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  1. Man, I hope he stays around long enough to get a ring
  2. I kinda miss the Smittyball days when it seemed like we were more of a serious franchise
  3. I'd like to see a disguise package where Pees line Oliver on the outside playing close to the line and Oliver lets the receiver through while he comes in on a blitz and richie grant jumps the outside route to intercept the football. I think using Oliver as an 'anti-decoy' to blitz would be a great idea until other teams pick up on the D and then change the blitz package.
  4. **** didn't we give Holland a contract? How does that work?
  5. I think AS was the best choice for head coach given his experience on the oline and commitment to being a no nonsense coach. It's about time we start getting some players in the trenches and I hope that it comes to fruition this year. The Era of building from the outside in has come to a close and we need to get dirty with other ball clubs.
  6. I dont put any weight in PFF predictions from last season. Harris and Harmon were available because they obviously weren't a scheme fit for their prior teams. If they were scouted by TF coaching staff and signed by the team, then it's clear that Pees see some potential in them. Yall are just some chicken heads sometimes listening to the pundits.
  7. I guess we will be calling him 1nut Henry from here on out
  8. I kinda miss ol Smittyball every now and then. Here is a tip of the cap to you Smitty🤠
  9. Yeah I'd see him standing on the sidelines during home games chopping it up with the players and coaches every now and then. You can tell they love him at the office. Great guy 4 sho
  10. Wonder what's up with #2. I thought he'd wear 8...
  11. Man some of yall are tripping hard think the Falcons will be basement dwellers or something. Im generally skeptical too, but yalls lowballing *** predictions are something else especially having a favorable schedule.
  12. Sounds like Julio is mad because he ain't scoring as much touchdowns so he needs to get paid and pad his stats too I guess. I'd be fine if the just trade him for a washing machine at this point so all this drama will end. We will see what Kyle Pitts does this year and what Julio does with Cam Newton. Get back to me at the end of the season.
  13. Yeah I got one from Rev_Hall from '11 that is still posted up on my reputation lol.
  14. I just can't get over the fact that the 'talking heads' act like we have to trade him or owe something to another club. That is probably the most frustrating point to me as-if the entire org is a pushover.
  15. I wonder if other teams feel that is the only way we can get under the cap is by trading Julio so they are calling our bluff
  16. Yeah I saw this on Facebook and thought how ironic
  17. I suppose we might get a snippet of news tomorrow. TF is probably still fielding infrequent calls. I wouldnt be surprised if all of this trade talk is all for naught. I think Julios agent and Falcons brass ultimately make an agreement to wait and see how the landscape looks prior to the trade deadline and if Falcons aren't in contention, then Julio will get traded. I also don't expect for Julio to show up at the camps because of ongoing negotiations and if he plays during the season, it will be in a limited capacity. This is just how I see everything going to play out. Not sure if it would hurt his trade value if he doesn't play, but the FO will continue to go about their business quietly as to keep under the radar of the whole situation. We will know this to be the case if other restructures occur prior to camp and/or a few surprising cuts happen to free up the additional money. The truth is always between two extremes.
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