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  1. I see your point, but I don't have an agenda as it pertains to how I lump them together. The fact of the matter is that a lot of positions are interchangeable and the lines are becoming and more blurred. Within the confines of an offense does it matter if your main slot, 3rd down, or redzone target is a WR, TE, or a RB? I'm guessing you'd say no. Our main slot WR is a 6'4" guy, thats atypical. We targeted our TEs and RBs more than our WRs last year. Is Graham a TE or WR? The answer to that question only matters in terms of contract negotiation. The more important thing is how is he used. The a
  2. QB: Saints (Easy) Runners: Saints (Easy) Skill Position Receivers: Saints (You can try to make a case here but you have nothing past Jones and White. Saints are five deep here and one player won't make or break the group.) Offensive Line: Saints (Easy) Front 7: Saints (Easy) DBs: Saints (Easy) I'm not really sure where the debate is. This isn't a troll post. Tell me what I said that was so stupid. Not really here for name calling, just a football debate. We can go more in-depth if you want. I don't get into WR/TE/RB (skill position receivers), OLB/DL (front 7), or CB/Nickel/S (DBs) here becaus
  3. Y'all have to hope our road woes continue into this season. Other than that, there is no "logical" reason the Saints don't win this game. The Saints are a better team in all position groups. Homefield advantage has to be huge. Special Teams disaster, non-forced turnovers, etc would have to work against the Saints.
  4. I didn't say pass rush doesn't help, go back and read what I said. My point was that you can't use a simple point like "This team has a better pass rush, so this CB is better." It doesn't work like that, there are too many factors that go into playing well at the position. Lewis outplayed Trufant in nearly every statistical category while shadowing the best receiver. I'm not sure what makes you think Trufant is better than Lewis at this point. We all want our players to be the best but c'mon.
  5. If you are going to use the pass rush excuse then Richard Sherman is an average CB. It's all about the DB being targeted when his man was the primary in a particular route and him limiting his targets because his man isn't anywhere near open. Pass rush is a surface excuse people use when they refuse to dig deeper into whats really going on while on the field. The fact that Lewis has fewer targets while shadowing the opponents best WR tells you that most likely he's covering the primary receiver and not letting him get open. The only reason a GM would choose Trufant over Lewis is because he's
  6. He played predominately on one side if I recall correctly (correct if I'm wrong, you probably know better than I do). I don't doubt Trufant's potential and I definitely think he's a really good player and a really good corner. Noone can question that. With that said, there something to be said for chasing around the best WR on the opposing team.
  7. QBs have a 75 passer rating when throwing at Trufant. QBs have a 67 passer rating when throwing at Lewis. Trufant allowed 565 yards on 47 reception with 88 targets. Lewis allowed 466 yards on 38 receptions with 68 targets. Trufant allowed 12 yards per reception. Lewis allowed 12 yards per reception. Trufant allowed receptions on 54% of his targets. Lewis allowed completions on 56% of his targets. Trufant allowed 219 yards after catch. Lewis allowed 112 yards after catch. Trufant had 2 INTs. Lewis had 4 INTs. Trufant allowed 3 TDs. Lewis allowed 3 TDs. Lewis played all over the field and not ju
  8. This isn't a troll post in any way, but I'd say the reason is simply talent. I can't think of any of the guys you recently drafted that are productive NFL DEs. You've also recently been handcuffed when it comes to the draft due to all of the picks you gave up for Julio. I'd say it was a problem on the offensive and defensive line. It's tough...
  9. Bryce Harris did well in spot duty as our backup RT last year and has played well in preseason. Pleasant surprise.
  10. This is the funniest one. I LOL'd.
  11. They dumped his salary for this year. If they don't use that salary in the 2013-2014 season, it rolls over to the next season. It does have an affect on their future cap.
  12. I live in San Jose and I have a really good food for the 49ers and their players. Haralson was their starting OLB up until last year - he got hurt in preseaon and didn't play but Smith was going to take his spot regardless. During his rookie year, Aldon Smith subbed in for him on nickel/rush downs. Haralson is a good run player and will set the edge but is only an average pass rusher. He's is pretty solid in coverage also. He's not an All-Pro or Pro-Bowler by any stretch, but he's a player who knows exactly who he is, and he does that well. Good teams are filled with players like this and the
  13. Just to be honest, it's somewhere in between. The Chiefs game wasn't as bad as it seems and the Raiders game wasn't as good as it seems. The Chiefs threw a bunch of short passes and check downs and attacked Will Smith and Roman Harper in coverage (obvious weaknesses in our defense). When scheming starts, they won't be put in those less than ideal situations. Against the Raiders, their offensive line blew a lot of assignments and we have a few free runs to the QB. The main thing to focus on in preseason is individual match ups. No scheming is being done so you want to see if you can beat the gu
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