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  1. If we can pull this off and Draft Ed Oliver/someone similar we would have so much more leverage over Grady in FA next year.
  2. Well I guess the good thing about JT starting is it isn't a home opener. I hope we smoke the Phillies at home on opening day and show em they just wasted a ton of money and are still our ******
  3. Vooch and Len would be a nice scoring combo
  4. Poor Altherr, such a good piece to have on the bench.
  5. I don't think Cuban will mind, Luka is pretty darn good. He got hit guy
  6. Machado in town, meh glad we didn't get him.
  7. Hahahaha well i'm not one of them. I'm good with the moves we made, stronger starting lineup, more depth, room for the young ones to come through and not be blocked. Literally any of those 3 would be a luxury. Kimbrel would be the most useful the bunch
  8. Still some big names yet to sign, are we like going to sit on our hands or wait for the right time to get some more help. One of Kimbrel, Kuechel, Gonzalez would all be icing on the cake
  9. That'd be sick!!
  10. Now that you say it like that yeah he is, I was thinking all. Outfielders for some reason.
  11. Dang it, Brantley would have made this team much better
  12. McCoy is the one that stands out. Derek Carr or tannehull as back ups
  13. That is a no brainer really, he's been great in the Nickle. Oliver Poole and Trufant our probable starters going in to 2019...makes a nice change from the days of Chrisp Houston haha
  14. One can dream Young Huerter Williamson Collins And a C That's some talent right there
  15. What was our initial offer??
  16. Unprotected would love that and for the mavs to tank
  17. Eastern Conference Rookie of The Month
  18. Send some lower tier prospects if they wanna be like that
  19. Gulp! Excites me but also scares me
  20. Entering his what 4th season as a professional i'm all good, he will work it out. These injuries have hampered him over the past 2 seasons
  21. We aren't signing Machado so just stop. Realmunto would be dope but meh i'm not trading Albies or Acuna for his ***. 3 Freeman 4 Albies 5 Donaldson 6 Swanson Utility - Camargo I'm good with that.
  22. Which would be scary asf when you look at our pitching prospects coming through
  23. Hmmmm I'd like him for bench depth, but that is Duvall...hmmmm not sure what to think of this. I thought we'd atleast try and upgrade here.