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  1. The coaches know the BEAST within is ready to break out.
  2. Others have already said it elsewhere: John Henderson of Jacksonville. He's old, highly paid, and had a down year last season but reunite him with Mike Smith and things could work out well. Trade for him only if Thomas Johnson, Trey Lewis, and Vance Walker can't quite get the job done these next few weeks. I think Thomas Johnson will be OK.
  3. We'll see Trey Lewis next week if Peria Jerry isn't back. Sure hope his injury ain't serious.
  4. At nfljerseysupply.com you can get some Matt Ryan, a Michael Turner, a couple of Tony Gonzalez, or a red Jamaal Anderson jersey. Get your red JA98 while it lasts!
  5. I don't think anyone around here has a man-crush on Broncos running back Peyton Hillis.
  6. Dude, I would git my arse there, but I paid $29.99 for NFL.com's Season Pass! It's BS that KCBS 2 is having Jets vs. Texans.
  7. I picture Jamaal's contribution against the Dolphins as one batted pass on Chad Pennington.
  8. KCBS channel 2 here in Los Angeles is showing Jets vs. Texans. Bull$^!t. The USC connection of QB Mark Sanchez & LB Brian Cushing, I guess.
  9. Jamaal Anderson is starting ahead of Chauncey Davis.
  10. Richard Seymour did have 8 sacks last season, but he ain't no young buck.
  11. But is Jamaal Anderson going to start opposite Abe, or will it be Chauncey Davis? :unsure:
  12. Garrett "Hacksaw" Reynolds is on the squad as a person stated earlier. Actually, "Hacksaw" was already taken by his uncle, so Garrett can be ........................ uh, I'm not sure of a good nickname. :unsure:
  13. So we all agree................... Joey Harrington shall be brought back.
  14. Harrington didn't have a chance here with Petrino but it would be interesting to see him operate with our improved O-line play and workhorse RB Michael Turner. But his minimum veteran salary would be very pricey for a 3rd stringer.
  15. Chauncey Davis did not start in Saturday's game against the Chargers, it was JA98 opposite Honest Abe.
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