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  1. That could happen next year if things break the right way, but 2019 is much more likely. If Shanahan screws the Bay Area pooch as badly as Chip Kelly did - and he just might - he could already be gone by then.
  2. First three, he served one at the end of last season.
  3. Now that I travel to Tampa regularly, the beach and alligators are on my mind as well. Haven't spotted any sharks in the Gulf, but there are dolphin fins popping up all the time - that always gets my attention. And the friggin' alligators are everywhere. Every neighborhood has a pond and every pond has an alligator. There's a pond right behind the Bucs practice fields, not fifty feet from an endzone, and it's got alligators. Fortunately it's fenced, but people are still wary. Aguayo hit a field goal over the end zone net one day and into the pond. That was the end of that ball. All of which reminds me of a Falcons story I've never told. Former TE coach Chris Scelfo raised alligators on the side (illegally I might add, but they were strictly for entertainment purposes). He once said that if he ever got cut loose by the Falcons, he was gonna cut loose a few alligators in the pond at the Branch. Pretty sure it didn't happen though.
  4. This should be the year it happens. Third time around in Koetter's offense, with a much improved receiving corps. If the run game is good, and that hinges on a resurrected Doug Martin, the offense is elite. Second year in Smitty's system, which blossomed in the second half last year, and features a player mix that will now allow much more complex looks. Aside from Martin, the big question marks are Winston (can he continue to rein in his street-ball impulses and continue to make incremental improvements in his accuracy) and the kicking game (can Aguayo fix himself or will it be Folk)?
  5. Hotdog bisque! Gotta Google up a recipe, that just went on my dinner menu!
  6. Well, he's got the Bucs at #3, so you can't really say the guy is stupid. Or maybe it's just that the Bucs have a spectacular receivers coach.
  7. They're all the size of Tom Brady's d*ck.
  8. The first sentence made me laugh. Only for a second, but it happened, and then I felt hollow all over again. Georgia Dome to be imploded on November 20 The Georgia Dome has until Nov. 20 to build a 28-3 lead. Because on that day, the home of the Falcons will implode. According to Tim Tucker of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the decommissioning of the stadium has started again, and the demolition has been scheduled for 7:30 a.m. on that Monday. The Falcons play at the Seahawks that night, and have a short turnaround to clean up the mess before their home game the following Sunday against the Buccaneers, at adjacent Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The new stadium is scheduled to open on Aug. 26 for a Falcons preseason game. There were numerous delays in construction, but with some recent successes, they’re ready to continue stripping down the Georgia Dome.
  9. Ryan. It's always Ryan.
  10. TD does do a spectacular job of cadging credit that's due others. So he's got that going for him.
  11. Dido? The founder and first queen of Carthage? Or the English singer/songwriter? Certainly you couldn't have meant dildoe (had to customize the spelling to defeat the filter). I'll go with ditto.
  12. Anybody who can use Eric Weems for a battering ram gets my vote. This might be my single most favorite play ever.
  13. Man, you were that close to sending your wife on the honeymoon alone. Sounds extreme, I know, but dire situations require drastic measures.
  14. I got 7 likes, you got 2. I win. Seriously though, there's nothing wrong with working to raise the level of literacy whenever you can. Literacy is a good thing.