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  1. Omg! How was that roughing the passer? Lol
  2. This has been, and will continue to be the guy I want us to take. Hopefully he's there when we pick. If it weren't for his incident, he probably could have went top 10. I think a lot of teams will pass on him because of it, and I hope we take advantage of that.
  3. I really thought we were going after Keuchel.
  4. Don't see the bucs taking Jacobs at 5 when they could most likely get him in the 2nd. I also think the Jags should take Jones or Murray.
  5. I've been lurking since 2005 and finally decided to join in 2009.
  6. Hoping it's Simmons.
  7. Wtf???? Why would you try and run a play with the 2 minute warning coming up.
  8. Please don't try and score with a lot of time left
  9. NVM lol
  10. He'll make it
  11. I swear all the players on the Saints are DBags. They act like they just made the greatest play of the year after every **** tackle or catch.
  12. I hate these pompous ********
  13. ******* really?
  14. Son of a *****. These ******s have to keep going for it on fourth down just to score.