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  1. Shouldn't it be pretty soon? Has anyone gotten theirs yet?
  2. In no particular order: Michael Vick DeAngelo Hall Bobby Petrino Rich McKay
  3. When the game started there were boo's for Michael Vick. Towards the end of the game there were cheers because many of the attendance had left, leaving a few Falcon fans and all of the Vick fans.
  4. You mean 3/4 of those left in the Dome. I assume you are talking about the Eagles game last year when most of the Falcon fans left the building leaving Vick fans to cheer?
  5. Atlanta's association with Vick will never end. He is the biggest embarrassment in Atlanta's sports history.
  6. AP Source: Eagles may cut Vick By ROB MAADDI (AP) – 59 minutes ago PHILADELPHIA — A person familiar with the team's thinking says the Philadelphia Eagles are strongly considering releasing Michael Vick. The person says the team might cut Vick no matter what police conclude during their investigation of a shooting that followed the quarterback's birthday celebration in Virginia Beach last week. The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation. Vick has said he had nothing to do with the shooting. He also said he reported the incident to the Eagles and to the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell told the former Atlanta Falcons star after reinstating him last season that his margin for error was "extremely limited." Vick is entering his second season with the Eagles and is due to earn $5.2 million. A three-time Pro Bowl pick, Vick is Kevin Kolb's backup and the most experienced quarterback on the roster following the trade of Donovan McNabb. The Eagles were heavily criticized by animal rights activists and fans for signing Vick last summer less than a month after he finished serving 18 months in federal prison for his role in a dogfighting operation. Team owner Jeffrey Lurie called Vick's actions "horrific" and "despicable." He said he did serious "soul-searching" before agreeing to sign him. Vick was a model citizen off the field and in the locker room during his first season with the Eagles. He was popular among his teammates, who voted him winner of the Ed Block Courage Award. But this latest incident could end up costing Vick his job, even if he's exonerated of any wrongdoing. Vick was expected to play a major role in Philadelphia's offense running the wildcat formation. Instead, he was used sparingly. Vick completed 6 of 13 passes for 86 yards and one touchdown and ran for 95 yards and two scores. He tossed a 76-yard TD pass in a 34-14 loss to Dallas in the playoffs.
  7. Well lets just hope Roddy isn't lying to police about anything.
  8. Come on Roddy!!! And Vick is still screwing us. Restaurant owner: Video shows Vick leaving three minutes before shooting Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on June 29, 2010 8:22 PM ET Michael Vick and his lawyer could have a major timeline problem. The owner of the restaurant that hosted Vick's birthday party last week says he has video of Vick and "his entourage" driving away from the restaurant at 2:07 A.M., only three minutes before gunshots were fired in the direction the cars went. Florio is spending some much deserved time with the family, so I'll say it: wow. "I'm not saying that Michael Vick did the shooting," Allen Fabija told the Daily Press. "But he did not leave [long] before" the shooting like Vick told police, according to Vick's lawyer. Vick's camp has consistently painted a picture of the Eagles quarterback leaving his party well before the shooting. First, we heard 30 minutes. Vick's attorney Larry Woodward told the AP on Tuesday that his client left at least 10 minutes before the shooting and up to 20 minutes before. Now there is possibly video evidence putting the number at three minutes. Woodward and Vick better hope the video proves Fabija lied to the newspaper. Otherwise, Vick's entire account to police will be called into question. Starting to look like Vick and Roddy were much closer to the shooting than the story they gave.
  9. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/Venues/The_Dome/Directions/The_Gulch.aspx
  10. What team are you talking about when you keep saying MAKE THE TEAM AGAIN? He didn't make the team last year did he? Ryan, Redman, JPW. If fact, didn't we cut him at some point then signed him again later?
  11. Well if you are just wanting to park then I'm not much help. If you're wanting to tailgate Lot A is one of if not the best.
  12. Wow we are loaded at WR! And you didn't even list our 2nd or 3rd best receiver (Jenkins). Wow, talk about depth!! You are the man Peter!
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