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  1. Will Sutton
  2. Lamarcus Joyner could come to town, his wife hella fine
  3. Belated happy birthday to you mate
  4. I endorse this, in fact I'll join you too... Can also teach bosh the ol droppie
  5. How-owly key-car-ha not that hard
  6. Is he a free agent this year? If so if target him hard along with an Ace. That'd put us over the top.
  7. Aw man what I'd give to get Realmunto
  8. Who was the starting rotation on that team?
  9. Beast, What does he project as Bullpen arm in the majors within the next 2 years?
  10. Is the True7 and Grandyman the same guy lOL if hes having conversations with himself