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  1. Honestly, I wasn't that thrilled about the Ito pick after the draft but I have been warming up to it. Are there any insights from the OTAs regarding his performance? Also, Free is my boy but I believe Ito is more inclined to take Free's spot than Coleman's (shiftiness and elusiveness)
  2. Yeah I'm guilty as he!! throwing my drawls next to the laundry bin and not even pick it up
  3. Yeah, my homeboy that I am good friends with is close to his family and said that he knew a couple days ago. I wish we would have kept him... I might feel kinda slimy being at his camp this summer...
  4. I'd flip them Hardy and a sixth for Ray. We have enough WR competing for a spot on this team and Hardy will go to them on the cheap.
  5. Anybody think Knapp had a say-so in Benkert? I'd like to replace Schaub, but everything I read about Benkert suggests he struggles on intermediate routes and makes bad decisions...
  6. Not liking this pick. Reminds me of Brian Hill situation. We could have got him UDFA
  7. NY really wasn't in a position to NOT have a bad draft. They essentially had a top pick so far in each of the rounds. Barkley and Hernandez were no brainers. Let them pick at the tailend of every round and then we will talk about Gettleman being a genius.
  8. There is going to be a run on the DTs.
  9. I had a feeling we were targeting Oliver. Reports were that the Falcons and Seahawks were interested in him. I am glad he made it to our pick to nab him. Pre-draft Rapaport was saying we were looking at moving up. Perhaps the run on other position groups had TD and DQ feeling comfortable that he would make it to our pick. BTW, props to MV7 on throwing dirt at Cowboy fans.
  10. I had high-hopes for Hardy and wish that he would break out, but the proof shows/doesn't show on the field.
  11. He is so 'unathletic' that DQ is going to try him as a punt/kick returner.
  12. Yeah not sure how anyone can b!tch about Ridley. We know the draft is deep at DT. I am excited to have him.
  13. FYI, I know not to take DLED seriously as a 'source' which is why I asked if anyone heard speculation through Twitter... In years past we have been able to somewhat 'gauge' what the Falcons were going to do in the first round via leaks prior to the draft. I think last year was different with Takk.