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  1. That was darn near poetic, Dave. I enjoyed reading it. And as noted already, the 2008 season opener was a revelation, and the Bears game really cemented the idea that special things were happening.
  2. Are we talking Gambodoro here? Dirk hates his guts with a passion, even all these years later.
  3. I dunno. I'm thinking a locker room full of orange steel racks would be pretty cool.
  4. You can't lay Smitty's firing on McKay alone. Blank was equally complicit with a new stadium coming on line and a desperate need boost fan enthusiasm to sell PSLs. And of course, Dimitroff was there, handing out knives and showing them a Smitty-shaped, backside anatomical chart.
  5. Put all the money you're saving on beer and nachos into showing your wife a great time tonight.
  6. A JOEinPHX Observation: Although TDWII's posts are frequently on track and insightful, this one doesn't meet that standard.
  7. Will it improve revenue if he does? That's the only question on ABs mind.
  8. Is it just me, or is this play-by-play announcer the most irritating human on the planet?
  9. Still smarting from a lost a Super Bowl LI bet... Charles Barkley raised his hand just so he could roast the Atlanta Falcons on TNT The Atlanta Falcons had one of the more embarrassing showings in recent memory on Sunday, blowing a 20-point lead to the Dallas Cowboys. And they did so with an opportunity to ice the game by picking up an onside kick attempt that the Falcons seemingly watched go by instead. It was a terrible choke job by the Falcons to go along with their sad history of terrible choke jobs. And normal
  10. The spin on that ball said it was going to check up and roll back...but it never did. I guess ya just gotta blame the ball here.
  11. Never mind whatever controversy exists here. My question is, can you ban a poster for futzing around with the title font that way?
  12. I honestly don't think the NFL will be a thing this year, but if it is, Tampa certainly is intriguing. Good, bad, average? I wouldn't put money on any of the possibilities.
  13. Cleveland fans are scrambling for their notepads!
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