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  1. The Falcons would have to make the playoffs to be blown out the next four weeks. Just sayin'.
  2. OP, you must be 'hammered'. Get it? Home Depot humor. Boy, I nailed that one. Didn't mean to throw a wrench into the thread though. If you can't take a joke, go screw yourself.
  3. Some wounds never fully heal.
  4. I like the idea of a kid in a crate. Save money on that fancy baby crib, spend it on Falcons gear. Seriously though, you've got a keeper there. Congrats, and remember - you're only 25 years or so from being a grandpa.
  5. He might be available, though I doubt it. However, as a close observer of the guy over the last few years - and I've also had a chance to discuss him with Mark Duffner - I have to tell you that his whiffs far outnumber his splash plays, his tackling is somewhere between poor and atrocious. Falcons fans will all remember his strip of Julio, but that's just a tiny part of the big picture.
  6. The Win Probability Computer just exploded.
  7. My thought exactly. This would make for a spectacular rematch.
  8. Chiefs defense looks just like my Bucs defense but with even more penalties.
  9. You oversimplify. I'm not envious or jealous of a man who played as a scab, gets drunk and plays grab-a$$ at college bars, ran a bounty program, rifled his teams Vicodin locker, and abandoned his wife and kids. And that's just the abbreviated list. It's not all about football. And I bear no animosity toward Drew Brees. That guy is superhuman on the field and an outstanding family man.
  10. So maybe we should all just talk about what a POS Sean Payton is. The latest evidence - up 38-7 on the Eagles, fourth quarter, fourth down, he dialed up a pass from the 37. Touchdown. His explanation was that the lead wasn't secure.
  11. Might be less painful to just look ahead to my Bucs. Apologies to all for any Fitzmagic references I may have made here.
  12. An open letter! That'll get his attention.
  13. Ain't it the truth. How many times over the years has this board hosted posts about the Saints being in cap ****? And how many times have they found a way to wiggle free? Look at their recent drafts for the answer, and the number of first contracts they have on their roster. Then look at the high level of play from those contracts. They may eventually get bitten by second contracts for the likes of Thomas, Lattimore and Kamara, but if they draft their way out of it (and history says they can) they'll wiggle again. EDIT: Seriously? Cap **** gets filtered out? How are we supposed to be colorful around here?