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  1. As long as we kept the ZBS I think we'd be fine. Matt has shown he is fine working in different systems but as others have said our O-line and runningbacks are tailored for the ZBS. Plenty of offenses out there that use the ZBS though.
  2. 2017 rushing stats: 115.3 yards per game (4.3 YPA) 2016 rushing stats: 120.5 yards per game (4.6 YPA) Rushing yards were down in 2017, but not dramatically. To his credit I always thought Sark commited to establishing the run, sometimes a bit overkill to be homest. The passing game is where we severly regressed passing for almost 50 yards per game less than 2016.
  3. 'Own the suck' DQ, it's time to admit thr Sark experiment failed
  4. They may bring him in as DB coach.
  5. FA: Chris Hubbard Draft: Frank Ragnow
  6. Cornerbacks Linden Stephens (Cincinnati) & Grant Haley (Penn State) at the EW Shrine Practice
  7. I'm still not seeing it. None of those teams have a better QB/RB/Receiver combo than us. They just don't. We have some issues on the O-line and Sark's playcalling was elementary, but playmakers or lack of them isn't an excuse.
  8. I call it a Snelling special:
  9. I don't think our offense was as good as 2016 would have us believe, but lets be real not many teams can boast of talents like Ryan, Julio, Freeman & Coleman on offense. Teams like the Eagles, Rams, Panthers, Vikings, Chiefs, Chargers etc. do not have more playmakers on offense than us, yet all put up more points per game than the Falcons during the regular season.
  10. That's surprising
  11. KOG

    Trades in these games are always wacky. Some good players in there, but the only way we'd end with that many picks is if we threw in Ryan and Julio.
  12. We won't be getting rid of Sark, but this guy would be at or close to top of my list if we did.
  13. Like Chris Hubbard. Can play both tackle and guard.
  14. I'm hoping but with Shanahan we completely changed offensive philosophies, going from a power man blocking scheme to an outside zone blocking scheme. That was always going to take time to adjust. Sark doesn't have those excuses.
  15. I'm not really sure what he does. DQ obviously rates him as a coach but it does feel a little like we're fitting a square peg in a round hole. Surprised they didn't move him back to DB coach after Manuel got promoted. I think we'll see some coaching moves on the offensive side. Who knows what happens with Sark, Bush Hamdan has already left as QB coach.