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  1. Yes I was very ticked off last night watching that garbage ....but I am a diehard Falcon fan for life. I did grow up a Steeler fan in the 70s and 80s and still root for them behind the Falcons...... Here is what is see after calming down just a little bit lol Coaching Staff: Head Coach Mike Smith: Solid coach and the right man for the job, but needs to get a little more aggressive in his approach on game situations. B Grade OC Mike Mularkey: Solid OC but calls the offensive game like for a team (Steelers, Ravens, Giants,etc. outdoor teams that control the clock and plod down the field. But here is the problem..those teams have strong stout defenses, and play many times in inclimate bad weather. Have you noticed how those teams I mentioned all seem to have a problem in Domes with that brand of Football? Needs to mix a variation of the west coast offense and open up the play calling very similiar to the Pack and the Saints and Patriots. C- Grade DC Brian Van Gorder: This year he made some improvements to the defense because we added more team speed. I loved Van Gorder for the Georgia Bulldogs and he is solid, but we need a new DC Coach here, and add some more talent in a couple of positions. D-Grade GM Thomas Dimitroff: I think he is great but he seems to want to build this team like the Patriots. Which is great but his coaching staff needs to be on the same page with the schemes and the players he is drafting for this team. B Grade Offense: Matt Ryan needs to be a west coast style QB period. Anyone notice how Brady, Rodgers, are successful? They do not throw the ball deep alot, but they have the slot receivers and hit the running backs with the ball alot. Changes that need to be made on the offense: Either through Free Agency or the Draft (High Pick) they need a Left Tackle, and move Sam Baker to right tackle or Right Guard (My Pick) and resign Clabo and let Dahl go....... Running Backs: Turner is a very good back, but we need to draft in the 3rd or 4th round a speed back who can catch the ball out of the backfield. I like Snelling alot but he is very similiar in style to Turner. Let him go or an interesting idea is to move him to Fullback and let Mughelli go from the team. (Remember Snelling playing Fullback some in which he did pretty well Wide Receiver: Roddy White is great but needs someone on the other side to take pressure off him. Either pick up a Plan B veteran which is preferred due to Wide Receivers needing time to adjust to the Pro Game. Or draft a late rounder with speed potential. I think the kid that we drafted last year from Kansas will take over the slot position well. Michael Jenkins is a solid blocker and can catch, but does not have the speed nor runs crisp enough routes to get open for this offense. (We Need more Speed) Tight End: I am hoping Gonzo decides to give us one more year. But I do like the potential of Palmer from Clemson before he got hurt, and we can draft a diamond potential in the Mid Rounds. Offense Grade C+ Defense: The Defensive line is still our weakness: Abraham is a solid player but needs help from the other side. Bierman is a great Special teams player and plays hard but should not be a starter in this league. Defensive tackle we have a solid rotation of players, but we either need Peria Jerry to work out or we need to upgrade in this area. What we need is to add a DE free agent who can rush the passer. Linebackers: Nicholas is a solid rotational player who needs to come off the bench. Weatherspoon showed flashes up potential but the injury to his knee made him play cautious at times. Peterson is done in my opinion. Lofton is solid in the middle Secondary: Made the biggest improvement on the defensive side of the ball. But without a solid pass rush was hurt at times especially by slot receivers. I know we probaly could not afford him but the Oakland DB would be a great free agent addition with moving Grimes to what I feel is his natural position to cover the slot receiver. Dunta Robinson is solid but not spectacular.......our safety positions are very strong.... Defensive grade C- Special Teams: Rock solid grade A- Draft needs: Offense LT Speed Running Back Either young WR or TE Defense: DE Pass Rushing LB Conclusion: Ladies and Gentleman we are a solid football team that is very close to being a Super Bowl Contender. This year there are only three teams that we would not be able to defeat in the playoffs/Super Bowl this year. Packers - Great offense and solid defense, Good coaching staff Steelers - Solid Offense and Great Defense, Good coaching staff Patriots - Great offense and so so defense, Great Coaching staff What these three teams have in common is that they have something GREAT,and they have all become elite teams, the Falcons right now are just good!!! Rise up Falcon Fans we are close my friends, we just need to bridge the gap between those three teams next year!
  2. What a freaking ****** Rodgers is........... 1) He saw the lady and did not even acknowledge her 2) What the heck are you doing with Headphones on listening to the Backstreet Boys while your fans are sending you off for the playoffs?? 3) Rodgers has a lot of talent, but I remember him almost falling out of the first round in the draft that year. He looked like a crying little wus at the draft. 4) He is a Cal boy which might explain his preppie laid back demeanor which I think is why Pack fans loved Farve over this guy, until Farve turned his back on Green Bay lol Here is hoping Rodgers hits the turf hard 5-10 tonight
  3. This game should be a classic much like the 1998 NFC Championship Game. My predictions: Atlanta 30 Green Bay 24 Green Bay takes a 7-0 lead early first quarter. Green Bay kicks a field goal to 10-0 after Matt Ryan throws a late first quarter pick. Atlanta storms back on a long drive, Ryan to Gonzo TD pass to make it 10-7 Green Bay Atlanta then drives down late second quarter and Ryan throws a 33 yard touchdown pass to make it: Atlanta 14 Green Bay 10 at Halftime. Atlanta scores first in the third quarter, on a 4 yard run by Turner to make it 21-10 Atlanta Green Bay scores before the end of the third quarter to make it 21-17 Atlanta Mid fourth quarter Rodgers leads a comeback and scores a touchdown to make it Green Bay 24-21 2 Minutes left in the game Ryan leads the Falcons back down the field and Bryant kicks a 47 yard field goal with 29 seconds to play to tie the game 24-24 Overtime Falcons win the toss and Matt Ryan has that defining moment of leading the Falcons down the field to throw a 19 yard touchdown to Michael Jenkins!!!!!!!! Atlanta 30 Green Bay 24 The Falcons Rise up babyyyyyyy!!! k can I wake up from the dream yet?? hahaha lol
  4. Vegas. I am not worried about the Panthers in the last game at home because if we can not take care of business in that game, then we got no business in the playoffs at all lol I did not say that you could not beat the Eagles away......just a prediction, and face it the Saints this year ae more built to play in a Dome or good weather outside due to very little to no Running Game, and 75% Pass ratio. The only two teams built to throw well in the cold are the Patriots, and the Eagles. The Patriots because they play in the weather all the time, and they have a decent run game. The Eagles because of being used to the cold, and because of the threat of Vick running the football out of the pocket. Cold weather affects three things: Ball grip from the QB in throwing Receivers grasp and feel for the ball. defensive players who are not used to the conditions hate tackling against a strong running game
  5. Good Post Rogers, hey I got mad respect for true Saint Fans.......Its the bandwagon jumping Saint fans like every team has when they have found success and then they talk the trash that I think gets under some Falcon fans skin .......hey if the Falcons win the Super Bowl this year, we will have them too But its great to have a hated with respect rival that now really means something other then fighting for last place lol
  6. Cap, I said they held up well in the passing game. Kind of hard to block in the running game with 8 men in the box for the Saints, and predictable play calling.......
  7. Saints are a better road dome team......but in the cold of Philly with no running game lol. You guys did not fair well against the Ravens did ya hmmmmmmm Falcons and the Packers would be a very tight game like the last one we played, but Home field and we will win again in a tight game. I hate the Eagles but right now they would beat both the Falcons and the Saints at home
  8. This was a game of two teams evenly matched in which the Saints came through this time.......no excuses. Drew Brees is a great Quarterback on an average team that is well coached and its opportunity for success is now. The Falcons are building a great team which is well coached and bringing along a Quarterback who will be great in the next few years. (He is very good now at age 25) I can not make the excuse that a loss is a good thing, but keep this in mind my fellow Falcon Fans. 1) The Falcons have only played one complete game where both Offense and Defense has clicked together against the Cardinals. The Saints on the other hand are playing well on both sides of the ball. 2) The Falcons three losses have been to the Steelers, Eagles, and the Saints which are all very good teams who exposed our weakness by putting 7 or 8 guys in the box and stopping Turner which makes us one dimensional. 3) Play calling against these teams have sucked! We need to run the no huddle right from the start and let Matt Ryan pass the football in which would open up the running lanes for Turner. 4) You do not usually beat a evenly matched football team three times in a season........ What I liked about last night: Our Offense line held up pretty well in the passing game. Our Defense has really improved through the year and had a great game plan for last night. What I see we need in the off season is a speed rushing Linebacker to team up with Lofton and Weatherspoon. What I did not like: Vanilla play calling... Harry Douglas has really regressed due to the injury In the off season we need a speed back to compliment Turner, a slasher who can catch the football. (Nole Devine, WV, or Derrick Locke, KY in the draft to replace Norwood. Saints Fans we Falcon Fans are more then happy to welcome you guys to a rematch in a couple of weeks But my predictions are: Green Bay will beat the Bears this weekend, and then beat them in Chicago in the playoffs. Which means Green Bay comes to Atlanta, and New Orleans after beating the Seahawks or Rams will play Philly in Philadelphia and get your butts kicked Then it will be Philly against Atlanta in the NFC Championship game (Which we all know the networks want) So Saints fans enjoy your moment because I do not see you guys sniffing the NFC Championship game ~
  9. T.Mays, I don't know who you were watching playing football last couple of seasons?? Its about like comparing Safety Mays from USC and Eric Berry from Tenn who both got drafted this year to the Pros. Mays may be the more physically gifted (Jerious Norwood) but Eric Berry has been far more productive as a player (Jason Snelling) I will take production over potential anyday on my football team lol
  10. Agree with most of what you said my friend except about Hines Ward. Hines Ward has got to be one of the most underrated Wide Receivers of all time!!! Hines Ward on our team would be a great #2 and even in the twilight of his career could rival Roddy White.......... You are right the key will be who they go with at QB, but Hines Ward will still be a force. I am a Dawgs fan, and my best friend is an Auburn War Eagle Fan, and he remembers Hines putting a serious hurting on the War Eagles lol. Two of the picks that we never drafted and missed out big time is LB Patrick Willis, and Hines Ward who is a Hall of Famer for sure!! I remember the old regime of Dan Reeves who would never draft Georgia Bulldog players...must have been the SC Gamecock thing lol. But at least TD and Coach Smith look at instate players more now
  11. I grew up a Pittsburgh Steelers fan right here in Middle Georgia, starting in 1972 before their big run and the Steel Curtain and Super Bowl runs. I have been a big Falcon fan since 1980 with Steve Bartkowski and the Gritz Blitz in 1978. I have followed both teams through the years, and in 1998 the Falcons took the lead as my favorite team to watch. I have always wondered if the Steelers and the Falcons made it to the Super Bowl the same year, who would I root for in the game. Since drafting Matt Ryan and the regime of TD and Mike Smith I know its Falcons all the way!!! I know the Steelers well and even without Big Ben they will rally that first game in Pittsburgh. Their opening day record of wins is off the charts, and they will be ready to play....... Having said all this expect the Falcons and Matt Ryan to pass more that first game to win it. They are tough against the run, and our Defensive Tackles better be ready for the hard run inside from the Steelers. If Babs is suspended that first game it may be trouble for our Falcons. My prediction will be a low scoring game" Falcons 20 Steelers 17
  12. T-Bone me, but not in the end zone............dang women sure have changed since I grew up lol. I wonder if that girls dad knew she was wearing a shirt like that while he was paying for her College Education lmaoooo
  13. Shhhhh The Giants got robbed lol, just think if they did not take JPP, they probaly would have taken the Spooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnn Man!! I think the Giants are going down hill, with the Cowboys improvement, Eagles had a great draft, and the Redskins new coach and QB........sounds like the basement for the Giants.
  14. Actually four of them, Graham, Pouncey, Spoon, and we also liked DT Penn State Odrick...........
  15. Ok lets see if I can answer your questions........ TD wants a team that will compete for championships for many years to come, nit field a team of Prima Donnas, or me me me players. While Dez Bryant has talent...did you watch him against the Georgia Bulldogs last year??? He got busted in the mouth a couple of times, made one really nice touchdown grab, and was basically shut down by my Bulldogs who had inferior corners last year. Would you rather have a play making LB for a Defense that struggled last year, or a Receiver when we already have White and Gonzo? The other players all have question marks you mentioned (Age, production, or attitude issues) And last answer........when did The Saints and Cowboys become elite teams?? The definition of elite status is 5 plus years of great football!!! Dallas finally won a playoff game in like what 9 years. And yes the Saints won the Super Bowl last year, but they hardly are elite when their Defense struggles, and Drew Brees is the only true stud on that football team. Elite Teams: Steelers Colts Patriots
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