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  1. This is a good point. But im still furious...it’s like we are still trying to salvage this lost season
  2. Based on AB's statements on Rex Ryan...he most definitely will be in the running. I want an offensive mind but atleast with Rex we know that he will purge this team of softness.
  3. I would love to hear this, need to hear from Roddy too...heads are about to roll
  4. At this point, I wish we lost to the eagles because DQ would be gone by now. I like the guy but he has lost the team and its about time we have an offensive mind as HC. I honestly am not sure what will happen with TD but hopefully he rides his bike right out of ATL, forever...
  5. Oh man, can’t wait for Pack Your Bags Monday!
  6. Oh man, DQ can’t be our coach next week after this. Blank should be embarrassed
  7. I think this is a winnable game for us since these Cards points have been gifted by the refs...but im afraid of Quinn cooling down his seat with a win. Almost a lose-lose situation
  8. Umm this guy? No thanks, clearly doesn't care about being a Head Coach in the NFL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DpIfj5lWMk
  9. Did Quinn take over as defensive coordinator so that we would be more inclined to ride the season out with him since there would have to be two midseason coaching changes instead of just one?? Hmmmm...stay woke
  10. The only reason I see us bringing in a decent name to replace Neal this year is because Quinn's job is 100% on the line this time
  11. We have no one to stop D-Jax, I see him going off against us. Tru doesn't have the speed and Oliver doesn't have the instincts or speed. I guess Kazee will be the guy? This game will come down to our defensive line getting pressure consistently throughout the game
  12. This game has me excited for us being #2 in the division at the end of this year, but geeez there is a sizable gap between us and the Saints right now. Our secondary needs help, we should probably draft a corner in round 1 next year
  13. We need balance and hurry up on offense to slow down the defensive lines we get destroyed by. On defense, it really just comes down to keeping contain. Our DTs can make plays so we just need the ends to do their **** job and contain the run.