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  1. We don't know the conversations that went on and indeed if the LaFleur brothers and Mike McDaniel had any interest in sticking around, but for me letting those 3 guys go was the biggest mistake DQ has made in his tenure here. 

    It's even more mind-boggling given the coaching tree DQ has come through that has more often than not promoted from within. DQ himself has twice promoted from within for defensive coordinators. 

  2. 2 hours ago, etherdome said:

    I am not a Koetter fan by any stretch, but if the McGary sacks were the result of Koetter's scheme, then we would have seen similar results across the entire OL.  

    Koetter's scheme demands that the OL hold up the pocket for longer periods of time than Shanny's system.  For that reason, it is a tougher situation for the OL.  However, McGary was especially bad last season. 

    The former rookie should get better this season and so should Lindstrom.  With the suspected addition of the new rookie, Hennessey, McGary and Lindstrom have to get better.  If not, we see the same results as last season.  

    McGary struggled more than the rest but the initial post also highlighted Jake as being top 10 in sacks allowed. As you said DK doesn't make it easy on them by any means. 

  3. 4 hours ago, ya_boi_j said:

    Since it's completely dead here I figured I would revisit this thread I made 5 years ago. There have been more people join the board and new lurkers. Come in and tell everyone about yourself. Here's the link to the original thread below if you want to take time and revisit


    And please no one be weirdos and use other people's photos from that thread or this thread if someone chooses to post. That very thing happened in that thread. 

    But here's an update of my family. And it was hot that day at Disney. kma



    Beautiful family 👍

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