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  1. Must i remind u guys the special teams produce 2 turnovers each in the rams and eagles playoff games last year in the playoff and it’s only because of them we shld hv played the Vikings in the NFC championship game . So sure we can get better but the real reason we flamed out last year when it mattered wasn’t because of the special teams . I’ve watched that dam philly game atleast 5 times now and believe it or not Sark called a good game not great for most of the game until it mattered on our last series. The Red Zones woes killed us again , so let’s just hope that we can improve that part of
  2. I think Sark just really don’t give us a identity on offense , he is so busy trying to run KS system that he’s become lost in what we really are . Everyone is in his ear abt how and what to do to duplicate last year as if the pressure isn’t bad enough . I’m my opinion our team still looks as if we’re trying to find our identity in week 14 ! That’s what’s off ! We are helter skelter .
  3. I liked that once we got into the red zone we went up tempo , thar puts a lot of pressure on the defense and their not able to substitute. we need to keep that up going forward ,, Sark called a great game today and with Freeman getting hurt early may hv actually helped us forcing Sark to establish the short passing game to open up the run . This was easily Mat Ryan best game this year to this point . LETS JUST HOPE THIS WASNT A FLUKE ! or just maybe we are finding our stride .. hope so anyway .
  4. 1 game at a time ! At least we saw that Sark is listening and making adjustments to his game plan . I’m no genius but I think if we can have a solid short passing game like today it will open up the running game which will let us run to open up play action for the long vertical passes .. and of course we need to stop the run .. it’s my remedy “ sure it easier said than done however I trust in DQ !! .....you ?
  5. mc ........sooooooo Freeman is the reason we lost huh ? Soooooo one missed block cost us 25 points sir ? We were out coached and got to pretty at the end ! KS was to arrogant to realize he was up against arguably the best coach(BB ) to ever coach the game ! The only thing we can hope is that we've learned from the collapse and that Sark isn't nearly as head strong as KS .. That loss will make DQ a better coach going forward.
  6. Also the difference is we hv a real coach that has a clear vision as in the style of play and the caliber of players to fit his system . Smitty was all over the place , unlike DQ ! DQ & TD are on the same page so now we hv quality dept unlike before so therefore we can endure the injuries , We've lost atleast 3 starters and hvt missed a beat just imagine if this would hv happen 3 years ago , thx
  7. We lack 2 more drafts and free agents during the off season . DQ will get his team but right now he's still building .. KS has proven a lot this season but when it counts he falls back into predictability ( Forcing it to JJ ) which ultimately may be his dark horse! At any rate I'm staying hopeful that we will make the right adjustments to our strengths going forward. ,, good topic !
  8. AH is our steal of the draft ! Would u agree ? I don't think anyone expected him to contribute THIS EARLY . Now if we can just get Perkins to learn how to catch we would hv 4 tight ends to support our 13 formation. ( Heck even LT is sollid thou slow .. lol ) AH will only get better and he's CLUTH !!! TGIF .. hv a great wknd .
  9. When we spread the ball around we win ! Don't fall into the mode that killed us last year with forcing the ball to JJ .. Establish the run & if they dont let u dump off to RB's and TE's to open it up ! That will open up the run game and play action . We hv enough talent to be a pick ur poison offense so let's counter to what they bring ..AS LONG AS WE LEARN GOING FORWARD IM GOOD ! BUT LETS NOT REVERT TO LAST YEAR AFTER 6 GAMES !!!! I trust this staff to learn and adjust
  10. JJ is the only reason DT has a job !! can u handle the truth ??
  11. And he's not even 100% .. he has a slight limp with the knee he injured !! So imagine when he's fully healthy !!!!! PRO BOWL
  12. It's official we will be in black but not the black on black . We will be in the 1998 uniforms that we wore in the SB .. check them out on the falconholic app . THE DIRTY BIRD IS BACK !
  13. That's obvious . He will stay there until he's a HC .. I'm hoping atleast we can keep him 1 more year at the worst .
  14. Sorry I disappointed you 2 grammar teachers ,, tell u what !! Your 1st beer this wknd is on me,,,WINK "
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