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  1. Takk getting after it tonight
  2. Flowers with the 3 Run HR!!!!
  3. Can't even get off the field because of penalties
  4. Vice had the sack. Wth are you doing?
  5. This is ******* ridiculous
  6. Have they announced the starter at RT yet?
  7. @oztin
  8. Did you get enough people?
  9. It comes out next June.
  10. If you have gamepass, you can play it. I'm just doing the new xbox live/gamepass combination for 15 bucks a month. They have some pretty good games on there.
  11. Amos as well.
  12. We'll never know. I don't think he would be a bad as Mitch, though.
  13. And to think that they took Trubisky over Mahomes lol
  14. Trubisky is just turrible!