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  1. Justin Jefferson torched every single one of our corners. Sheffield got it the worst. Whole team still played great
  2. We will tank as Matt ages. I do like the idea of getting a top pick this year to draft a new QB. But in reality, next year we could be the same situation since we have no money to upgrade the roster. I’m sure the QB’s next year will be just as hyped up
  3. The new GM will want us out of cap ****. All of our big salaries will be traded when it makes sense to do so. We need a new QB, we won’t necessarily have another chance like this again. Give me Lawerence, Fields, or Lance!
  4. Blank is too old to deal with all the drama that comes with owning an NFL franchise...especially the Falcons. McKay lets him relax a bit. I’m sure Blank will still contribute when called upon for final decisions or money related issues. I don’t blame him for wanting to take a step back at his age...
  5. Takk is trash. Dude would injure himself trying to talk s**t on social media. Most immature member of the team
  6. That picture is great to see...end of an era of failure. We need to scrub this place clean. Koetter, McKay, and Ryan have to go as well...
  7. We should trade everyone at this point. It should help us tank for our new QB
  8. Let’s get a head coach that can call his own plays on offense!
  9. Takk legit can’t even stay healthy for three games in a row. He gets hurt every season...he’s been a dissapointment just like DQ
  10. The only thing being evaluated will be our 2020 tape after the season so our new coach can see who fits in and who doesn’t
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