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  1. Just binged both seasons. I'd have to say S2.
  2. I thought this would be a hot topic today. I don't know exactly but I think it was Grace who was being interviewed. They asked him about the LBs in the brotherhood and he says "yea we call ourselves The Bad Motherf******" .... The look Dave Archer's face was priceless lmao!!
  3. He is explosive but he also seems to run a little high. That's my only knock. Get that pad level a little lower running through holes to prep for contact...
  4. Predictions: Manny wins 3 of the first 4 rounds. Floyd goes down on a legitimate shot for the first time in his career in the first 4 rounds. In response, turns it up to the max and dominates the rest of the fight, dropping Manny in the 11th. Floyd walks away with a unanimous decision.
  5. ...I might get flamed for this, but Mike Singletary... Reason why, his aggression, toughness, and HE PLAYS WHOEVER GETS RESULTS. No favoritism. If someone isn't producing, he gets them off the field. Star, 1st rounder, veteran, etc doesn't matter. "I want football players that want to play."... all we need is a leader, a HC that can inspire. *ninja smoke bomb*
  6. Point taken. However, I think it's more than reasonable to reserve that judgement call for the day AFTER we actually see Smith get 20 touches. Even elite backs, current and retired, as well as "experts" says it takes about 10-15 touches before you hit your groove and get into a rhythm.. I agree that his ridiculous ypc will even out, but to assume he wouldn't be anymore effective with 20+ carries than SJax or more than likely worse, is premature. That's the point of giving them a shot during game time. Where would the Victor Cruz's, John Randle's, Kurt Warner's, etc. be without the game day shot? They prove it in preseason against scrubs (which he has done), and then get a chance against starters (which he has not). If he stinks it up, ok that was "expected"...but if he can sustain it, the rewards could be epic. It's a low risk/extremely high rewards situation..
  7. **** ****is it not safe to say that this statement is An implication that his "luck" would not stretch reasonably over another 95-195 carries? Pass protection is teachable, as well as securing the football (see Tiki Barber career changing lesson)... now, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't SJax inability to catch cost us first downs, redzone opportunities, and even a game or two?? Let's be honest, if Steven Jackson wasn't "Steven Jackson" he would have been on the bench, or at least seen a Significant drop in carries and not just because of injury... I'm not saying SJax is worthless and NEEDS to be cut, but to discredit what Smith has done (although he did it behind the same line), while making excuse for SJax decline in production (however valid some may be) SERIOUSLY comes of as hypocritical and favoritism.......ijs... That is all.. . I'll go back to the shadows, continuing to be a board stalker! *Ninja Smoke Bomb*
  8. Ok, hold on...Hahaha... So Smith got lucky twice in 5 carries... but for some reason you assume that if he got another 95-195 carries, he wouldn't get lucky AT ALL?? Zero times?? Is that what you're saying?? So you would rather have a player with skill that can't produce without an elite offensive line over a player with skill that may just "get lucky" whether it's behind an elite line or an inadequate line?? Well sir, Falcons Fans EVERYWHERE thank you for not applying for any coaching job!
  9. ....this has to be.....the single greatest thing ever posted on the internet that does NOT involve boobs... Hahaha
  10. This post also just obtained a years worth of "likes" from me.... And in my eyes, you are a Demigod........ Congratulations, take a bow! Lol
  11. I'm in limbo about it... I want to pull for Denver because I want Champ B. to get his ring.... But at the same time, I want to pull for the Seahawks just because I know how bad people DON'T want Sherman to get a ring.... Decisions decisions...
  12. Well doesn't the NFL ALWAYS penalize the guy that retaliates? Because of Richard Sherman's reputation, the officials assumed that he went over there to talk trash, and deemed it fitting for Crabtree to mush him...So once Sherman did the choke motion, they felt it was over the top...smh
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