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  1. We ranked 27th in the league in opponent 3rd down conversion % and had the least amount of sacks - I would say a our biggest need is an edge rusher that can produce 10+ sacks each year - now do you get that in the draft or in free agency? If your defense can't get off the field you can't win games.
  2. Spent the week in Pittsburgh and sounds like there's going to be a lot of Pittsburgh fans at the dome - we can't let them be louder than us - Rise Up yall Rise up!!!
  3. Was excited when I saw him as I thought he looked in better shape but guess he's only looking the part
  4. Is it just me or do our cb's need to do a better job of wrapping up on tackles? I'm all for big hits but seems like we're giving up more yds and have a higher propensity for injury. What y'all think?
  5. We could easily be 9-5 heading into week 16 with a possible showdown for the division lead with the aints on Monday night after Christmas and I won't mind if Santa comes a day late... Here's how I go there Ten - Home - Win Min - Home - Win Hou - Road - Loss (even with Lienart, but makes it more interesting) Car - Road - Win Jac - Home - Win What yall think?
  6. Think our secondary needs help and have some general concerns about the kickoff/punt coverage - we almost got burned a couple of times the last two weeks.
  7. Good for him, was also pulling for him to be a ps guy think he's got a lot of raw talent and he's a local guy for me (Villanova - I'm in South Jersey).
  8. Good old fashioned South Jersey regular sub (hoagie, grinder, other names I'm not familiar with). And week 2 will of course be a cheesesteak - haha
  9. DeCoud hasn't shown me anything this preseason and as far as Shann goes he's not all that either. I think Bush was in the right place at the right time a lot in the preseason and there's something to be said for that, but I don't think it warranted him a roster spot.
  10. Sorry if posted already, who do you think we will sign? http://profootballweekly.com/2009/07/23/fa...erior-o-lineman Who's out there that is "low cost"?
  11. Hello everyone! Wanted to introduce myself and say that I've been reading these boards for the past several years but have never posted anything before. I'm usually on and off and just checking for the lastest news and the like, but have always enjoyed the dialouge so thank you. I live outside of Atlantic City so I'm in Philly country and let me tell you firsthand, Philly fans are exactly what everyone thinks they are... This is just one of the many reasons I'm a Falcons fan and have been since the Bartkowski days (as far back as I can remember!). I'm looking forward to posting and just wa
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