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  1. He came into the league with health issues and they haven't gone away. When he's healthy he's been very good. Feel like he'll be looking for a 1 year prove it type deal.
  2. Malik Hooker could be a steal. Low risk, high reward. I would love to see Arthur Smith reunited with Jonnu Smith, but suspect he's gonna get paid.
  3. The more the merrier. Blank needs to invest in a 2nd jet.
  4. True. My point I guess is whatever that plan is will dictate how much rope they've got. If they decide to go full on rebuild, they probably will be given more time. If the plan is to retool around Ryan and Julio, I figure they've got two years to make that work.
  5. It's easy to see the parallels between Tannehill and Trubisky. I imagine they will at least explore it. I have no idea the sort of contract he'll command though.
  6. I think their length of rope depends somewhat on the direction they take this off-season.
  7. Firstly, it's unlikely any of these QB's have the types of career than Ryan has and is having. That said given there now appears to be a premium on QB's that can make plays outside the pocket, he is likely #4 at best in this class. I think that alone proves how flawed the draft and scouting is though that 3 guys with better 'tools' than Ryan would be drafted ahead of him, even though they likely end up having lesser careers.
  8. I think Sewell is the most likely pick if we stay put. It's a pretty safe pick for TF as well rather than commiting his future to the 3rd or 4th best QB in this class.
  9. Since 2008 we've ranked on average 14th in the league. Not great, but not bad. Pretty much what we already knew but always nice to have some quantitative analysis of drafting performance rather than just "TD sux".
  10. He's just a name at this point.
  11. Once in a lifetime...? His tape looks eerily similar to Khalil Mack to me.
  12. I do. It did say in the last 5 years though. Jamaal Anderson was a horrible pick by McKay though, particularly with Darelle Revis and Patrick Willis on the board.
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