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  1. I hope they paid through the roof
  2. Considering the load he has to carry in his debut I'm pleased with Parsons. That first inning was a welcome to the majors but he then settled in aight. It could have been a whole lot worse
  3. Did Mcreery Skip AAA? I haven't been following him at all...
  4. He's going to need a massive run to end the season but the ability is there
  5. He's going to need a massive run to end the season but the ability is there
  6. Way to **** it up Shane
  7. Aw good hook carle
  8. Id do that quite happily
  9. Is he a free agent this year? If so if target him hard along with an Ace. That'd put us over the top.
  10. Aw man what I'd give to get Realmunto
  11. Walk off **** you guys lol
  12. He pulled that one in from way outside lol good win Braves!
  13. Brach got some really good stuff!! Nasty!!
  14. Brad Brach you beast!! That K of Bautista was beautiful
  15. I don't see why we wouldn't depending on how much money he wants.
  16. How good is Kakz
  17. Wow is everything alright with Allard? His control left already?
  18. First career Hit, let's go Kolby
  19. Whine whine starting to wonder if you are my **** wife you whine that much.
  20. That's good, keep the future. These guys are going to help that phased transition.
  21. Probably a **** of a lot cheaper dou
  22. Yuck!! Archer needs to be a Brave. Cards sold Pham off to the Rays, wonder if they are going to sell anymore. Jose Martinez and Marcel Ozuna would be two pieces i'd be very interested in Acquiring.
  23. Phillies getting Wilson Ramos, I. Hope they sold the farm to get him.
  24. Who was the starting rotation on that team?