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  1. I dread to think. I'd love to think he'd take a cap friendly deal, but unless your Tom Brady I don't think they happen anymore.
  2. Clayborn > Freeney plus way more versatile.
  3. I'm glad he's changed his situation, but he really needs to stop worrying about the material world and get healthy, start tearing up training camp and worry about his on field performance. He hasn't made it yet, and all those other things will come if he performs on the field.
  4. Absolutely, can't argue with what we've been doing the last few years and I hope this class smashes it out the park... This is mainly for my benefit :-)
  5. Pretty sure you guys could have figured out I meant licking their lips...
  6. Oh dear, Beasley and Takk are licking their lips right now. Sucks for the saints given they gave him that massive contract.
  7. Wow that's a mild surprise
  8. Why are we still talking about the Patriots?
  9. Should have stayed away, I couldn't care less though. Pleased for Roddy though, my favorite Falcon in my lifetime.
  10. In hindsight I would have gone: 1. Budda Baker, DB, Washington 2. Derek Rivers, DE, Youngstown State 3. Dorian Johnson, OG, Pittsburgh 4. George Kittle, TE, Iowa 5. Jordan Evans, LB, Oklahoma 7. Cameron Tom, OL, Southern Miss
  11. Honestly I don't think any of them will have the sort of seasons Neal and Jones had last year. This roster is so much deeper this year. The only one who I see getting opportunity to break out is Takk, but pass rushers are normally pretty slow to develop.
  12. I think we've got a special one in DQ. He is going to do great things in this league... hopefully with us.
  13. I don't think Reed is going anywhere