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  1. Same people that think TB12 is going to win it all this year i presume. I wouldnt have even wasted my time... it seems most people that watch the NFL already have their minds made up ahead of time.
  2. I like the bone white color... not a fan of the shoulder patch
  3. Man f*** Curtis Lofton!!! Fr though, he will be a Taint in my book.
  4. If he is quick and can get separation then 5'8" don't matter.
  5. I'm not surprised. I am surprised that they even mentioned us belonging to the NFL since they hate us so much. Probably took them a while to figure out who was the fourth team in the NFC South.
  6. Smh people DO fear the US economy would crash with a prolonged pandemic, but can't seem to fathom the same wouldn't happen to the NFL with the salary cap/lost revenue because of said pandemic? Gtfoh
  7. Thats cause he stayed put although we know that trigger finger was itching
  8. I'm not too sure we will have the juice to be that competitive this year, but I'll bite my tongue
  9. Why do we pick up his guaranteed money when so many tried to convince me before the draft that the team trading the player is on the hook for guaranteed money?
  10. All flopped first round picks like not picking up the fifth year option on our first round picks... this is ridiculous.
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