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  1. I really hope this is over on June 2nd. All the hypotheticals are exhausting. My final guess is New England gets Julio for a conditional 1st rounder in 2022. Like if Julio plays 8 or less games it turns to a 2nd. NE has been aggressive all offseason, why would they stop now?
  2. Patriots first round pick could end up top 15 easy. That would be a solid trade if it were to fall in that range. Michel will be off the books after this season so not a big risk. He could use a change of scenary as well
  3. Lets hope this first that is “on the table” is from New England because that could end up being top 10 considering their QB situation
  4. I like the idea of getting help on defense. JC Jackson would be a better option from NE but idk if they’d do it. I think it’s really going to be a 2nd and 3rd at the end of the day
  5. Can’t wait for this to be over with. Could you imagine having to go through a whole season talking about an upset Julio? Let’s hope June 2nd is the day
  6. If you really look into the Titans offense last year vs ours this year, is there that much of a difference? Like our RB is worse but our QB and Recievers/TE’s (even without Julio) are better. The O-Lines are close, they probably have us beat but not by a wide margin IMO. Arthur Smith has plenty to work with in ATL without JJ
  7. I think something that just about everyone here is forgetting is the distraction that disgruntled superstars can cause on a team. The media will be all over the staff and players, everything will be about Julio...for the entire season. I guarantee we don’t want to deal with that
  8. In my opinion, Julio is done here and will hold out if he isn’t traded before training camp. He doesn’t need money, he just wants to win
  9. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Julio will never be seen in a falcons uniform ever again except old highlights on youtube. He’s mentally moved on so he’ll just hold out until he gets traded like many others before have done
  10. D-Line and Corner still seem shaky to me. We shore those up a little better and we can compete for a wild card spot next year
  11. Julio will ultimately see that the grass is not always greener on the other side as he hopes. I pray we get a young promising defensive player and a 2nd for him but who knows now
  12. Julio is forcing his way out of his contract like a ton of superstar players have done over the years. Contract or not they get their way...see below: DeAndre Hopkins, Jamal Adams, Antonio Brown, Earl Thomas, Khalil Mack, LeVeon Bell, Jalen Ramsey, Anthony Davis, James Harden, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard...and there’s more I’m sure This has been an ongoing problem in sports and Julio is following the formula
  13. Julio has wanted out of here for months. He has made no noise until recently with the pictures and now the statement. I’m not mad at him bc we were lucky to have a player of his caliber on our team at all. He wants to win and won’t be able to do it here this year barring a miracle. Only thing to be mad about is him killing our leverage in trades but that’s not his problem in the end
  14. He killed all our trade leverage. We have to hope the interested teams out there can drive up the price to outbid each other
  15. Told you he’s forcing his way out! All superstars are doing it! Every sport this is happening now
  16. This is a great pick!!! We have center!
  17. Kary Vincent Jr and Rashad Weaver in the 4th! Gotta speak it into existence!
  18. Wouldn’t mind seeing us go for Kary Vincent Jr and Rashad Weaver in the 4th
  19. Well after watching some tape. Mayfield had a lot of solid plays and bad ones so it’s tough to judge...especially since none of them were even at guard. I hope I’m wrong and he’s a stud. Do you guys think we feel okay at center? Hennessey needs competition at least
  20. I wish we grabbed him at 68 instead of mayfield
  21. Meinerz would’ve been a better pick because he’s a guard that can play center. This seems like a backup being drafted in round 3 which is sad. Our downfall will be trusting hennesey
  22. Needs to be a 1st no lower than #15 this year, a 2nd and 3rd this year, as well as a 1st in 2022. Move down grab BPA
  23. Sewell would have to be the pick. He looks to be a dominant player. Matthews will need to move to LG. Any other prospect could still potentially get picked after a trade down
  24. It has to be QB, Sewell, or trade down at 4. No one else is worth it
  25. I would like to see us switch to 3-4. Clearly the 4-3 hasn’t been working for us. I dont even remember the last time we had a competent defense
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