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  1. Anything good that happens = DQ & Pioli. Anything bad that happens = TD No collaboration takes place whatsoever.
  2. Just because a team looks better on paper doesn't mean they will be. Just ask the Redskins or even the 2015 Eagles.
  3. Getting better is questionable. They're certainly making more noise.
  4. What a tool you are. Get back in your box
  5. I heard the Broncos like both Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen. I wouldn't be surprised if they took either one if still on the board. Buffulo I predict will jump up to at least 4 to take a QB. I think 4 QB's could go in the top 5.
  6. Here's to hoping Ish and Upshaw get picked up with contracts that qualify. If both get pick up we'd have a net lose of 4 and would likely end up with a 4th, two 5th's and a 7th.
  7. No
  8. Yep and they'll still probably get the guy they were targeting: Bradley Chubb Top 5 will be QB heavy I think.
  9. I've always liked Kendricks. He could play any of the three linebacker spots in our scheme. Cap hits would $6m & $7m in 2018 & 2019 respectively.
  10. Only 27 players have ever signed a contract worth over $100m. Most if those in the last 10 years. So historically speaking this stat is kind of irrelevant
  11. Not really. Our offense was always going to regress from 2016 levels, I think that was a given. Sark taking over from Shanahan didn't exactly yield the results everyone was hoping for - that's on both the players and Sark. But do I think our offensive players lost the talent they showed in 2016... No I don't.
  12. Defense was massively improved. Offense struggled, but I don't think that was related to player development.
  13. Under previous regimes I would say no, but under DQ we have seen players making big jumps in their development... Beasley, Coleman, Deion Jones all made pretty big improvements in their 2nd years. Grady just made a huge leap year 2 to year 3. I think could see the same from Hooper, Wes/Harlow, Duke, Takk & Kazee this year. I think a sleeper could be Marvin Hall, who might just be our in house replacement for Taylor Gabriel.