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  1. It's pretty difficult to compare to specific corners in different schemes. That aside are we talking level of performance last year or over the course of their rookie contracts? Corner performance is so up and down year-to-year - a number of those guys on your list were awful last year (Rhodes, Norman etc.). I think when you take a corner that high the goal should always be to get a top 10/15 type player at that position, i.e. boundary corner. I think fans would settle for less as a floor and at a minimum you'd want to see him starting and progressing each year of his rookie deal. Only 30% of league starters are former 1st round picks, so starting in itself would be a success.
  2. You take Trevor Lawrence. Either sit him for a year or trade MR2 for additional picks. I love Matt Ryan but you don't get many opportunities to draft a guy like Lawrence. Matt Ryan will be 36 in the 2021 season.
  3. MR2 has been pretty good for WR's. If he's going to revive his career, this is the place to do it.
  4. PJ Hall another guy who's allegedly on the block. Not a huge need right now but I'd trade Senat straight up for him.
  5. Clearly fixing the defense was the priority this year. Offense next year. They're not trying to win now, they know this is a 2 year build at a minimum.
  6. I think all the NFC teams had strong drafts. I do like what the Panties are doing - it's definitely a long-term rebuild, which is what they need.
  7. Jamal Adams ran a 4.56. I think Hawkins would have been in that range which is plenty fast enough for a box safety.
  8. Allegedly they've been calling teams trying to gage interest. If they're unwilling to pick up his 5th year option or sign him long-term, then the draft changes nothing.
  9. A trade for Hooker makes a ton of sense and we're set for at 4 extra comp picks next year.
  10. Impressive interview. Really level-headed, smart guy and sounds like he's already a 10 year vet. I'm thinking he ends up like a Stephen Nicholas type for us.
  11. Yeah there is a general lack of perspective on many things draft related. Including not picking 'names' or 'their' guys, expectations of draft classes/rookies and draft value. My biggest pet peeve is the captain hindsight posters who bump some old threads after a guy they liked has some success in the NFL, forgetting that success most often comes down to being in the right place at the right time.
  12. If the purpose of a mock is to predict what will happen, sure they're pointless.
  13. To be fair during the season the NFL draft forum has a pretty good level of interaction. It's just when the season ends and every thing on TATF becomes draft related that it becomes redundant.
  14. Mock drafts sure, but in this context they're more a mechanism to inform on upcoming prospects to look out for rather than "This is what I think will happen". Personally I like to form my own opinions on guys early before the 'groupthink' sets in.
  15. Maybe there is a need to bring back the draft and FA forum. There are poster's here that like to discuss the draft all year round and their are others that hate talking draft during the season.
  16. In nickel, I doubt it. I think he'll get a chance to win the SAM spot in our base 4-3 and he'll be a core ST guy but I can't see him being preferred to Foye in sub packages. Foye is significantly further along in pass coverage
  17. Yeah Moses is a good one. Most athletic Bama linebacker to come out for a while. Wade isn't as polished as Okudah but he's more versatile, more physical and generally more upside. He's probably nailed on as an outside corner now Okudah and Arnette are gone, but Wade can literally play anywhere in the secondary.
  18. I'm not even sure I like this as much as the Falcons actual draft . I love the idea of going Chaisson in the 1st but the talent quickly fell away at the corner position. Probably should have gone safety and DT at some point as well.
  19. 1. K'lavon Chaisson 2. Willie Gay Jr 3. Matt Hennessy 4. Reggie Robinson II 4. Donavon People's-Jones 7. Bryce Huff
  20. Bryce Huff or Jonathan Garvin
  21. I'm not sure the term starter is all that relevant anymore. I think we've got three significant contributors day 1 and some developmental guys who project as core special team guys at a minimum. That's what the draft is all about.
  22. Shaun Wade was a guy I wanted to declare this year. Out of all the Ohio State DB's, he's the guy with the most upside. Marvin Wilson and Dylan Moses are two others I'd be targeting for the Falcons.
  23. Plenty of talent still on the board (updated list above with just the remaining guys). Hopefully grab a few of these with the 7th and as UDFA
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