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  1. i saw that all last sunday after that play he stopped thats why he was worried after the play
  2. thanks for not bashing bro .so move along dude we get it you earned a cookie thumbs up*.
  3. doctors can only do so much.his hammy is going to have to heal itself with rest witch is why idoubt he be back till after the bye.ididnt know money had something to do with an injury? haha and yes a fan. so dont get all pissed off because of a FAN stating an opinion.you dont get a cookie just because you think your right anyways so f off bro
  4. guess all of you still think he is in? haha dont get your panties in a bunch ladies just my opinion.im just saying he is still human so get off his nutts nut huggers,
  5. Julio will most likely miss this week i pulled my hamstring 1 weeks ago 2days be4 the panthers game playing football. today i was jogging in the morning and it was OK. but than i tried sprinting two steps in and i re-aggravated it. so i doubt he is playing this injury take time to heal i wont be surprised if he misses some more practice during the bye week or some limited participation.and this shhh hurts like a b when trying to run
  6. well it was a chip block but took him out of the play lol. it was in the 4th quarter with 4:54 left 1 & 5 at tampa bay's 19 yard line
  7. lay adrain claybron out agains the bucs? that was funny
  8. we tried to throw too often other than to stick with the run in the 3rd quarter. and gave greenbay the ball back with time to move the ball and catch up.while are defense got tired and morale went down because of the offfense' lack of ball movement.it was an all round bad 2nd half performance.and we cant give that opportunity to aaron.
  9. amen. rodgers is annoying the heck out of me cocky schmuck.. are team needs to play mad on the hunt to win this one. tough task hope they're up to it
  10. yea he gave himself up on that play he took the slide and of course he braced himself i mean it was obvious to everybody that hit was deircted to the head
  11. dunta needs to learn how to tackle i saw him miss like 3-5 tackles leaves his feet everytime.has to wrap up so **** like this doesnt happen
  12. wtf?? now your just hating you ignorant trash.. matt played the best he could with pressure in his face.this oline needs work
  13. baker easily worst pick td ever made...out of all the good ones
  14. son of a daisy ok you got 1.but still the nfl knows about 95% of the **** thats going down someone always spills the beans. and TD did surprise once with the julio jones trade up.
  15. dude every **** move in the nfl is predicable they have conections
  16. hey look now i know who to blame it that site doesnt work anymore. haha hey look now i know who to blame it that site doesnt work anymore. haha
  17. bears oline isnt good and hav a rookie starting jay is going to run for dear life
  18. bears oline isnt good and hav a rookie starting jay is going to run for dear life
  19. can someone help this guy out and get the film make this report an A+
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