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  1. Right, I guess so but I was intrigued because there was discussion about the logo being slightly modified in this manner
  2. Been seeing a lot of stuff on the Falcons shop that show the current logo with a red outline and gray/silver on the interior features
  3. Thank you. This is quite possibly the best depth signing we could get for where we are with the cap etc.
  4. I've read that we picked up his option this year: https://twitter.com/TomPelissero/status/1232005416965615617?s=19 The tweet from Pelissero is from last month so I'm sure that its circulated through here once or twice. I'm just curious if Benkert will get a shot at #2 this year or do you think TD will look for one in the draft? I know we have issues on defense, but makes me wander. We've been hearing too much of this, "if MR goes down we are screwed anyway".
  5. Our ST unit is going to look a lot better this year!
  6. Great ST guy and could fill in LB in a pinch for a few games. I'm not saying he will be a starter but it's a great signing.
  7. D@mn r!ght
  8. Best signing of the off season IMO. I hated when he left us a few years back. Maybe I'm bias because hes from VA, but I'm thrilled to have him back and dont feel like LB is a glaring issue... still an issue, but not extreme. BZ TD and DQ
  9. Each center could take turns snapping the ball in any manner to throw of the DL
  10. The whole organization has bought into it's own hype and thinks in a vacuum. That's why there are no adjustments, etc. Just a stubborn FO and coaching staff and that mindset is passed onto the players.
  11. If it can Falcon, then it will Falcon
  12. I'm from VA and I approve this message
  13. Gimme Taiwan Jones with that last pick! MLB depth, dude is durable, big, and a solid tackler!
  14. My boy Taiwan Jones is still out there. Hope the Falcons draft him with that last pick
  15. Cut him!