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  1. As a Gator fan, I really like the Gillislee pick. He's better than most think and he doesn't have too many "miles" on him.
  2. Pro Tip: If you're going to troll, at least try to sound like you don't have your head up your *** in terms of logic.
  3. I miss fun trolls like Pittman4Two. Those were the days...
  4. it's probably a little unfair to compare almost any elite cornerback to Deion Sanders, much less Dunta Robinson.
  5. joe zelenka. i mean, there's little reason to talk about him anyway since he does his job and adequately at that.
  6. so how their offense plays determines how well their defense plays now?
  7. with this topic, i now have completely lost faith in humanity.
  8. mcclure being back is the best news i've heard all week. this should help us out a LOT.
  9. he looked pretty decent yesterday. i wouldn't look too far into this. and nice try, faux Rex Ryan.
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