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  1. DK is a head coach slayer... Jack Del Rio, Mike Smith, Lovie Smith, Dan Quinn and now Raheem Morris. I honestly think the re-hiring of Dirk was the worst coaching decision this team has made since Petrino. I think you could argue worse given that this was a playoff calibre team, coming off of two good championship runs (2016 & 2017) and having the likes of Julio and Ryan in their primes.
  2. Earl Thomas and Eric Berry both played some corner in college. Budda Baker and Tyrann Mathieu flitted between slot corner and FS in college (I guess they still do now).
  3. Harbaugh won and yet they still couldn't wait to get rid of him. And as we've seen DQ hired Kyle Shanahan who's coat-tails he was able to ride to the cusp of a ring. He wasn't able to replicate that since. Just like Harbaugh hasn't been able to replicate that same success he had with Roman and Fangio. If we're going to hire a head coach who's success is largely dependent on the coordinators around him, then we might as well have kept DQ.
  4. Harbaugh has been out of the NFL for 7 years, which is a lifetime in NFL terms. He had success with the 49ers and I guess that is what people are hanging their hat on, but looking back how much of that success was down to the defensive talent assembled by the previous regime that he had at his disposable and his coordinators Vic Fangio and Greg Roman? Those 6, going on 7 years at Michigan, given all the resources that have been made available to him, has been at worst an abject failure and at best well below expectations. During his tenure, Michigan are 37-5 vs. unranked teams, 7-12 vs.
  5. They're both terrible candidates for one, that are either receiving or have received in the past, unwarranted love from members of this forum.
  6. I really do not understand the Harbaugh love. It's a bit like the Rex Ryan love that used to be prevalent on here.
  7. Patrick Johnson (Tulane) has been a sleeper of mine for a couple of years now. He's probably not a 1st round pick but as a day 2 pass rusher with upside I'd be interested.
  8. Because the original post stated that we should stay away from undersized DE's. That very narrow mindset would have prevented us drafting Abe, among other DE's that would have been considered undersized coming out of college.
  9. Abe weighed 252lbs at the combine, Beasley weighed 246lbs. Both were 6-3.
  10. Not coming out of South Carolina - Abe was around 250lbs. The initial post wasn't specifically referring to Beasley but undersized DE's in general. Coming out of South Carolina, particularly back then, Abraham was considered undersized.
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