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  1. No it's not, it's the Roadrunner vs the Coyote.
  2. Did you notice Schofield was right there about to get after Bradford again.
  3. Yeah, you got it, you have to say it just like Soul Train, but CooooooolleTrain . And hash great pictures, Thanks.
  4. Asamoahs time is most likely over, this is a big indicator.
  5. Most people get on the wagon, bus, but with Coleman they get on the train. He's faster than a locomotive. And there's plenty of room, so get on board . Because if he can play like he did in college in the pros, well that should explain it.
  6. Dukes, turned on the Falcons when they cut Michael Vick his hero.
  7. Last night 5 out of 6 picked the Eagles to win, they talked as if we didn't have a chance. Ha ha ha.
  8. Every game he'll get better. He could end up with over a 1000 yds easily barring injury. I'm sure of it, the game will start to slow down to him and he'll see the holes/field better. If it wasn't for the holding penalties and those tfl he would have a 100 yd game.
  9. I am a Falcon fan, you could even call me a homer,but until this is fixed they will never reach the top as most of us believe they are capable of playing. No wonder they're still saying Rise Up.
  10. Atlanta has to be the 1st half team of all time, but who's this guys. They should continue playing. Anybody got a reason why?
  11. thats the way I see it also, I believe we have a whole lot better team than the last two years.
  12. Good going, Blood. You have to be a Falcon fan to understand.
  13. Even if both of them was on IR together Long would be 1st string and Holmes would be 2nd string.
  14. Some gets time out hugs and some gets group time out hugs. So let's huddle up and try that play again.
  15. If Atlanta gets ahead of Philadelphia like we've been doing the last 4 yrs, we'll win, because we have a lot better defense that will be able to stop their offense a couple of series, we just pound them running the ball. I think Coleman will show out.
  16. .5 sack, 3 QB hits, 1 strip, and 2 balls bated down.
  17. Agreed, all of these moves will build a better line and better depth.
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