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  1. I wouldn't touch Hali. His production has steadily been declining the last 4 or 5 years and he's getting a little long in the tooth.
  2. Harbaugh was here a couple days ago. He was trying his *** off to get Reese lol.
  3. No lol. Lee County born and raised.
  4. I'm in Lee County lol. I thought he was definitely going to Michigan. So glad I was wrong.
  5. I'm not saying we should trade up. I'm just saying that if we were to trade up, how far would you be willing to go up and who would you pick.
  6. The 2 most popular names on the boards right now are Quentin Nelson and Vita Vea. Both will probably be gone in the top 15. If it were your decision, who would you trade up for and why? It'd be a tough decision for me, because I love both of them, a lot. I'm thinking Nelson goes top 10 and Vea will go between 10 and 15. I don't like giving up draft picks and Vea maybe the cheapest to go up and get. I think we get a guard in FA, so I'm going Vita Vea.
  7. They need to get these LB's off Cooks.
  8. Here come the refs
  9. I personally like Vea. I wouldn't touch Payne in the 1st, but most mocks I've seen, have him going within the first 10 to 20 picks. Of course they're just mocks and a lot will definitely change after the combine.
  10. We'd probably have to move up to draft Vea or Payne.
  11. Stupid ******* call
  12. How about a run play? Lol
  13. Speed. It's not like he's doing anything on offense anyways.
  14. Arizona and Tampa Bay are leading early on.