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  1. Warren Wells. And now I've dated myself.
  2. NFL Network
  3. Even five years removed from my Falcons connection, I'm pretty sure I still have better insight into the Dimitroff/Pioli dynamic than the rest of you guys. My guess is that it finally came to full-blown fisticuffs - verbally at least, if not literally. This was a long time coming.
  4. Tim Cook of the Hotshots was extremely impressive as both a power back and downfield runner. Six feet, 244lbs, but he could make guys miss and run through others. Look him up on YouTube.
  5. Dirk insists that his RBs be able to handle pass pro responsibility. If/when Ryan audibles out of a play call, Dirk will trust that RB only if he's shown he can switch to protection. If the trust isn't there, Dirk won't use that guy in passing situations.
  6. This morning's sermon was all about charity, so I gave him a 'pity like'.
  7. Everybody loved him until they hated him.
  8. Here's the most comprehensive and reliable public explanation that I've seen for this fiasco. I've heard some private explanations from AAF coaches that differ slightly, but whatever the actual facts, Dundon didn't own a piece of that app. But you and I are certainly in agreement on the dark side of capitalism.
  9. In Duff's defense, no less a luminary than Rod Woodson said. "Nobody's watching. Nobody cares." Seriously though, plenty of people are hurting and rudderless today.
  10. I've heard this too, from other sources, and I agree. My guess is that Dundon's reason for bailing is that he either didn't have contractual rights to the app, or decided the gambling aspect of the league wouldn't pay off in the near term - or maybe both. Either way, that business about an NFL/NFLPA player agreement was a smoke screen. The protestations from Polian and Ebersol that they don't understand his motives are bullspit.
  11. All of us truly informed AAF fans know that Arizona was gonna take the title.
  12. Yes, but NFL Europe was a wholly owned subsidiary of the NFL, and if the NFL wasn't willing to keep it afloat, artificially or otherwise, they sure wouldn't do it for an outside entity. And besides, the NFL already has a developmental league that costs them absolutely nothing. If you're a fan of college football, you know what I mean. Those various NFL connections (coaches and execs) were window dressing to provide a sense of legitimacy, but in the end, only money matters. I don't blame Dundon here. He's out $70M on an investment he couldn't make work. Financially (absent an agreement with the NFLPA, which the NFL would never allow), he had to protect himself. The true villains are Ebersol and Polian et al, who made a lot of promises and commitments they were in no position to back up. That includes a promise to at least one AAF coach that the league was financially secure for at least two years.
  13. To answer the original question, of course I'd extend Ryan if he cut his 2019 salary in half. I'd also extend him if he didn't. Where do you bozos come up with this stuff?
  14. As a fellow yacht owner, I can't wait to hobnob with Artie.
  15. I'm 3'2", 87 pounds, and I really resent the anti little-people bias of this thread.