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  1. I'm with you as well. THIS is the Ryan that beat VT on a cold rainy night in Blacksburg. Smith and company sucked all that passion right out of him.
  2. Anyone who questions Matt Ryan's attitude and "will to win" has either not been watching the games over the past 5 years or is just simply so torqued over yesterday's game that they are making s**t up. Either way, of all the players on this team, I would say that MR is the last person whose will to win is questionable.
  3. Lemme guess -- I bet you were screaming for us to sign Albert Haynesworth a couple of years ago. Yep, definite GM potential!
  4. Have the Falcons had a run play go for more than 5 yards? I haven't seen one.
  5. Smith and TD been stunting his development, didn't you know?
  6. I'm certainly not defending the OL play (not possible) but even the best OL has breakdowns. A QB has to make the SMART play. Throwing it away is just that with tight coverage on the receiver and you're running for your life. These guys don't need to impress us, the have to impress the coaches. Which decision by DD do you think would have impressed the coaches more? Oh, btw, these games are just practice. Smith has always used preseason for nothing more than evaluating talent. What's our preseason record over the past 5 years? Time to calm down.
  7. Yep, you made my point. He doesn't care what others think of him. For someone with a history of drug abuse (yes, it's only weed but it's still illegal in all but 2 states currently) and who was kicked off his team (in the SEC no less, where you basically have to really want to get kicked off) caring what other people think should be very important if you are trying to convince them that you could be a good employee. No different than interviewing in the business world for a job. And, at least in my mind, he is doing a pretty bad job at doing that.
  8. I think the point is that if you (or your agent, or anyone else that has your best interests at heart) think there is a perception issue, you do everything you can to avoid feeding into it. It is not as if there are only suspicions that he has been a walking train wreck at times, there is proof positive. So, anyone with a lick of common sense would know that how you handle yourself at this crucial point in his potential career means everything. What is shows me is that, like before, he really doesn't care how people perceive his actions. Exactly how he acted when he was smoking weed. That tell
  9. Boggles my mind that not one said a word about QB sophomore slump. Like that never happens to hot rookie QB's. (I'll put Kaper in that category).
  10. Jason La Canfora ‏@JasonLaCanfora The Falcons and Broncos are among the teams putting out feelers to Richard Seymour. I expect more suitors to develop Really? How old is he, 34?
  11. In that case, is there even any point in tuning in? You already know what he is going to say.
  12. http://msn.foxsports...-numbers-011613 Mike & Mike used a similar scoring system before the divisional series and, guess what, the SeaChickens were a lock to win. So, perhaps all hope is not lost (Long article) The improbable last-second comebacks of Baltimore and Atlanta in second-round playoff games were another reminder that there is never absolute certainty in the NFL. Even so, FOXSports.com is going to try and give you the next closest thing heading into this weekend’s conference championship matchups. We’ve ranked all four remaining teams — New England, Baltimore, Atlanta and San Fr
  13. Kills me to say it, but Sapp picked us today. I'm sure The Apocalypse is just around the corner
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