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  1. Sewell would have to be the pick. He looks to be a dominant player. Matthews will need to move to LG. Any other prospect could still potentially get picked after a trade down
  2. It has to be QB, Sewell, or trade down at 4. No one else is worth it
  3. I would like to see us switch to 3-4. Clearly the 4-3 hasn’t been working for us. I dont even remember the last time we had a competent defense
  4. Arthur Smith and Dave Ragone will be the leaders in the QB room. This guy brings a running perspective which is definitely interesting though. QB at 4?
  5. They can draft a Mac Jones potentially
  6. He was a behind the scenes guy in New Orleans. Not everyone is perfect in front of the cameras. I’m sure he’ll get better but it really doesn’t matter. He just needs to build our team and culture
  7. **** yeah!!!! My number one choice. I’m excited to see what we will become under his tutelage!
  8. One thing that could be a good sign is that we seem to be done interviewing candidates while the Eagles are still requesting to interview coaches. I know they had a late start but still, you’d think they would just focus solely on Arthur Smith if they really wanted him
  9. Hey man you better knock on some wood! We probably are getting Joe Brady now
  10. You guys convinced me. I’m now worried that Smith could take the Eagles job. Things are getting too quiet. Hopefully the owner being too involved can scare him away. I remember reading that Pederson felt like he didn’t have any control
  11. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. But isn’t it just down to us or the eagles? It should be an easy choice at this point considering what just happened over there with Pederson
  12. Arthur Smith is our man. Draft Najee Harris and he’ll be able to run his same system
  13. I would take Fields or Wilson for us at #4. But for the record, Justin Fields is playing against a great Alabama defense with a hip pointer right now
  14. I’d like to see Brady win this year to stick it to Belichick and the Pats
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