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  1. I'd probably be done with the NFL if I didn't watch the Falcons. After all, they are the only NFL team that I watch. I used to go out of my way to see them play on Sundays and then had DirectTV for a number of seasons up until the SB loss. I cant say that I've been a Fairweather fan since 16, because I've seen them play off-and-on Sundays when I go up to BWW, but I just don't feel as diehard since the ineptitude that ensued after Sark left.
  2. Thats interesting. I wonder if the FO said one way or another they were willing or not willing to re-sign him or if he figured he would be a cap casualty
  3. I'm in the same boat. I gave up watching after they brought DK back... I knew it was going to be asinine.
  4. Man we better take them to the bank if we move down and not move just for the sake of moving
  5. Williams is who I want just because we'd be out of reach for the other two and we need a dense RB to make an impact. My soul hurt when the Burner fell off a cliff and I'd love to see MR get another bruiser in the backfield.
  6. True story on the compensation... that would definitely be a bleh moment for me, fosho
  7. Just hope we don't lose out on the trade down scenario. I want whomever decides to move up to PAY premium.
  8. Yeah man I hope he shakes out because he seemed like a great prospect coming out of Temple. I think Ledford is going to do work with the online and allow them to play to their strengths. Losing Mack is a true loss but I think it's time to give the young guy a shot and hope he learned something from Mack last season. Hopefully we can get a solid LG on the cheap in FA.
  9. Agree with the run game and establishing the line, but we definitely have the pieces on oline (except LG) to get the WCO running. I dont think we are far off on the offensive side. Maybe the biggest hole being to shore up a RB in the 2nd/3rd would do it for me personally.
  10. This is my thought process as well. Yeah the new GM/HC are great for the AFMB types but there are just some fans out there that are attracted to a big name to draw more ticket sales. Yeah JJ is that outside the Falcon community but it will be tough for the average Falcon fan in ATL to come out in droves to support a player that plays sparsely through the year. Thus is why I advocate for Fields. He is from GA and I think he will be a playmaker regardless of what others might say, but that is my opinion. If TF doesn't pull the trigger on QB then so be it, but I get tired of the excuse of if MR g
  11. Why does this video feel forced like from McKay or AB. They couldn't have met in private, worked out the jitters, and came out to tour the stadium instead? I felt awkward watching that
  12. They definitely look nicer than the current iteration we are running around in.
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