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  1. Let your actions do the talking not your fingers .. The last thing we need us a internal distraction .. Someone please close his twitter act ..WOW.. typing from touch screen iPhone .. Sorry for the fat finger spelling .
  2. Let's to actions do the talking not your fingers .. The last thing we need is a internal distraction.. Someone plz close his twitter act .. WOW
  3. We will basically clinch if we beat the Seahawks b/c even if we loose to the saints we still own the tie breaker and the chances of the pathers beating us in the final home game of the regular season are slim to none .. So again if we win Sunday we have pretty much hv clinched homefield advantage ..SO THIS IS A HUGE GAME THIS WEEKEND .. anyone who closely follows the falcons know that if there is a team that needs to hv homefeild advantage in order to reach the big dance it's us .. Were just not a good on the road team .. YET!
  4. i think we are very liable to the deep ball..i would love to have more trust in our secondary..but my gut feeling says different!
  5. We all know that every team needs a quality back up at runing back and Qb..im concerned with both of our back ups ..i dont want to to be one injury away from a lost season..Norwood is a great change of pace yet we all know he isnt a full time back... his size alone is to frail for the pounding.. Snelling is un proven even thou he's shown flashes .However Jamal Anderson showed flashes as well but his knees wouldnt hold up..So my point if the unthinkable happens to Turner can we afford to rely on Brown or Snelling or should we search for a quality no # 2 back..with that said how comfortable are
  6. everybody know Jenifer...EVERYBODY
  7. bring it!..i have thick skin...ask ur girl....!
  8. i agree .. im tired of that no back to back wining seasons talk as well...i for one think this will be the record breaker...we have all the pieces!
  9. I absolutely think we are a force to reckon with however the saints focused on there defense just as we did..we all know what there offense can do now give them a suitable defense and there legit..The panties are still the division champ regardless of there lane duck qb..Tampa is searching for a new identity therefore it would be a surprise if they reach 500..with all that said i do believe many of the so-call experts will pick us to win the south..but it want be easy!
  10. thanks for the correction
  11. last year when Wire played in place of Boely he seem to be a suitable replacement..Boely at best was average last year..so in other words it want be hard to replace a average linebacker ..ur opinion?
  12. just want to give a shout out to my new family..here's to a good season with many more to come..
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