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  1. To me, it was a mind-boggling playcall... that makes two years in a row in which a stupid playcall burned our chances of winning. I understand getting it to Julio, but there could have been a better play/design somewhere in the playbook.
  2. Matt, I cannot help but feel that your placement of the ball this season resulted in the WR/RB tipping passes. You need to get your mechanics looked at and re-tweak them to 2016.
  3. Questions I'd like answered: 1) Where was Vic Beasley all year? 2) Why did they go with a phony bootleg instead of putting Poe in at FB and handing off to Coleman? 3) Why doesn't Quinn interject on those plays? 4) Why did the defense only play deep before the half? (too far off) 5) Why does it hurt to be a Falcons fan? 6) Will we get another shot next season?
  4. Told ya'll we would let Fitz look like Joe Montana in the 4th. I don't think it would matter if we had TRU or not.
  5. Good lord I wish the defense would step it up
  6. You know, you just can't script this crap. This is so ignorant... same song and dance.
  7. Smittyball is about to get the last laugh.
  8. Bet we run the **** out of the ball and punt
  9. Falcons are terrible about letting other teams back in the game. I think DQ has it wrong. He wants the D to play soft to run the clock, but we DO NOT have the personnel to prevent giving up the score. What a dumbazz game
  10. Lol, they should just give them the TD