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  1. I wonder how rusty teams will be. Especially rookies.
  2. I'm going Josh Allen or Myles Garret. Why does Allen get overlooked, but Bosa is praised as the next best thing? Allen had just as good of a rookie year as Bosa. Maybe even slightly better.
  3. Thanks guys. No worries about me drunk posting. I don't drink lol.
  4. I would have thought they'd start with Brees vs Brady on MNF.
  5. Looks like he's deleting his Instagram account
  6. I really like Alton Robinson. Hope we can get him with one of our picks in the 4th.
  7. I wonder why Baun is falling. I saw some had him mocked in the 1st round.
  8. I just saw a day 2 mock with Uche going to us in the 2nd. That's why I asked lol. Should be some good players still available at our 2nd pick tonight.
  9. If Uche, Epenesa, and Dugger fell to our spot in the 2nd, who would you guys take?
  10. Or maybe just a Falcons fan who doesn't ***** and moan when the player they wanted isn't selected. I wanted McKinney, but I'm not gonna hate on AJ because of it.
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