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  1. Is Harrison Phillips still available?
  2. DT's are flying off the board now
  3. Well there goes a lot people's pick for us
  4. That really sucks. I don't mind spoilers if I know I'm probably going to like the movie anyway, but after watching it last night, I would've hated having this movie spoiled for me.
  5. Yeah, I saw a lot people saying he could drop into the 3rd and maybe even 4th round.
  6. Don't wait bro. You definitely don't want this getting spoiled for you.
  7. Just got out about 15 minutes ago. Thanos really is a bad Mother Fker. The ending was crazy.
  8. Teams and GMs believe Browns will draft Baker Mayfield at number 1 overall. Here How crazy would that be? Maybe they expect Barkley to fall to number 4 if they select Mayfield at 1.
  9. I'm going to the earliest showing at 7 tonight and hopefully I'll be home in time before we pick. I doubt it though lol.
  10. I saw a couple of guys I subscribe to on YouTube do a non spoiler review, and they said that the action in this movie was incredible. Unfortunately, the spoiler I saw was kind of a big one. Nothing will stop me from enjoying this movie though.
  11. I'll be happy if we can get DJ Moore or Dante Pettis, and a couple of good DT's
  12. Already saw a spoiler on YouTube and I was just browsing the home screen. I'm staying clear of YouTube or any social media until after tonight.
  13. I'd rather draft a good, established offensive player than a mediocre/project defensive player in the first round.
  14. I've got tickets for the 7 o'clock showing on Thursday. Just couldn't wait another day lol.
  15. I'd honestly rather have DJ Moore over Ridley