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  1. The capital and bankroll they have is just ridiculous...
  2. I've gotta agree, he's been so disappointing. I thought he was going to kick on from last year.
  3. How has Gausman been in AAA?
  4. He's painting that's fo sho
  5. After today i'd be pretty inclined to look at adding a starter sooner rather than later. We have a legitimate shot at a WS with 2 more arms (1 starter and a legit closer)
  6. Agreed, I think we look at picking up a starter ASAP.
  7. Surely the Giants are sellers?
  8. Wonder what the price is... Kick some. Tyres ha
  9. Terrible sequence need to throw **** strikes instead of ***** footing around in high level situations
  10. I just saw we signed Jabari, thats my bad what you said makes sense now haha. Was too focused on the HR Derby.
  11. Dang it, oh well good stuff Ronnie...Proud of ya
  12. He's got Bell first, I might put a cheeky 10er on Ronnie. Hes paying $11. I think a leftie will win it though.
  13. I'm still trying to figure what we will do with Centre for this season and moving in to next. Len and who? What do we want in a centre? Someone that can own down low or a C with a good shot like Horford? Being Kiwi I'd like to see Steven Adams play the enforce for us. He's, big and tough solid rebounder and defender and is deadly off the pick and roll. Paul George got traded and he wants out of OKC.
  14. Was it coppy or wren that built the farm? I ain't complaining about that
  15. See Dedmon is with the Kings now, who do we chase?
  16. No way in **** would I trade Kakes, team leader, he's still productive and that would be ****ting on him. He took less money to play in atlanta than what was being offered. Trade Ender, its the simple solution right now.
  17. Steven Adams is being floated as trade bait, would you pull the trigger? He'd be a great big for us.
  18. Why was Ronaldson MVP?
  19. Done for the Season, Torn ACL
  20. Winkler just put the nail in the coffin...
  21. Oh I see what ya did there hahaha
  22. RILEY DA Goat, showing up Vlad