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  1. It's very difficult to compare. Okudah looks more refined on tape, he's a better tackler and seems to make less mistakes but Ohio State do give him far more help than Terrell got at Clemson. Terrell, like CJ Henderson, was literally left on an island and tasked with taking on the opposing #1 WR. I'd be surprised if the best corner comes from outside of Okudah, Henderson and Terrell. I suspect Okudah is the best of the three but time will tell.
  2. I think I preferred the game of thrones themes one (last year?). This is good though.
  3. They've lost 8 games over the last 2 seasons, which is impressive but not unbeatable. Just do what those teams did.
  4. I think we over-payed if you look solely at production, but we're clearly banking on his upside and an increase in targets resulting in a big uptick in production. I think he does everything well and is light-years better than any TE in the 2020 draft. Prior to the trade I wanted us to look at Njoku or Howard, but Hurst is a more well-rounded TE than either of those guys and has an extra year on his rookie contract.
  5. Hard not to say Shanny, seeing what he did with this offense.
  6. Yeah figured everyone would be asking after Fowler. Thanks. If you just look at interior players, is the correlation just as strong?
  7. Great work Kayoh. In terms of the formula: Did you look at QB pressures and how they might fit into it? Does it take into account pass rush snaps? Have you done something similar for interior players? Sorry for all the questions, but I do love this stuff and genuinely interested.
  8. I found it funny the Cardinals taking Simmons after misusing Reddick for the last 3 years. Hopefully they have learnt their lessons. I actually think Reddick is perfect for what DQ has traditionally wanted from his SAM.
  9. I mean he could do, but there is an awful lot of competition for snaps at receiver. I think he's nailed on for that KR role.
  10. Chris Rowland? They probably brought him in primarily as a KR.
  11. To be honest neither have done much in their career to date. Gage's arrow is pointing up though and I like his ability to be that gadget guy if needed.
  12. I agree re pass rush. I don't agree on his mediocre production. In terms of interior pass rushers, what is your benchmark and how does it correlate? He had more sacks in college (playing out of position) than Gerald McCoy, Grady Jarrett, Ed Oliver, Jurrell Casey, Cameron Heyward, Chris Jones and plenty of others.
  13. Out of all our draft picks I think he has the widest range of outcomes because you're projecting him to a different role in the NFL. How is he going to hold up against the run inside? Most of his snaps came outside and whilst the few snaps you do see him going up against interior linemen are really promising, you just don't see enough of them. His traits project nicely inside but it's a projection. He could end up the best 3 tech in this class and at any other program he's likely a 1st round pick.
  14. So projection is based on film or production?
  15. Surely you don't have anywhere near enough data to make any kind of accurate projection on this guy? No jumps, no 3 cone, no pro day. Even with the 40, they made him restart 3 times and he only ran once - he's been timed in the 4.7's at Auburn during spring testing. Not to mention being played out of position for most of his college career.
  16. I think you're reading too much into in. In time he may be a 4 down contributor but I very much doubt it in year 1. He's saying what he's supposed to say on draft day.
  17. That was fun watching. Need to see more of that this year.
  18. 26 but I only answered 30 of the questions (didn't realise there was a timer).
  19. PFF have a pass rush productivity rating, I'd be interested to see how this compares. I think you need more granularity with your position groups, i.e. edge guys Vs interior pass rushers. Bilal Nichols, Aaron Donald, Akiem Hicks etc are playing very different roles to Danielle Hunter and Dante Fowler. Kind of apples to oranges.
  20. Sign me up for the Vandy course on leadership. Sounds riveting. I'll just leave this here...
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