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  1. He's a product of the system. Shanahan won't pay him and he'll find another unheralded guy next year and get the same production out of him.
  2. So many mixed messages regarding our offense. Are we incorporating more outside zone or not? Is Koetter running his system, Shanahan's, Sark's or a combination of all 3? It definitely doesn't seem like everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. 🤔
  3. 1. Jeff Ulbrich 2. Raheem Morris 3. Dave Brock 4. Jess Simpson 5. Ben Kotwica
  4. Using rings as the only marker of success for players and coaches is unbearably stupid.
  5. Warford isn't a fit if we're planning on running more outside zone.
  6. We don't know the conversations that went on and indeed if the LaFleur brothers and Mike McDaniel had any interest in sticking around, but for me letting those 3 guys go was the biggest mistake DQ has made in his tenure here. It's even more mind-boggling given the coaching tree DQ has come through that has more often than not promoted from within. DQ himself has twice promoted from within for defensive coordinators.
  7. He was a bad hire at the time, given where we were and what we were trying to achieve. I think if we had let him run his own offense and gave him the pieces he needed to run it, I think he'd have been a more than competent NFL OC - in other words >>>> Dirk.
  8. McGary struggled more than the rest but the initial post also highlighted Jake as being top 10 in sacks allowed. As you said DK doesn't make it easy on them by any means.
  9. Yeah because predictable play calling, not chipping pass rushers and having some of the longest developing routes isn't a factor here.
  10. Says as much about Koetter as it does Matthews and McGary.
  11. I don't know if it's about being more conservative but being less predictable would certainly help.
  12. Welcome & happy retirement when it comes
  13. As great as TG was, I'm not sure he deserves to be on this list having only played only 4 season this decade. I'd probably replace him with either Devonta Freeman or Jake Matthews.
  14. It's a pretty awful article, in that the concept of a 'starter' doesn't really mean anything anymore. All those guys, with the exception of probably Senat, are going to see a ton of snaps in various different packages.
  15. He'll certainly get some interviews
  16. I don't think it happens now with the Harris signing, but yes I would be all over this.
  17. Hopkins >>>> Thomas. There I hope that makes him feel better but Julio is on another planet
  18. I was expecting Senat to be on this list. Not sure I've seen anyone writing those 5 guys off, particularly the 2 rookies who've yet to suit up.
  19. Ok, if he does it's 47.5% inside zone 47.5% power man and 5% outside zone 👍
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