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  1. Ryan playing better than he did in 2019 is most certainly going to be the biggest factor in how far we go in 2020.
  2. I've always though Shaun Wade would make a heck of a match up safety. With Okudah and Arnette leaving he's almost certainly going to man the outside corner spot this year and he'll most probably be listed as a corner in all draft rankings, but last year he played everywhere over the backend from nickel, to boundary corner, to covering the deep middle as a single high. He reminds me a lot of Minkah Fitzpatrick.
  3. RIP sir. One of the great O-Line coaches. He died in a motorcycle accident aged 78.
  4. Nothing would surprise me with BB. They'll either tank better than any tanker in the history of sports and end up with the #1 pick or he'll somehow turn Cam into the league MVP and win another ring despite losing all the players they have done.
  5. Nothing better than watching the big boys bonding 😘😄
  6. He's absolutely worth selling the farm to move up for, just not for us. I think somehow Bill Belicheck ends up with him and starts the next patriot dynasty.
  7. I think teams might be hesitant to spend big money right now with the uncertainty hovering over the 2021 cap.
  8. Anyone with an espn insider account want to post the bit about the Falcons (OP perhaps?) otherwise to 99% of posters this link is useless.
  9. From a raw talent perspective Vick blows Jackson out the water, but there is a lot more that goes into being a great QB than raw talent. Vick had no work ethic, no understanding of how to break down defenses and obviously he had his off-field issues. Offenses have also come a long way in the last 10 years and I've no doubt that even with his flaws Vick would be an infinitely better QB in today's NFL.
  10. I like Quinn as a leader and someone who sets an overall direction and culture within the organisation. You hear people speak about him and you can tell how much they respect him. That said I can't see many teams chomping at the bit for him as a DC down the line. The off-season leading up to last year the narrative was all about the defensive turnaround, DQ finally running his defense as he sees it. There was supposed to be no more scapegoats and DQ was putting his reputation on the line as a defensive guru. Obviously it was a huge letdown and yet it seems they did find a scapegoat (Henderson) as they did with Marquand Manuel the year before.
  11. I guess I'm surprised he was given the opportunity to turn it around. I like Quinn and I I'm not disappointed he's still here but I think he wouldn't have got away with at a lot of franchises. I think he owes a lot to Ulbrich and Morris for that turnaround.
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