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  1. No, he's probably in that 5-10 range.
  2. I don't think he is overated, but from the perspective that he is the highest paid RB in the league, I think you could make that argument.
  3. I found it funny. This board could do with lightening up a bit.
  4. Vick was exciting to watch. One of the most athletically gifted players to step on an NFL field. That said for a player with his speed, elusiveness and arm strength, 37 career plays over 50 yards is pretty paltry. MR2 already has 90 passing plays over 40 yards (NFL doesn't track 50 yards). History has been proven time over that the ability to stay in the pocket, read defenses, anticipate throws and deliver accurate passes to all three levels is what great QB's do consistently. Vick had the traits to excite on any given play but he never had nor worked on the traits that make a QB great. Luckily Matt Ryan does.
  5. My point is I wouldn't trade or not trade him based on these rankings which are pretty fluid at best. I'm just playing devils advocate here.
  6. He was on my 2018 nfl draft watch list. Tons of talent but has some off field issues and there are doubts about his love of the game. If he gets his act together he would be a great fit as a single high in this scheme.
  7. Meh... I'm not advocating trading him but if you go back 2 years Cam Newton was ranked #1 and Adrian Peterson #5. Thing's change pretty quickly in the NFL.
  8. Regardless of which corner you prefer, there is not a chance Tru is cut until at least 2020 and even then you'd have to swallow $10m in dead cap. Alford's contract on the other hand is set up for us to be able to get out of it after this year, relatively scott-free. Even if we let him play out his deal, I'm struggling to see a scenario where we give him another deal. If it was me I'd be looking at trade partners next year.
  9. I think the salary cap is a big part of what makes the NFL great. Having a relatively straightforward hard cap that can't be exceeded and minimum spend (89% of cap), it ensures every team has a yearly wage bill within 11% of each other. Unlike the NBA and MLB with their complex soft/hard caps that can still be exceeded, or football (soccer) in Europe with a complex financial fair play system, the NFL offers a straightforward solution that's easy to understand for fans and offers the most parity. Dynasties can still be created but through efficient cap management, winning cultures and good coaching.
  10. We should just hire TO as a receivers coach, then Julio will have to come back to work.
  11. I can't see us not stashing Kurt Benkert on the 53. Austin Pazastor, Ty Sambrailo & Matt Gono are probably fighting it out for that backup tackle spot. I'd probably have Justin Zimmer over Garrison Smith. Not sure we carry 6 linebackers seeing as we are in nickel 70% of the time. The rest looks about right.
  12. Love this guy
  13. I doubt it's a high priority, but I'm a big proponent of take care of your business on the field and the business off it will take care of itself.