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  1. Each center could take turns snapping the ball in any manner to throw of the DL
  2. The whole organization has bought into it's own hype and thinks in a vacuum. That's why there are no adjustments, etc. Just a stubborn FO and coaching staff and that mindset is passed onto the players.
  3. If it can Falcon, then it will Falcon
  4. I'm from VA and I approve this message
  5. My ballz been dreaming about this moment
  6. Wtf is a Corey Peters?
  7. Yeah no doubt I remember that, but my man went radio silent after the Panthers. I figured he just hang his cleats. I thought he would be good coming out of Oregon until he went to the Smeagles. Then I wanted nothing but the worst for them... I still remember the Panthers thinking they were making noise when they got him.
  8. Probably a try out spot for KR/PR
  9. Dang, I forgot he was still in the league
  10. I think the 3rd is his floor, but he has the chance to make noise... he might have to do so in a 3-4:
  11. I'm hoping my boy Oshane Ximines blows off the door at the next level. He has polished disruption techniques. He just needs to work on his angles and footwork. He will probably go in the 2nd
  12. Gimme Taiwan Jones with that last pick! MLB depth, dude is durable, big, and a solid tackler!
  13. My boy Taiwan Jones is still out there. Hope the Falcons draft him with that last pick
  14. Cut him!
  15. Lol
  16. Lmfao
  17. I am thinking he gets them all together to figure out how they interact with one another and what type of team mates they would be...
  18. Yeah I always pictured something a little bit more regal
  19. Probably why Shanahan told Hankerson to get out of dodge with Robiskie lol
  20. Lol, that is funny because I can only think about all the rukus I caused at a Waffle House at 2-3 in the morning!
  21. The waitress would love it... 10% of the signing bonus and you get to be groupie for the night
  22. He probably gets a discount rate with a bigger party
  23. It's like speed dating, but with FA. Truck it, just knock them all out at once like a job fair.
  24. LMFAO, Artie was like, 'get under the table until you decide to sign one too,' 'here have some lasagna while youre at it'