!! So pumped !!!! #2018RoadWarriors
  8. Excited but nervous lol . Got confidence in the team but just my jitters I guess . Either way proud of the team for getting back this far .
  9. Anyone can PM your number I’ll start the group text by tomorrow
  10. Got yours bro !
  11. We need like a group text . If you guys PM me your numbers I’ll set it up !
  12. If you guys wanna meet up before the game and just hand out a bit let me know !
  13. I just smoked a bowl and I’m dying right here lmao
  14. Yeah buddy!!!!