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  1. WR spots will be fun to keep an eye on. If I had to guess, only 2 are guaranteed to make the final roster (Gage and Ridley). After that it's anyone's guess.
  2. A handsome chap for a big dude. Seems to have a decent head on his shoulders and a good education from Stanford. I think he'll do just fine in life.
  3. This should be pinned indefinitely or re-posted everyday. The definition of 'Saint' in the dictionary should also be updated to this
  4. I think it's almost a given at this point that we're super bowl bound.
  5. When he's played he's been very good. Low risk but high upside.
  6. It probably should and perhaps will in time, but things ended too sourly to do it now.
  7. Didn't we sign a veteran corner and multiple veteran safeties in free agency? 🤨
  8. Yeah it's a bit of a fallacy. He's not Mahomes or Josh Allen but outside of a handful of guys there is really not much difference between the arm strength of most starting NFL QB's.
  9. The most single coverage he's seen in his pro career? Julio as a rookie was lining up alongside TG, Roddy, Turner and co. Not a chance in h*ll he sees more single coverage than his rookie year. That Titans offense whilst good on paper is not even close to the best offense Julio has been a part of.
  10. It doesn't make you a Dik, makes you a fan of the falcons. I'm 100% with you.
  11. Absolutely cheering for whatever team he goes to to win less games than us.
  12. There certainly some truth to this. It's a shame, he'll go down as a Falcon great but it's a pretty sour end.
  13. It's kind of irrelevant. Julio telling a guy like Shannon Sharpe that "he's outta there", it doesn't matter if it's on live tv or not that information is getting out there and all 31 other teams will know about it. Julio wanted that information out there.
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