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  1. Very weak, some big names of past 10 years. Hence, stick with Kaks.
  2. Fair call, lets focus on this season for the rest of it. Machado would be dope to land but I don't want to give up Anderson and Fried. Any return to them in the form of prospects is a win so i'd be surprised if they don't sell. Does Eduardo Escobar become a cheap rental or for 3rd or is he not that big of an upgrade over Camargo? Biggest focus for me is fixing the pen, Moylan and Freeman need to be gone and stay gone.
  3. Do you think we move on from Markakis? I'd just look at bringing pache up and keeping kaks for another 2 or 3 years with his playing time decreasing to a LH bat. He's playing some **** good ball this year and surprisingly I've enjoyed watching him play. As much as I love machado I ain't trading away that potential for 3 months, we'd need to be very aggressive and trade for some more arms if we did get machado.
  4. I missed it, what did julio do?
  5. Beast, What does he project as Bullpen arm in the majors within the next 2 years?
  6. Dansby Swansong
  7. Hopefully folty pitches 9
  8. Let's go, squeeze play and give him 1
  9. This is great on the box score... Keep it up folty
  10. Maybe the fans are old and just don't have time to be patient... Lucky I'm young haha
  11. Humility?
  12. Anuda walk muahahahaa
  13. Nice eyes there Tyler
  14. Acuna Matata!!!
  15. LOL was that you? haha
  16. **** Kris Bryant...Rizzo not doing so well so far is he. Remember a season or 2 ago when people said they'd rather have Rizzo over Freeman lol
  17. I would say poor challenges but i've seen the review decisions and they are BS.
  18. Well good on you A.J, good stff just keen working.
  19. Here's why I think we brought up Joey Bat's. Dansby is injured so Camargo will play short while he is gone. It gives us a chance to see if bat's can play the corner in the Bigs. We then have a AL series coming up so he will be our DH. Culberson should have been sent down though not Preston Tucker. Though I ain't mad cause Preston can get some solid at bat's down there.
  20. We can get a Veteran #1 SP in free agency, i'd love for Machado or Realmunto. I think Realmunto would just give us a long term option behind the dish.
  21. I think we'd be getting alot more wins from having Realmunto than Pache although that would be a pretty sweet outfield, OF are dime a dozen top catchers aren't.
  22. Me three, I'm thinking maybe 4 or 5 prospects would get him over. A couple of good arms and some talent that is not far away like Pache.
  23. Almost there, another season or two. Riley at 3rd and some younger starting pitches. Only other thing us a long term catcher.
  24. THat is funny, Shakes Kirk off, gets the call he wanted and then gets jacked...Lesson learned Maxy boy?
  25. trade trade trade