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  1. Just in case... site_e_c_g__9029983___1t1&v=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIgpW2-43G1wIVka_sCh36aQOrEAAYASAAEgJBHvD_BwE
  2. I knew that going into the Hawks/Cards game out here, but was still stunned at the number and type of penalties the Seahawks racked up. And after re-watching the game I was utterly convinced that there's some sort of anti-Pete Carroll / Paul Allen / Seahawks vendetta out there. A lot of ghost penalties against Seattle and a lot of non-calls against Arizona. I've never been one to suggest biased or predetermined officiating, and I didn't even have a dog in this fight, but about eighteen guys on the field and probably a few more off the field absolutely wanted Arizona to win.
  3. I watched it. Re-watched it. Re-re-watched it. He flopped.
  4. Cripes, you sound like my investment adviser explaining why I didn't make **** last year even though the SP500 went up 12%.
  5. Can someone help me understand this? Total yardage per game is down about 12% (from an average of 416 to 372) but scoring is down about 37% (33.8 ppg last year, 21.5 this year). Why the huge disparity?
  6. When Bruce Arians leaves Arizona at the end of this season, it will be to retire to his home on Lake Lanier. Really close to the Branch, but still no cigar. It's more than two, but who's counting. No one in Tampa has time these days to focus on anyone else's problems.
  7. Actually, it's not why they dumped Lovie, but his record certainly contributed. The straw that broke Lovie's back was out-of-control nepotism. Also, Dirk was not on the 'Weapons for Winston' bandwagon, but can certainly be held to account for not fighting harder to address real roster needs.
  8. Long story short, it's an idiot being an idiot.
  9. Fun Fact: While a high schooler in Gainesville, Watson spent time as a ball boy at Falcons training camps. Some of the players and coaches ran routes and threw with him after practice - even then they were impressed with his arm and movement.
  10. Instant classic. I coulda been there but my dadgum sister sold the tickets.
  11. Might be best not to post when the outcome is still in doubt. PM me if you need help writing the retraction.
  12. In which case, this Ohio State grad would like to say, "Hah! Suck it!" But that would be rude, so I won't.
  13. For a little perspective, out here in Phoenix - The Cardinals lost their starting quarterback to IR. Fun Fact: There are four Cardinals starters now walking around with casts on their left arm. The Suns lost their first three games by a combined 92 points and fired their coach before he could lose a fourth. The Coyotes are 0-9-1. And going a little farther back, the feel-good Diamondbacks were swept put of the playoffs, 0-3 and were never in it.
  14. Lots of people who've worked with Armstrong know something. He's not HC material.
  15. Seems like it was only a very short while ago (August 26 to be precise) that Bruce Arians (who is absolutely notorious for hyping his homies) said Armstrong would be a head coach if he hadn't had that ugly Hard Knocks moment. TATF responded overwhelmingly by saying, "Yeah, he should be an HC, thank god he had that Hard Knocks moment so we could keep him." And now this.