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  1. This happens to a lot of guys when they strain too much sucking in their gut.
  2. My most poignant memory of the Quarter was a pregnant homeless woman passed out on the sidewalk with vomit dribbling from her mouth. I got a police officer to come around and he was totally unfazed - kind of a regular thing for him I gathered. I do like the Garden District though. Did a tour there, saw some beautiful homes, and finished up at Commander's Palace. I have to recommend against the 25 cent lunchtime martinis. Almost wound up passed out on the sidewalk myself.
  3. Frankly, I've got no use for any of those guys. To my mind, they're just a bunch of sports radio talking head wannabes who could never make the cut. But if you want to talk about YouTube highlight videos, we've had some star players from this very board - torris and atljbo come to mind. Those guys actually did us a service, without being infatuated with their own voices.
  4. The short answer is....for as long as Brady can suit up, and that might be a long time. The Bucs face some FA issues going into the 2021 season, but they also have the most complete roster in the league right now. Their O-line is under-appreciated and remarkably good. It only looked bad this year when Marpet was out and they couldn't get coordinated as a unit. For the most part, those were the games when defensive pressure got to Brady and he looked more or less average. So long as they're reasonably healthy, they'll keep him clean. And none of their FA issues are on the O-line. Sk
  5. This one hurts - I've spent a little time with him, and my son was one of his coaches. Even though he had a lot of business interests and activities, his wife once told us he seemed lost without football. A lot of people will miss him.
  6. People who actually know him might disagree.
  7. If they really wanted to hire the best ex-OSU head coach, they should have found a way to make Ryan Day an ex-OSU head coach.
  8. Tirico made the point that the Bucs only beat one playoff team all year - a flukey win over GB. Doesn't bode well for Tampa.
  9. It was especially satisfying when Sergeant Hakeswill finally got his, wasn't it? I tried to watch the BBC series, but it was so low-budget that it really demeaned the books. The Last Kingdom is much better done, but still can't live up to the writing. If you haven't read the Winter King series, do so at your first opportunity. In my opinion, it's absolutely Cornwell's best effort, and a really novel take on Arthurian legend..
  10. I've two more authors to recommend. The first is Bernard Cornwell. He writes historical fiction, mostly about pre-medieval England, and also about the Napoleonic Wars. Start with The Winter King. It's the first of three volumes telling a unique version of the Arthurian legend. I've read the series three times and will no doubt read it a few more. The second author is James Sallis. He's a fellow Phoenician and I'm proud to call him a friend. James is known for a remarkably spare noir writing style. Start off with Drive. If you like it, he wrote a sequel as well as many other novels, al
  11. Most anything by Cormac McCarthy is top notch, but some of his stuff is more accessible than others. Blood Meridian is an outstanding book but can be off-putting for some. For accessibility, I'd recommend No Country for Old Men and The Road. Also, check out Daniel Woodrell (Winter's Bone and Woe to Live On). He's got an absolutely tremendous writing voice. Finally, I'm a fan of David Poyer. He writes naval fiction, some modern era and some from the Civil War. His most recent series is about a war with China - here's hoping its not prescient.
  12. Well said and well written, but considerably less presumptuous than you think. I'm years removed from any direct link to the Falcons organization, but I still occasionally hear from folks who remain, or did remain until recently. I'll just say that 'team player' is a term I've never heard applied to TD by anyone willing to speak frankly.
  13. And this is a reflection of the dysfunction, confusion and ambiguity of the Quinn/Dimitroff relationship. There were all kinds of statements from the organization that purported to lay out exactly who had control of what, but they were never entirely true, and never entirely palatable to either party. For good or bad, McKay will likely be steering this boat.
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