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  1. Yes absolutely, what leadership manual have you been reading?
  2. A head coach that overrules his subordinates sounds like a terrible leader to me.
  3. I think for all his faults, DQ is a good leader and has the respect of players and coaches that he works with. The problem, as we've seen, is that he needs good coaches and play-callers around him. Unfortunately good play-callers don't tend to stick around.
  4. He was that 1 guy I just didn't want that year. If it's a conditional pick, it's not the end of the world, but I just don't see him bringing much to the table. Would have preferred if we got Clay Matthews instead. This isn't pretty... https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/charles-harris
  5. Snap judgements on draft day - surely that doesn't happen on this board?
  6. This is true, but at best Hawkins is the #4 safety. If Neal isn't ready to go Rico and Kazee would start. They might even prefer a vet like Cooper or Neasman to start over Hawkins at this point. Not hating on Hawkins but we've often bedded safeties in pretty slowly. Moore, Decoud, Rico & Kazee all essentially had redshirt years. The only one to make an immediate impact was Neal.
  7. It's a pretty neat trick - hopefully he can teach it some of our other pass rushers.
  8. Walker easy. He's got a clear run at the SAM spot in base and he projects as a core special team guy. If Hawkins is seeing snaps at safety as a rookie, it means something has seriously gone wrong.
  9. I would have signed Damorious Randall. Raiders picked him up for like $3.5m - that's a steal.
  10. Yep most likely. I can't imagine any international games either. I feel like there will have to be some kind of exception for the cap in 2021.
  11. If he knows how to get to the QB, he's got to start showing it. 2 sacks last year and 5.5 in his first 2 years isn't worth trading up for. He's clearly talented, but he needs to start putting it all together to warrant even going in the 1st. I prefer a couple of others at this point.
  12. It's difficult with QB contracts to keep paying guys like top 5 QB's into their late 30's and 40's. It all depends on how long MR2 wants to play. I've would lean towards no at this point though.
  13. I would take Clay. Not sure we can pay him like he deserves but it would be a good fit. I do think we need another edge rusher type.
  14. I like Evin and think he might have a chance at that swing tackle spot. That 3 cone and 20 yard split are exceptional for a man his size.
  15. Last 2 years have been hard to predict, at least in the 1st round. Seems like we're doing a better job of both creating smoke and keeping our intentions close to our chest.
  16. Good, he needs to work for that next contract.
  17. After listening to his pre-draft interview with Tony Pauline I'm really pulling for this guy. Great personality and really switched on. I'm not surprised NFL teams had him ranked higher than your average draft analyst. The more you delve into this guy the more there is to like.
  18. Vea on the field on 3rd and 7? On paper we're as good as anyone in the NFC South in that situation (arguably the best?). I prefer the Bucs and Panties against the run though.
  19. If we took Marlon Davidson in the 1st, there would have been outcry on this board. The fact we got him in the 2nd, he's now the best thing since sliced bread. That's how it works around here 
  20. Talent wise we're probably the same, although I think hype is a little less after consecutive losing seasons. Julio and Matt are also another year older and there is a feeling that the window is closing. Then there is the Koetter effect. Still I think we'll be a playoff team next year.
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