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  1. How do they make him OPOY and MVP?
  2. Looks like MR won Offensive Player of the year award... (?)
  3. Colin Cowherd is always slobbing his knob. I don't get it.
  4. Falcons are 5-1 in my book.
  5. Sh** I would be there until they arrived.
  6. Yeah, I hear ya, but they deserve the support of the fan base on that one.
  7. They need to meet the team at the TARMAC when these boys come off the plane. They have been playing tough on the road. The majority of us said/thought we would be alright being 1-1 coming of this stretch. We almost went 2-0. We should have been 2-0. I don't care about what anyone says about this squad. If I was in the ATL, I would be right there at the airport yelling at the top of my lungs telling this team great job. They need it. They need us. Dang, this was a hard fought game. I just hope they get the reception they deserve.
  8. The defense needs to get their crap together, yes. But the play calling in situational football sucks. This is especially true in the red zone. Being good between the 20s is alright, but you make your money on first and goal. And I saw situations today (twice?) in which we could have walked away with more than a field goal.
  9. We need a QB that can convert in the red zone. This game could have been a lot closer.
  10. Ryan cannot convert in the red zone. That has always been his issue without a Michael Turner or Tony Gonzalez.
  11. Who is he?
  12. ... or DeShaun Watson
  13. It would be nice to just see a competitive football team for once. I think we are going to be highly disappointed this season. I originally had us pegged for 8-8, but I suspect it will be closer to 4-12. AB should start by changing the concept of the uniforms, they look dumb and feed into the losing culture of our franchise.