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  1. Thanks for prepping Jose Valdez for the past three years. He is taking his 6'5" - 315 frame to Minnesota to try and land a spot on their roster. TD never had any intentions on moving him up to the squad in Atlanta. TD is really big on Kirk Chambers so best of luck to Kirk and Tom on shoring up that offensive line.
  2. We still had Kirk Chambers we could have utilized.
  3. Jose Valdez declined to sign a futures contract with the Falcons. They have had three years to utilize him and have instead brought in Kirk Chambers to play in front of him. He had three years of very good preseason play but it wasn't enough. Good luck Jose. I guess the front office don't like your brand of coffee! You would sure look good in purple (Vikings maybe?).
  4. I thought Kirk Chambers was the answer. I mean he is on the sidelines every game. Is that who Dimitrov is going with when the next lineman gets hurt.
  5. You Bet! Mike Johnson gets hurt and this opens the door for who? Chambers a Tackle. Who is Chambers ? I thought Valdez was the tackle on the practice squad or better yet how about ol Andrew Jackson. Three years in the playbook really doesn't matter huh?
  6. Unbelieveable! So a guy is touted as a steal. Has three years of pre season games and given up NO sacks. Just doing everything he was supposed to do. Never missed one practice. Went against Abraham everyday. Finally gets his chance and TD and the boys sh*t on him. I hope he asks for a release and goes ANYWHERE else and gets a fair shot. If that is the way the Falcons do work then I no longer wish them anything but bad luck. Been waiting three years to see him get a shot. Thanks Falcons for wasting three years on a 1st preseason Hickory Stick winner. Go Saints!
  7. Valdez would play his A..off. He is trying desperately to make a 53 man roster. I wish someone would let this dude have a shot he would play so hard.
  8. Hope someone picks up Valdez. He needs to be playing somewhere. He is a waste on the practice squad. Fingers crossed!!
  9. When will they officially unveil the 53 man roster?
  10. If McClure is out for a significant amount of time what does this do to the make up of the offensive line. Who stays who goes who comes in? If Mc is on PUP does he still take a roster spot. Someone make sense of all this to me.
  11. Nice article on Jose Valdez "Future is Now". Mentions his shaggy hairdo in resemblence of the Incredible Hulk. Nice read. Im really pulling for him.
  12. Someone with alot of O-Line saavy let us know how individuals did on the line vs. Miami. From Baker,Blalock,McClure,Reynolds,and Clabo to Valdez,Jackson,Hawley,Bruggman,rookies,and Svitek.
  13. I'm assuming we are talkin of Andrew Jackson? History wasn't one of my greatest subjects....oh wait that's my minor. Tipacanoe and Tyler too..okay its all coming back now.
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