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  1. He's predominantly run a mix of inside zone and power man wherever he's been.
  2. If we had another OC I'd have more faith. I don't really have faith in Dirk to run his own scheme let alone something he is unfamiliar with. I hope you're right though and I think it's almost impossible for our offense to regress from last year, so there is that at least...
  3. One got a 1 year $3m deal and the other got a 2 year $21m deal. Whatever measurement you are using to deduce that Rhodes was better than Trufant last year, clearly isn't shared by NFL execs.
  4. Rhodes was awful last year. Shows how much of a farce the Pro bowl is.
  5. I to wanted Rhodes, but Trufant has had the better career to date. Rhodes has been one of the worst outside corners in the league the last couple of years, whilst surrounded by better talent. If Rhodes was a Falcon he'd have been run out of town a long time ago.
  6. Good news on the whole, just wish we had an OC that knows how to run it. Isn't this kind of square pegs in round holes again (from a coordinator perspective rather than personnel).
  7. The title doesn't make any sense though, maybe that is where D-Led got bored and someone else took over.
  8. Ryan is the best QB in the division right now. At their peak Brady and Brees were on another level, but both those guys are trending downwards now.
  9. Dirk would struggle to get a run game going with a healthy Gurley, he's just getting his excuses in early.
  10. Nice. I've always liked Buchanan and say what you will of Quinn and his defense, but he's always done well with these safety/LB hybrid types.
  11. He's very confident and I wish him all the best, but I'm pretty sure every defense will treat him the same as if we'd rolled out Hill or Ollison.
  12. And I thought the title was long 😀. Jimmy Williams was big and fast, but that's where the Sean Taylor comparisons end. Taylor was truly a once in a generation type player - the closest I've seen is Derwin James and he's not Taylor. My biggest disappointments were Sean Weatherspoon and Peria Jerry. Weatherspoon because he was a guy I had targeted since his freshman year at Mizzou - without the injuries I think he could have been a top 5 linebacker in the league. Jerry for opposite reasons - I wanted either Cushing (went before our pick) or Matthews from USC. Even before the injuries, I wasn't a fan of Jerry.
  13. My initial thoughts were... "How are there 7 players better than Julio over the last 10 years", but actually looking at the guys ahead of him #8 looks about right (I'd probably argue Julio over Gronk).
  14. I think they'll get the full season at least. I'm not convinced they come as a pair - I think DQ's seat is hotter than TD's
  15. Not a player... Dirk Koetter Robin Reliant - 3 wheeler and tips up if you go round corners too quickly.
  16. Can't say I was a fan of what Miami did with it's pass rush (or their offeason in general). They'll probably be better because it's almost impossible to be worse, but they've just replaced JAG's with JAG's.
  17. Good for Mack, but some of those PFF picks are wacky. PFF have at least Travis Frederick and Chris Myers as higher ranked centers over the decade. Whilst both were obviously very good and arguably better than Mack at their peak (I'd argue Frederick yes, Myers no), Mack has been consistently good for the entire decade whilst Frederick only played 4 seasons and Myers retired in 2015. They even have Jordan Gross on the list and he retired in 2013. Brent Grimes at 53, ahead of Patrick Peterson and Kam Chancellor? I always take these PFF lists with a pinch of salt.
  18. They clearly both helped each other at Auburn. The roles they played in college and indeed what they'll be asked to do in the NFL is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. Out of the two I suspect Davidson will make more splash plays whilst what Brown does well won't necessarily show up on the stat sheet.
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