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  1. Fans are going to be working with team players and officials on charity projects? If this is true it is amazing.
  2. It is a bit ridiculous that every stupid little thing that happens in Dallas is so news worthy it gets its own thread on an opponent's message board.
  3. But the most patheitic part of the debate is that Gazoo does not say he will be good. He doesn't believe in his own words enough to say for certain that JA98 will do well next year. This entire debate is about how we should be fans. Some nerve on this guy.
  4. I'd rather see proof on the field not proof in an interview. This thread fails to deliver that. Some experts call him a bust other call him still developing and it is all meaningless. Using an interview as some sort of proof is a joke.
  5. No doubt that we didn't make mistakes ever year, just most years. -_- Wasn't Brees in the 2001 draft class? I don't want to pound on Vick any more than I have to but wouldn't that be considered a mistake? One was exciting for a brief time made horrible decisions and, well, you know the story while the other is arguably the best qb in the league and has led his team to a sb.
  6. So all of this is about other people not adhering to your personal player evaluation rules? I noticed you ignored my last reply to you so I guess you are a snob. Why would someone care what a snob thinks or does?
  7. While I appreciate the pat on the back for the 08 draft much of the rest of that was really painful. Favre was so depressed over playing for us he drank himself out of a job.
  8. It is not uncommon for the high first rounders to get overly scrutinized. People start looking for the bad more than the good to justify why he is so high. His comments were not wrong they were just taken out of context which is what all arm chair scouts tend to do.
  9. Why do you care? You seem quite invested in trying to correct other people's opinions. You do realize that is a foolish quest, right?
  10. I guess you can call a player a bust anytime you want. There are no rules to how you form a personal opinion and anyone who thinks otherwise is foolish. This is one of those perception is truth deals. Eventually the real truth will emerge but right now depending your own personal slants you perceive the truth in a particular way. You are just as likely to convince an atheist there is a God as to win this debate so unless you just get a real thrill out of wasting time you should probably let it go. We aren't getting what we expected or what we are paying for. Whether it is our fault for gr
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